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The Astral Ascent Procedure

Introduction. All hypnosis is truly self-hypnosis and you alone are best qualified to interpret and understand the archival memories. Like other out-of-body procedures, Astral Ascent requires a quiet, comfortable setting with indirect lighting. Approximately one hour during which there are no interruptions should be set aside for the session. Here is the six-step procedure:

Step 1. Goal Formulation. Formulate your personal objectives and state them as specifically as possible. Your objectives may simply be to practice the procedure and develop your induction skills. On the other hand, you may wish to conduct a comprehensive overview of your past lives, or to investigate a particular past lifetime in-depth. Your goal may be to explore past life experiences that relate to a particular present-life situation, or to identify past life themes or patterns, such as recurring relationships, careers, or commitments. You may wish to explore past life tasks you can now complete, or past life problems you can now solve. You may decide to explore your earliest pre-incarnate existence or certain discarnate intervals between your past lives. You may wish to identify your most recent past lifetime, or to re-experience your very earliest incarnation. You may decide to explore your past life experiences in a given geographic region or within a particular culture. Your goal may be to discover important knowledge gained in a previous life but presently lost to conscious awareness. You may wish to explore your past life experiences concerning a present problem or objective. If, for instance, you are faced with problems in your personal relationships, a deeper understanding of your past life relationships could offer insight and suggest possible solutions. Or if you are experiencing conflict regarding a career decision, awareness of your past life career experiences could be an invaluable source of occupational information.

Step 2. Trance Induction by Hand Levitation. Having formulated your objectives, settle back into a comfortable, reclining position with your legs uncrossed and your hands resting on your thighs. With your eyes closed, mentally scan your body from your head downward, releasing all tension as you go. Upon completing the scan, take a few deep breaths, exhaling slowly. Develop a comfortable, rhythmic breathing pattern, counting backward with each breath from ten to one.

Upon completing your backward counting, continue breathing rhythmically as you focus your full attention on your hands resting on your thighs. Note specific sensations, such as warmth, tingling, numbness, and the slight pressure of your hands on your thighs. After a few moments of concentration, center your full attention on your right hand and imagine it becoming weightless. Imagine a gentle force under your hand, slowly pushing it upward toward your forehead.

As your hand rises gently, give yourself permission to enter deep hypnosis and then, to leave your body. With your hand steadily rising, affirm:

"When my hand touches my forehead, I will enter a deep hypnotic trance. Upon relaxing my hand and allowing it to return slowly to my thigh, hypnosis will give way to the out-of-body state. Upon leaving my body, I will be fully conscious, safe, and secure. I will be enveloped throughout this experience in the powerful energies of higher astral planes. I will return to my body at any moment by simply deciding to do so. Upon returning to my body and re-engaging it, I will exit hypnosis by simply counting from one to five."

Allow plenty of time for your hand to levitate until it touches your forehead, and then affirm:

"I am now in hypnosis and prepared to leave my body by simply relaxing my hand and allowing it to slowly resume its original position."

Let your hand now slowly return to its position on your thigh.

Step 3. Astral Disengagement. With your hand now resting on your thigh, sense yourself gently leaving your body and rising slowly above it. You can facilitate the disengagement process by simply envisioning your astral body as a glowing mist lifting quietly from your biological body and remaining suspended over it. Once in the out-of-body state, view your biological body as it remains in a passive state of rest. Sense the powerful radiance enveloping your total being, and then affirm.

"I am now outside my physical body, fully enveloped by pure, radiant cosmic energy. The radiance enveloping my astral being extends to my biological body, protecting and energizing it as I travel to higher astral planes. The highest realms of the cosmos are now receptive to my interactions."

Step 4. Astral Ascent. At this crucial stage of the procedure, the goals are twofold: first, to ascend to the realm of cosmic archives typically seen from a distance as a bright dimension of light surrounded by sweeping swirls of radiant color, and second, to access cosmic sources of past-life experiences. Astral Ascent is typically accompanied by awareness of special astral guides who are almost always enveloped in luminous violet energy. The presence of guides is invoked by affirmations of your intent to ascend astrally and acquire relevant past life knowledge. Suggested affirmations include the following:

"I am now prepared to ascend to the realm of cosmic archives in my efforts to gain new insight and knowledge concerning my past. I now invoke the empowering presence of astral guides who will be my constant companions throughout this experience."

The ascension experience is typically characterized by sensations of being gently carried forward, first through darkness and then into radiant, fluid-like dimensions of varying coloration. Certain dimensions appear as planes of color with many concentrations of light; whereas others emerge as light-filled corridors or channels of energy. During ascension, awareness of time and space is often replaced by a raised state of cosmic awareness which spontaneously guides consciousness into the archival center of cosmic knowledge.

As ascension progresses, you will recognize in the distance a magnificent dimension of light with its outward swirls of multicolored lights. Once within the dimension’s field of influence, you will experience its gentle attraction, drawing you slowly into its central region. The approach to the cosmic core is invariably accompanied by expanded awareness of oneness with the universe. No longer simply an astral traveler, you are now an integral part of the cosmos, interconnected and interacting with its limitless knowledge and power.

Upon entering the dimension’s central region, you will notice the surrounding multicolored lights forming a great wall consisting of many side-by-side vertical frames within which unfolds your past in chronological order, from your pre-incarnate existence to your present incarnation. Each vertical frame represents a significant period of your past, with the first frame depicting a record of your pre-incarnate existence, and each successive frame depicting either a lifetime or a discarnate interval between lives. Pictured in each frame is a progression of your growth, beginning at the bottom of the frame and culminating at the top. The last frame, which is incomplete, is a record your present lifetime.

As your past unfolds before you in discrete vertical frames, you will notice the continuity and common themes of your life. The total cosmic span of your past, including each cosmic frame and its complete contents, is now at your command.

Commanding your attention are certain highlighted contents that represent significant events or turning points in your evolution. Guided by the higher wisdom of the cosmos, you can allow the frames to progressively unfold, or you can arrest certain frames, including those highlighted, and focus on their empowering relevance.

It is important to emphasize the confidential nature of cosmic archives. The cosmic records of each individual are available to that individual alone.

Step 5. Astral Return. To end the ascension experience, affirm your intent to return to your physical body resting comfortably at a distance. Sense again the presence of your escorting guides, who are now poised to accompany your return and guide your re-entry. Upon re-engaging your physical body, the hypnotic trance is spontaneously resumed.

Step 6. Resolution and Conclusion. Allow the hypnotic trance to continue as you briefly reflect on the ascension experience, and then affirm:

"Upon ending this trance state by counting from one to five, I will have immediate and full recall of all that I experienced during my out-of-body ascension. I will understand the significance of this experience, and use the knowledge gained from it to enrich and empower my life."

As you count from one to five, intersperse your counting with suggestions of increased alertness.

Conclude the procedure by further reflecting on the ascension experience and contemplating its relevance. Give particular attention to the events that commanded your attention, and the common threads that characterized your past life history.

Summary of Purpose & User Benefits: The procedure emphasizes the value of pre-determined goals to access pertinent memories.  Hand Levitation is utilized both to induce the hypnotic trance and the out-of-body state. Archived memories bring meaning and relevance to events and direction of the current life.

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