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Transits and Progressions

Just as your birth chart shows where the planets were when you were born, at any moment another chart can be created. The planets in a chart for a particular moment are called transits. As the planets move through the zodiac, they interact with each other and they relate to the birth chart using the aspects that were described earlier.

Another popular kind of chart is called progressions. The planets in this chart are moved forward one day for each year of life. They reflect a different time scale ??" they move very slowly compared to the actual motion of the planets. Progressions show how you will respond to a larger cycle of activity, and progressed aspects are in effect for much longer time periods than transits.

The three charts are combined to forecast trends of activity and to pinpoint likely times when certain events may occur. Both progressions and transits are used to indicate action points in time, based on the potential in your birth chart. They show how the players in life’s drama will interact with each other over time, based on individual potential as indicated in the birth chart. The house where a transiting planet is found indicates how its energy can be most easily expressed, just as the house in the birth chart shows the area of life where particular influences will be found.

It is important to remember that your birth potential determines the likelihood of events in your life. Each day there are easy or difficult transits, but they only affect you if they connect with your birth chart in some way. Today the planets may look good for an accident, but you will not have one if your birth chart doesn’t show it. The same is true for winning the lottery ??" luck must be indicated in your birth chart as well as in today’s planets.

Each planet indicates that a particular kind of energy is available in specific areas of your life, and the aspects formed to birth planets show times when that energy will be more active. You can get an idea of each transit by looking at the meaning of the planet and the sign it now occupies. Read the sections about the planet and the sign, and notice how they combine in a different way from your birth chart.

The Sun brings light to the area of the chart it occupies. It focuses life energy there. You may be born with the Sun in Capricorn, a grounded, ambitious earth sign. As the Sun progresses into Aquarius, Pisces and Aries during your life, you will find that the focus of your life changes, absorbing the qualities of those signs, and carrying that experience forward.

The daily positions of the planets are similar. As a Capricorn you may resonate to the energy of winter, but when the Sun is in Leo, you feel its light and warmth in a different way. When the Sun aspects a birth planet, that planet is in the spotlight. The "feel" of the spotlight depends on the aspect between the Sun and the birth planet.

Because the Sun move rapidly through the signs, the progressions are more striking indicators of psychological and environmental forces. Progressions may indicate the entrance of a male into the picture. You may feel more determined and courageous, or possibly more "alive" in some way. Your sense of personal significance undergoes inspection when the progressed Sun forms aspects. Sun aspects affect your sense of self-esteem or conscientiousness, and often you can take pride in what you have accomplished after the aspect is past.

The Sun governs the heart and the spine. Progressed aspects can bring physical or emotional stress to thee parts of the body. You may feel heartsick, or feel that you are carrying a heavy burden. Conversely, the Sun’s aspects often bring the feeling of strength and vitality, uplifting the spirit and the body.

The Moon’s position indicates the emotional tone of the moment. The Full Moon, for example, causes changes in the physical function of the body and in our emotional responses to those changes. The Moon’s sign indicates that specific unconscious information may be more readily available to us, filtered through the sign so that it has a specific tone. The Moon moves even faster than the Sun through the zodiac. Thus the phases of the Moon may have more significance than the daily positions. However, some people are very sensitive to the movement of the Moon ??" they feel the shifting of the tides within themselves each day. The Moon moves through an entire sign in a little over two days, so its effects are short-lived. However, the Moon sometimes acts as a trigger for the transit of a slower-moving planet. In a detailed analysis of a time period, the aspects the Moon makes can tell an intriguing story of the unfolding of events.

Progressions of the Moon may indicate the entrance of a female into your life, or the influence of a female on your activities. They can indicate times when your emotions are disrupted. You may find that thoughts concerning women, your home, and children frill your time. You find that activities involve many people and ordinary activities or commodities.

Health issues revolve around the stomach, mental complaints, the eyes, and he ears. Your stomach may become the barometer of your feelings under progressed Moon aspects. You may notice changes in perception, such as changes in the ability to discern colors or sounds. Musical tastes may change during lunar progressions.

Just as the god Mercury was the messenger of the other gods, so the plant Mercury is an indictor of communication. Mercury moves faster than any other planet, so here again the influence is transitory. In addition the planet Mercury tends to take on the character of the planet it is aspecting, so you can usually say that there is some communication concerning the other planet’s nature. A third factor is that Mercury (and the rest of the planets) appears to go back ward in the sky. Mercury does this three times a year. During those periods you often have a chance to review your actions and revise your plans.

Mercury often indicates what you were thinking about. Again, the nature of the other planet describes the nature of the thoughts. For example, Mars relates to energy. A Mercury / Mars aspect might indicate thoughts about physical activity, or a telephone call about some plans. The communication can occur quickly, or there may be an argumentative quality to it. Some kind of exchange is always part of the equation.

Progressed Mercury can bring you into prolonged contact with the written word, telephone or telegraph, and all forms of communication. You may find your capacity for study changes dramatically.

