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The Natal Moon in Capricorn


The twelve astrological signs represent character traits and styles of expression. Almost any word that can be expressed as an adjective belongs to one of the twelve signs, but the signs represent more than just a list of personal quirks. They represent paths of development, and the processes and methods that illustrate how to walk along those paths. Not just the character trait of boldness, but the process of learning bravery. Not just an inquisitive and curious style, but walking the path that leads toward opening your eyes to truth in all forms.

To understand the signs, simply remember a basic rule of thumb: the signs represent what we are, our style, characteristics, and psychological processes, versus the houses, which are about the activities in life, the things we do. The signs are described by nouns and adjectives, such as the Aries energy that is a direct and spontaneous style, or the Cancer energy that is about developing nurturing and gentle characteristics.

This guide was created to give you the core concerns, lessons, and needs of each natal Moon sign, so you can understand your emotional foundation as you go through each lunar progression and try and incorporate what you are learning into what your baseline emotional needs are.

Natal Moon in Capricorn
Your happiness and sense of well being increases when you do things that give you a sense of self-respect. Feeling capable is at the core of your happiness, which is sometimes why Capricorn can be focused so much on achievement and ambition. Sometimes Capricorn is called the sign of the manager, which is a reflection of Capricorn’s desire and natural ability to, well, manage; to get the job done and take care of what needs to be taken care of. Capricorn tends to be pretty good at assessing reality and seeing what needs to be done to get from A to B. Managers need to be able to see the bigger picture and plan for the future, not just for today. Capricorn knows the true meaning of the word "conservative:" it’s not about politics, but rather means not expending more than is needed because there is a long way to go.

A sense of independence is essential for you, because part of feeling capable is knowing that you can do something on your own, without help or direction from others. You are learning that your brain, your skills, and the ability to discipline yourself can take you as high as you choose. Hence, feeling weak or being in a position where others think you’re incapable or small is exceptionally hurtful to you. The manager also commands a certain sense of authority, another thing that inspires you. The authority to plot your own course and determine your destiny, by being willing to work for something step-by-step over time, thrills you. Succeeding at something on your own merits is far more powerful than merely being an authority over others.

For a Capricorn Moon, home is your haven but also an investment. You have a knack for taking care of things around the house, although perhaps your interest will vary depending on the house your Moon is in, even if you delegate or call in a professional. Capricorn is often associated with all things ageless, so you might prefer an old but well-maintained house. A pleasing home de?cor style should include items that feel timeless as well, such as well made furniture and traditional colors that never go out of style. You may also enjoy restoring or at least collecting antique pieces.

Love is almost synonymous with respect for a Capricorn Moon. You have a need to behave and be treated with dignity, so relationships where love is revealed by hot and cold behaviors, over-the-top shouting matches and showy demonstrations will make you feel like you are the only adult in the relationship. It is especially nurturing to you when you have a friend or lover that makes you feel that they can not only take care of themselves and are independent, but that you can even depend on them every once in a while. It takes a strong person to be able to hold up a Capricorn Moon because they have to be someone who is just as capable as they are, and that can be a challenge. Although you might have a hard time asking to be held up in the first place, knowing that you can count on someone is critical for you to trust them and allow yourself to be cared for and loved by them, rather than just respected or looked up to. While you may really enjoy being admired, it can sometimes work against relationships, because to be loved, we need to be vulnerable, and when someone admires or looks up to you, it can create emotional distance where you feel obligated to live up to expectations rather than allowing yourself to be supported occasionally.

A Capricorn Moon person can have a sense of restraint about them because they are learning the wisdom of not just letting situations or oneself fall apart at the first sign of trouble. A lack of emotional control can definitely be upsetting for you, and in relationships this can be a tricky balance. You are naturally more able to trust someone who is not needy or dependent because you tend to be more autonomous, but you are also sometimes so self-sufficient that interdependency may not come to you easily. It’s important that you don’t falsely make yourself appear weak or needy to make your friend or lover feel an inflated sense of importance in your life, because that can only lead to resentment and not true intimacy; but it’s equally important that you find natural ways that they can fit into and share your life. Opposites attract: you can benefit from partners that can teach you to trust others to help you and take care of you once in a while.

When you are hurting, it may be difficult for others to know because you tend to take care of issues yourself so often, and you leap straight to problem solving rather than wallowing in the emotion. The more you are in need of care, the more stoic you become. You can be good at putting emotions on hold until a crisis is over, but if that continues too long, you can lapse into robotic responses and behavior. Be careful of being so efficient that you forget to feel entirely.

In Greek mythology, the gods punished Sisyphus by compelling him to roll a large rock to the top of a steep hill, but just before he’d reach the top, the rock would roll back down again and he’d have to start all over. We use the word “sisyphean” to describe a pointless or repetitive task that can lead to pessimism and hopelessness after an extended period of time. With your Moon in Capricorn, you are so prone to focusing so much on what’s required of you and being responsible that you can drain your emotional bank by getting lost in a bottomless pit of duty. Capricorn energy also has a particular attraction for those who need direction or help, so you may find yourself taking up the slack for others around you because you know you can and "it needs to be done." If you can’t accept help outright, at least delegate!


From Astrology of the Moon, by Amy Herring

About Amy Herring

Amy Herring (Shoreline, Washington) has been a consultant and teacher of astrology since 1995. A graduate of Steven Forrest's Evolutionary Astrology Apprenticeship program, her articles have appeared in various astrology ...

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