The Art and Science of Rejuvenation

Zen Stones and Lotus in Water
"As I read Joe's works, I once again marvel at how modern science merges with or echoes ancient mysticism. The 'triangle' to which he refers is known as 'making the sign of the Ing rune' and has very, very old roots, the earliest rune scripts themselves getting pushed back by archeology now to about 600 BCE.

His whole thesis, as with that of his excellent book on the same topic (Rejuvenation) seems to me to be asking the reader to enhance and enlarge his (sounding Freudian here...) Life Wish.

Slate's view of the hands as antennae of the spirit is beautiful! It is quite true. In almost all healing traditions, a healer, prior to being able to work purely from Intention, first learns to heal with her hands, using them to pick up, to 'see,' as it were, and to send out or channel therapeutic energy toward the afflicted.

I find that Slate's formula and concepts are workable and useful. Slate himself is certainly a great advertisement for them!

Greg Rowe, Director, Paranormal Study Group of Huntsville, AL


Recent advancements in rejuvenation have uncovered many of the essential principles of rejuvenation and developed effective programs based upon them. The result is a new Art and Science of Rejuvenation that is now available to everyone.

The Art of Rejuvenation views aging and rejuvenation as fluid rather than fixed. It recognizes the rejuvenation potential existing in everyone and our capacity to activate it on-demand. It embraces creative thinking, imagination, and positive expectation as powerful rejuvenating forces. From the artistic perspective, simply setting your rejuvenation goals, visualizing them, and affirming your success in achieving them can initiate a powerful rejuvenation force that instantly initiates rejuvenation. Complementing that process are positive expectations of success that energize the rejuvenation process and establishes the so-called generalized empowerment effect. As a result, the art of rejuvenation reaches far beyond rejuvenation alone. Once applied, it generates a powerful mental, physical, and spiritual state that not only slows aging and accelerates rejuvenation, but also enriches the total quality of your life.

The Science of Rejuvenation, on the other hand, emphasizes scientific objectivity and controlled research in identifying the variables associated with rejuvenation. Its goals include uncovering the nature of rejuvenation and examining the conditions that influence the aging process. It studies the genetic, environmental, and cultural factors associated with aging. Like the art of rejuvenation, it examines the psychological factors that accelerate aging, and develops intervention approaches that promote rejuvenation and longevity. It focuses on the dynamics of aging and objective evaluation of research-based strategies designed to slow the aging process and to promote longevity.

In studies conducted by the Parapsychology Research Institute and Foundation (PRIF), the art and science of rejuvenation joined hands in a two-fold effort—first, to identify the variables associated with successful rejuvenation and second, to design practical ways of activating rejuvenation. Among the most effective programs were those that recognized both the internal and external components of rejuvenation and longevity. Each program developed in our labs focuses on the rejuvenation potential existing within the self (which some of our research subjects called the Rejuvenator Within), as well as dimensions of rejuvenating power beyond the self. Integrating the science of research into the art of application was the major goal of our research. The rejuvenation programs that follow are among the results of that effort.

The Triangle of Rejuvenating Power
The hands are widely recognized as antennae to the physical body, since it is with the hands that we often interact with the world. Among the examples is a behavioral pattern called prehension, through which we often grasp, seize, or take hold of objects with the hands. Aside from prehension, it's through gestures using the hands that we often communicate and interact with others. In other instances, it is through gestures using the hands that we often interact with the spirit realm. Examples include making the sign of a cross and simply turning the palm of the hands upward in recognition of the spirit realm. Common among many meditation practices is the use of the hands to interact with both inner and outer sources of energy and power. In hypnosis, hand gestures as post-hypnotic cues are widely used, the most common being that of touching the forehead with the tips of your fingers to activate suggestions presented during the trance state.

Aside from these familiar examples is a powerful program developed in our labs called the Triangle of Power, in which the tips of the thumbs are joined to form the base of a triangle and the tips of the right index fingers are joined to form its apex. With the base of the triangle representing the physical and the two remaining sides representing the mental and spiritual, the Triangle of Power can become a powerful force that attunes and balances the mind, body, and spirit. By focusing on the space within the triangle, you can almost instantly initiate a state of mental, physical, and spiritual renewal. Building self-confidence, overcoming unwanted habits, extinguishing fear, losing weight, resolving conflict, accelerating learning, and improving memory, to list but a few, are all within the scope of this multi-functional technique.