Health issues include a tendency to nervousness, hay fever or asthma (if you are susceptible), intense mental activity and bowel complaints. All of these are related to your stress level is some way, and mercury’s aspects point to the kind of person or situation that is causing the stress. Clearer communication in that area helps to relieve all sorts of mental and physical symptoms.

Venus brings thoughts of love and harmony into the equation. It may indicate a physical or sexual attraction ??" Venus can act almost like a magnet drawing you together with another person or an object, or into a social situation. The other person may be an artist or entertainer, or perhaps a younger female.

Venus in a transiting aspect can indicate a deepening of feeling, or even the beginning of love. Venus moves fairly quickly, so it indicates a momentary feeling, one that will pass within a day or so. However, when a slower transiting planet forms an aspect with your birth Venus, this can indicate the appearance or reunion with an individual who is described by the transiting planet ??" a person who can become a strong love interest. If Mars, perhaps the transit indicates a strong, energetic person; if Jupiter, someone tall or large; if Saturn, someone much older or younger; if Uranus, a person who could easily become the love of your life; if Neptune, a mystical type; if Pluto, a person who has an overpowering effect on you, or a fanatical sort of person.

Progressed Venus can attract like a magnet. You may see more flowers and candy from your significant other! You may also have greater interest in clothing and jewelry, and your tastes in food may shift. Social events take on greater significance when Venus is active.

Venus governs the kidneys, skin, veins, thyroid, and female reproductive organs. Progressed Venus can indicate the onset of problems in these areas. Venus also is involved in sexually transmitted diseases. Not every Venus aspect brings trouble in these areas, but when you have an aspect, it is wise to moderate your diet and activities, or to take steps to protect yourself from disease.

The transit of Mars indicates a part of your life where energy is being directed. It can feel like you have more physical energy to work and play. It can also feel like there is much more mental, emotional or spiritual energy available. You will perhaps feel greater determination to accomplish what you need to do. It is important not to become stubborn in your desire to make progress, but rather to use the excitement and enthusiasm wisely. This is sometimes easy to say and more difficult to accomplish.

You may find that you are surrounded with people who express the energy of Mars clearly. They may include athletes or people interested in sports, people in the military or who have a military bearing, surgeons, doctors and other people who may treat injuries, or possibly people who enjoy a vigorous conversation or argument.

As you use your energy, you may feel alternating periods of weakness or lack of energy. It is important to allow time for rest when Mars is present. If you become exhausted, you may be careless and cause accidents or injury to yourself or others.

Remember, Mars energy is the kind you use to do ordinary things: it fuels the body as well as your car. When Mars is active, expect to see and feel more energy in every area of your life, but particularly where the aspected planet is active. If the Sun, you will feel personally energized; if the Moon, you may have very active dreams and imagination; if Mercury, your communications will be fast and vigorous; if Venus, there may be powerful sexual energy around you; if Mars, you get a chance to evaluate your life’s course regarding how you use energy in general; if Jupiter, you may feel like a balloon expanding near the bursting point; if Saturn, inhibited energy, endurance, or resistance; if Uranus, sudden, surprising action; if Neptune, weakness or dissatisfaction; if Pluto, compulsive actions or a feeling of great power and confidence.

When Jupiter transits or progresses to form aspects, there will be expansion in all things. Jupiter brings hopefulness, sociability and harmony to the other planet. There is activity along philosophical or philanthropic lines. Generally Jupiter reflects a sense of benevolence in the area of the other planet.

Sometimes, if Jupiter indicates a too rapid expansion, there can be loss after the expansion, or poor judgment about the potential, or other problems indicates by the aspect and the nature of the other planet. Still, the overall feeling of Jupiter is of hope, good will and generosity.

In the environment Jupiter is connected to merchandise, bankers and professional people. Thus it is often involved at times when big business or career changes occur. Jupiter greases the wheels of commerce by providing the optimism to encourage taking a risk. The church or clergy may be involved when Jupiter transits your chart.

Health indications of Jupiter transits include over-abundance in general This can involve weight gain through over-indulgence in food. In more extreme cases it can indicate changes in the function of liver, pancreas and other glands, often associated with excessive consumption of alcohol, sugars and fats, leading to problems associated with these organs. While tumors are related to Saturn, their abnormal growth is related to Jupiter.

When Saturn is strongly involved in progressions and transits, there is a tendency to concentrate and draw into yourself. You may find that you are only able to focus on one thing at a time, when you usually can keep many things balanced. There is a sense of heavy responsibility reflected in Saturn transits. You may feel that you have the weight of Saturn on your shoulders or back. There is likely to be more work, or work of a more intense, concentrated nature.

Financially such a contraction or limitation may be felt as a financial loss. Even if you don’t lose property, you may feel deprived or insecure. Thus your thoughts make turn to safety issues, secrets, or worry. You may want to acquire everything you need immediately, instead of pacing your spending. In this way the very feeling of lack depletes your financial reserves.

Saturn relates to structure. It governs bones, skin, teeth and hair, for example. Saturn health issues relate to deficiencies of various kinds. If there is not enough water, your digestive tract becomes sluggish, for example. Without enough vitamins and other nutrients, the bones become weak or the hair lacks luster and strength. Saturn also indicates the chronic progress of development or disease. On the psychological level you may feel the aspects of Saturn to its birth location very strongly. The Saturn returns at around age 28 and 56 or prominent conclusions to entire phases of life.

