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Articles by Barbara Moore

by Barbara Moore  /  10,366 views
Tarot Deck Review Model Summary: The Circle of Life Tarot is nothing less than seventy-eight windows into different worlds. The round cards and fantasy-style art create a sense of being slightly off balance, signaling the mind that something extraordinary is about to happen. These portals to inner
by Barbara Moore  /  7,403 views
Summary: This deck is created to examine the next step in human spiritual evolution that many expect to occur in 2012. The card meanings are extremely positive but balanced by a dark color palette, challenging symbolic compositions, and a Medieval-influenced setting. Those interested in deeply
by Barbara Moore  /  7,618 views
Summary: The gentle and wise guidance of the flowers, as Bach unveiled them, are here to help us find balance and enhance well-being. This charming and beautiful deck can be used as an inspiring oracle deck to find answers to troubling questions or as a tool for learning about flower
by Barbara Moore  /  8,334 views
Summary: Dame Fortune’s Wheel Tarot is an elegant marriage of historical research and practicality. It celebrates the Tarot’s introduction as a divinatory tool, stripping it of modern esoteric burdens. The result is a deck that is eminently easy to read with a focus on practical
by Barbara Moore  /  9,889 views
Summary: The angels who serve the creator are sent to earth to comfort the remaining humans. As they explore a dying world, they discover love and pain, strength and weakness. Through their experiences, we explore our hidden selves and find treasures we never knew existed. In-Depth Review: One of
by Barbara Moore  /  6,789 views
Summary: This eclectic, unique deck explores the world through the four basic energies of earth, fire, water, and air. The art creates a pleasantly chaotic feeling as it shows how these energies interact, creating our reality. Using this deck is a lush experience, resulting in bright jewels of
See also: Elemental Tarot
by Barbara Moore  /  7,365 views
Summary The Fire Tarot is a fascinating study of a single element through seventy-eight different lenses. How does fire express itself in myth, in our spiritual lives and sacred moments, in our emotions, and in the world around us? This element exists in many extremes, from life to death,
See also: Fire Tarot
by Barbara Moore  /  11,140 views
Summary: Evoking another time and place, this reproduction of a nineteenth-century deck creates the atmosphere of a bygone era, while offering old-fashioned guidance and wisdom. In-Depth Review: Every day people use different tools to predict the future. Every night, for example, I rely on
by Barbara Moore  /  15,265 views
Summary: The Shaman Tarot recreates the shamanic experience introducing you to dancing, journeying, and healing. By inviting you into the other-realms, the Shaman Tarot opens your mind and spirit to all that is and all that can be. You will meet beings of greater wisdom than you can ever imagine.
by Barbara Moore  /  8,809 views
Summary: Let the comforting presence of the angels surround you. As you shuffle and deal out these round cards, you will find power and wisdom and guidance from loving beings who have existed from before the beginning of time, freed from the pages of ancient texts, they are brought to life in these
Energy: Our Life Force and Attracting What We Want
by Anna
Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Leanna Greenaway, co-author of the new Catalog of the Unexplained. If a thought is supposed to be a living thing, what happens when we project our wishes and dreams towards the universe? Many...
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