Although it seems almost too good to be true, ongoing research by PRIF suggests that the Triangle of Power, when adapted for use as a daily rejuvenation procedure, can unleash a powerful flow of rejuvenating energy that slows aging and, in some instances, literally banishes the physical signs of aging. Here's the adapted procedure, which requires around fifteen minutes in a setting free of distractions:


  • Preliminaries.
    1. Begin the procedure by settling back into a comfortable, seated position and clearing your mind of clutter. Generate a peaceful, serene state of mind by visualizing a tranquil scene and affirming: I am at peace, both with myself and with the world
    2. Goal Statement.
    3. Formulate your goals, limiting them to no more than three. For goals related to rejuvenation, specify each goal clearly and affirm your complete success in achieving it.
    4. Triangle Formation.
      Form the triangle with your hands as previously described by joining the tips of your thumbs to form its base and the tips your index fingers to form its apex.
    5. Focus and Affirmation.
      While holding the triangle at arms' length and at eye level, focus your attention on its central region and think of it as a gateway to power. Use visualization when possible to give substance to your stated goal. For goals related to rejuvenation, picture yourself at your youthful prime, healthful and fully energized with rejuvenation. Affirm your complete success in achieving your goals.
    6. Conclusion.
      Conclude the procedure by relaxing your hands and simply affirming: I am now fully empowered
    7. Post-procedure Cue.

      You can form the triangle of power on demand as a post-procedure cue to unleash in an instant the power you need to achieve your goals.

      Although, as previously noted, the Triangle of Power is appropriate for a wide range of personal goals, the adapted procedure presented here is among the best rejuvenation approaches known because of its effects on the underlying dynamics of aging. In our studies, the anti-aging effects of the procedure for both men and women were usually rapid and profound. Aside from the procedure's visible anti-aging effects, our older research subjects who had reported a decline in their memory functions showed marked improvements through their repeated use of the procedure. The post-procedure cue was especially effective in promoting instant recall for such specifics as names and dates. In the lab setting, the ability of our subjects to accurately recall a series of random numbers presented to them orally increased through use of the procedure by as much as fifty percent.

      The Dual Antennae of Power
      While the use of the hands as antennae for the physical body is common, the use of the feet as potentially empowering antennae has been largely ignored. The feet together with the hands are the farthest points of the physical body. As the physical body’s extremities, they can together function as antennae for interacting with sources of power, both within the self and beyond. The Dual Antennae of Power is based on that simple premise. Here’s the program, which requires either a seated or standing position with the feet resting upon the ground, preferably with shoes removed. Allow approximately ten minutes for the program, during which time there are no distractions.


      • The Feet as Antennae.


          While maintaining a comfortable seated or standing position with your hands resting upon your thighs or at your sides, focus your full attention on your feet. Think of them as your body’s antennae that connect you to the Earth and its abundant sources of power. Note the feelings of security and well-being that accompany that focused state of mind.


      • Security and Connectedness.


          As you continue to focus on your feet, close your eyes and notice such sensations as weight, tingling, warmth, and coolness. Let yourself become increasingly relaxed as you experience feelings of security and connectedness to the Earth.


      • At One with the Earth and Beyond.


          Visualize the Earth and let your feelings of connectedness with it flow gently upward from your feet to permeate your full body, right into the tips of your fingers. It’s at this stage that a powerful awareness of rejuvenating energy flowing throughout your body often emerges. Accompanying that awareness are often impressions of a spiritual rejuvenation specialist or guide.


      • Balanced, Attuned, and Rejuvenated.


          With your full body infused with powerful energy throughout, bring the tips of your fingers together and with your eyes closed, affirm in your own words the balancing, attuning, and rejuvenating effects of the procedure. Remind yourself that you are now in command of the forces that influence your life.


      • Destiny for Greatness.


          Conclude the procedure by turning the palms of your hands upward and again affirming in your own words the empowering effects of this procedure. Rejuvenation, longevity, success, and happiness are now activated as essential elements in your

      journey toward greatness


      The concluding step of this procedure recognizes the capacity of the hands and feet to work together as the body’s antennae that connect you to powers within and beyond the self. They together generate an inner state with power to interact with other realities, both physical and spiritual. The procedure is designed to infuse you with rejuvenating power by connecting you to the Earth with your feet and to spirit realm with your hands. The full physical body becomes an interactive center of power with access to all the resources you need to live younger, better, and longer.

      Healthy Feet—Healthy Body
      In the Art and Science of Rejuvenation, the simplest, most basic approach is often the most effective. The Healthy Feet—Healthy Body Program begins with a simple massage between the toes and ends with a powerful infusion of healthful, rejuvenating energy. In some ways similar to the Dual Antennae of Power Program, this procedure is designed to physically connect the body’s two major antennae systems—the hands and the feet—in an effort to generate a flow of rejuvenating energy throughout the body. Research subjects of wide-ranging age differences who assisted in our development of this program reported a marked reduction in the signs of aging, both mental and physical following their daily use of the procedure. It is among the most effective rejuvenation and stress-relieving procedures known. The procedure, which is recommended for daily use, connects the body’s fingers and toes as antennae to stimulate the physical body’s centers of rejuvenating energy while alleviating any build-up of stress throughout the body. Although the procedure is preferably used either during showering or immediately afterward, it is highly flexible and can be used effectively under a variety of conditions. Here’s the procedure.