On the environmental level Saturn governs utilities, minerals, grain, building materials, mines, real estate and more. The organizational structure and policies of corporations are reflected by Saturn, while the day to day process of transacting business is related to Jupiter, and communications themselves relate to Mercury.

It is helpful to remember that the structuring or re-structuring indicated by a Saturn transit does not in itself bring limitation or restriction. We need structure to function comfortably. If you feel isolated, you can reach out to someone else, removing the perceived barrier.

Uranus moves very slowly by progression and by transit. Yet its aspects indicate sudden, even revolutionary change. There will be a strong desire for independence and enthusiasm for all things new and different in your life.

You may find that your intuitive abilities are stronger, or that they emerge and develop more fully during Uranus transits. This planet reflects the capacity to relate today’s events to the future, and to guide your life skillfully based on your inner sense of direction. This is liberating for the soul but can cause upsets in your daily life if you allow your impulses to carry you too far too fast.

Uranus often indicates that other people are directly involved in events that affect you deeply. You may not be able to forecast who these people will be ??" they may remain unknown to you too. Uranus governs inventions, from the automobile to electricity, computers to all types of mechanical devices. It also governs antiques. This seems strange at first, but old objects are often imbued with the psychic vibrations that stimulate intuition. Professions such as astrology, psychology use the intuitive sense and focus it to help clients.

Health indications include paralysis, nervous disorders, and arthritis. The very planet that can indicate sudden movement or change also governs severe limitation of movement. Diseases with a sudden onset, like appendicitis, are related to this planet.

The overall quality is equilibrium. Uranus’ energy serves to bring us back into balance. The more out of balance we are, the more striking the effect of a Uranus transit. When we are on track intuitively we feel less drama when Uranus aspects hit. Uranus is a good timer of events ??" many times the event happens exactly when Uranus forms the exact aspect. Don’t look for events before that time!

Neptune transits bring glamour into your life. This can mean dressing up, fantasy-related activities, or the deception of the stage magician. There is often a sense of protection that accompanies the feeling of unreality. Thus danger is sometimes a factor. You may find yourself involved with unusual people and weird events. Yet you may also find that your psychic senses are tuned precisely.

Any progression or transit increases the imagination and sensitivity to people around you. Behavior is influenced by wishful thinking or fantasy. Scheming may develop into a pattern of action and can be detrimental to your work, as your focus on a promotion or other goal can detract from your daily accomplishments.

In your environment you may encounter the promoter, the confidence man and the individual who plots and schemes. You come into contact with movie stars, mystics and psychic energy. A profit sharing venture may be presented to you.

Health issues relating the Neptune include negative attitudes, bacterial infection, and over-sensitiveness in the psychic area. There is a possibility of poisoning or allergic response. Thus when you have Neptune aspects you need to take care to flush the system with enough water each day, and to maintain a clean environment. At the same time your psychic senses can provide what you need to protect your health in the form of messages or dreams.

In general the receptivity of Neptune provides the path to sympathy and understanding of other people. When you are very open to it, the energy can become confused, the psychic messages vague, and you may feel you are less capable of effective planning. It may help to logically consider what you are focused on and then use the Neptune path of devotion to stick to the goals you have set. When your devotion is focused, it is less likely that others can derail your efforts.

Strong Pluto aspects by transit or progression indicate the influence of groups or the possibility of coercion. You may feel that any willingness to cooperate on your part opens you to being pushed ??" the old given an inch, take a mile response. Of course it is possible that you will try to take the mile yourself! The forces at work are subtle but powerful. You can benefit from careful analysis of situations. Withhold your decision until you have had time to think it through logically. Most decisions can be put off for one day without harm. Statistical analysis of a problem may be helpful. Gathering data helps to quantify the problem and point to appropriate choices.

The people in your environment who want to influence your decisions may range from highly developed spiritual beings to pushy types to people on the wrong side of the law. Radio and television may play an active role in your life when Pluto is active. You may be close to drastic events that bring sweeping change, often for the better.

Health issues include allergies and hay fever. Bees and bee pollen may figure in your treatments of allergies. There may be an invasion of other organisms, such as a virus, or there may be an injury such as a puncture wound. When Pluto, and indeed any of the outer planets, are active, you will want to be careful to focus on what you are doing and try not to let your mind wander from the task.

In general Pluto transits bring you into contact with power. You may feel alternately powerful in yourself and pushed or oppressed because of the power others exert. You have the capacity to reach deep into the collective Mind for strength, and your ability to regenerate after an injury or illness is very strong. Maintaining balance can be a challenge, but keeping your own center or regaining it will become easier as you go through the transit. Pluto brings change with no going back. When you have Pluto strong in your chart, you can be the trendsetter and an effective instrument of positive change. Pluto cleanses and revitalizes. Also ESP can be an active source of data. Don’t expect peace and quiet.
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