      • Between Toe Massage.


          Begin the procedure, preferably during showering or immediately afterward, by briefly rubbing your fingers between your toes. Note the energizing interaction between your fingers and toes as the outer tips of your body’s antennae system.


      • Foot Lift.


          Lift each foot and do a series of foot movements, such as up-and-down and circular, both clockwise and counterclockwise. Conclude the exercises by briefly massaging the bottom of each foot.


      • Energy Convergence.


          While standing with your hands at you sides, center your full attention on the central region of your body, where you will experience an invigorating convergence of rejuvenating energy. Notice the balancing effect generated by that merging of energies.


      • Conclusion.


          Conclude the exercise with positive affirmations of its balancing and energizing effects. Examples are:

      I am now balanced and attuned. Abundant rejuvenation is flowing throughout my body.

      The interaction between the fingers and toes generates an energized state often described as full body rejuvenation. You can magnify that effect at will by placing either hand over your solar plexus and, without touching your body, gently massaging it with small circular movements, a procedure known as the circular rejuvenation massage. Conclude the massage with the affirmation: I am now fully infused with rejuvenating energy in its purest form. It’s at that point that awareness of the rejuvenation specialist within yourself often emerges.

      Strange though it may at first seem, the Healthy Feet—Healthy Body Program has been adapted for use in overcoming barriers to sexual fulfillment. The Between Toe Massage, when used independently of the full procedure, has shown remarkable effectiveness in overcoming difficulties related to sexual arousal and satisfaction. Sexual desire disorders, male erectile disorders, and premature ejaculation (along with the anxieties associated with these conditions) are especially receptive to this technique. As a foreplay technique, massaging between the toes of one’s partner can generate an arousal state in both participants that overcomes all barriers to sexual fulfillment and takes the sexual experience to totally new heights of pleasure and satisfaction. Couples who practice this technique report dramatic increases in the overall quality of not only their sex life but their overall relationship as well.

      The Earlobe Massage
      Have you ever placed your thumb behind your earlobe and stroked it with your index finger? That common gesture, which has often been used in hypnosis as a post-hypnotic cue, has now been incorporated into a program designed to unleash an instant flow of rejuvenating energy throughout the body. The program requires approximately fifteen minutes in a comfortable, seated position. Here’s the program.

        1. Goal Formulation. Identify your rejuvenation goals and write them down.


      • Energy Infusion.


          Turn the palms of your hand upward, and, with your eyes closed, visualize distant planes of emerald green sending forth bright streams of rejuvenating energy to fully infuse each hand. (Note: Iridescent emerald green and

      astral planes

          of that color are often associated with rejuvenation as well as health and fitness.)


      • Earlobe Massage.


          Place the thumb of each hand behind the earlobe and gently stroke the front of each lobe with your index finger.


      • Energy Flow.


          With your earlobes as channels for rejuvenating energy, sense the energy flowing from you hands to permeate your full body, from your head downward.


      • Affirmation.


          Once the infusion of energy is complete, rest your hands in your lap as you affirm:

      I am now fully infused with rejuvenating energy from the highest realms of power


      As a post-procedure cue, you can stroke either earlobe at will to initiate an abundant flow of rejuvenating energy throughout your body. Aside from that, our lab studies at Athens State College (now University) found that the earlobe cue could be used for a host of other goals, including those related to academic performance and career success. When the cue was used either prior or during testing in the classroom setting, our subjects reported marked improvements in both recall and problem-solving skills. As information regarding our earlobe research spread across campus, students of various disciplines were observed using the earlobe cue, especially during course examinations.

      As noted in the second step of this procedure, emerald green is often associated with rejuvenation. Supportive of that association are the findings of our earlier survey studies, which showed the mined emerald to be the number one preferred gem among centenarians.

      Both the art and science of rejuvenation agree: The most important source of power exists within yourself. No matter what life throws you, you can use that power to enrich your life mentally, physically, and spiritually. Aside from that, you can use that power to help others and make the planet a better place for all. Your existence then becomes a journey of growth, fulfillment, and joy. That is what the art and science of rejuvenation is all about.

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Joe H. Slate was a Licensed Psychologist in private practice with a PhD from the University of Alabama and postdoctoral studies in hypnosis and psychosomatic medicine at the University of California. He was Emeritus ...

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