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Define Your Terms . . . BEFORE You Start Your Engines!

Psychic Reading

Editor's Note: This article is adapted from the Introduction to Clairvoyance for Psychic Empowerment, by Joe H. Slate, Ph.D. and Carl Llewellyn Weschcke.

The Need to Define the Subject and Its Terminology
Before discussing any subject, we should agree on what the subject of discussion actually is, and on the basic terminology to be used. Specifically in the case of a non-fiction book—and one dealing with self-empowerment and psychic development—it is especially important because there is no later opportunity to say, "But, that's not what I meant."

Long ago, in 1791, a Scottish lawyer named James Boswell published his famous biography of the great literary celebrity Dr. Samuel Johnson, whose wit and wisdom was famous throughout Europe. Johnson is important to us now for one proclamation: "Define your terms, gentlemen, define your terms. It saves argument!"

Even though the British "upper classes" of the 18th century apparently thought only men able to discuss and debate important ideas, we would normally be in total agreement with the need for universally accepted definitions, but there's a problem when working with non-physical phenomena and concepts, making for some rather substantial problems in our discussions before we can define "clairvoyance" in the context of this work.

The Necessity of Esoteric Nomenclature
It's vital to state, here and now, that the basic nomenclature in this Introduction is partly derived from the "esoteric" rather than the more familiar scientific or mystical jargon commonly used when discussing "psychic" matters. While Clairvoyance is often the subject of parapsychological study, which has largely adopted scientific language and has brought the subject into widespread respect and acceptance, our approach is more expansive and comprehensive than provided in physical science.

The subject of Clairvoyance for Psychic Empowerment is not the esoteric cosmos, but some of our discussion and techniques require acceptance of those higher or inner levels of the super-physical that do have names meaningful to our study here. Most readers are familiar with terms such as Astral, Etheric, Mental, and Causal used in this short article. Others are broadly outlined in tables included in the book.

Objective vs. Subjective
When we deal only with strictly physical phenomena we can safely assume that things can be described in familiar terms. We are able to analyze an object's chemical composition, measure its three physical dimensions, establish its weight, determine its electrical charge and latent energy potentials, describe its colors against established criteria, determine reflected light capability, and define other advanced "constants" that enable anyone to accurately understand what we mean and duplicate our experiments and procedures.

The Physical Universe (or "Plane," to use one esoteric term) is the only one of the defined seven Levels making up Cosmic Reality within which we have our being. That doesn't mean that the other six "worlds" of our immediate metaphysical environment are any less real nor any less important to us, but each has its own substance and nature that must be part of our discussion of super-physical phenomena and consciousness.

The Immensity of the Physical University
What's important right now is to accept that the familiar visible physical universe is not only far larger in dimension than anything actually conceivable, but that there is an immense invisible dimension of sub–atomic matter and energy that is the foundation of the visible universe. And, even more startling is the realization that at least certain aspects of this invisible dimension can be affected by human consciousness.

The Even Greater Immensity of the Cosmos
In addition to this invisible sub-dimension of the physical universe there are other, super-physical, levels of reality that are just as "real" as the physical but which composed of different "substances" and operate under different "laws" of which we are generally unaware (even though we ourselves are composed of both physical and these other subtle substances.)

Human consciousness exists at these non-physical levels but mostly, as yet in our present growth level, "unconsciously." Our life goal is to become conscious and to function at these levels which have a unique, controlling, relationship to the physical. It is at these super-physical levels that psychic phenomena occurs and where psychic powers function.

Many scientists, and others, object to such terms as Etheric, Astral, Subtle, Super-physical, Spiritual, etc. because their phenomena cannot be subjected to direct physical observation and analysis. Mostly anything "super-physical" is considered as subjective and thus beyond objective examination.

The Non-Physical Aspects of Psychic Phenomena
These same people completely reject the existence of anything super-physical other than—possibly—a vague "Spiritual World" generally relegated to indefinable religious discussion (if discussed at all). Likewise, most parapsychologists reject the non-physical concepts of psychic phenomenon, preferring to consider only physical factors.

Even for readers long familiar with psychic phenomena and esoteric concepts, the immensity of the journey ahead of us may be truly mind boggling. And yet, the promise is a journey that is glorious, a promise that every life has a far greater meaning than most have ever imagined, and the realization that infinity applies to your own human potential.

A Bit of Esoteric History
Long before modern times, Myth and Religion described universal reality without real separation between mundane or divine, objective and subjective, observable or beyond ordinary perception. Physical objects were "seen" and named and physically manipulated, while invisible forces were given the names and attributes of "gods." The gods were ceremonially worshiped by tribal rulers and priests, and their powers manipulated through prayers and rituals.

The physical and the non-physical were part of a single reality.

As we "fast forward," we arrive at the time of the Great Philosophers, both east and west, but it was in ancient Greece that the most transitional developments took place, starting the process that took our mental outlook nearly to the 14th Century with the beginnings of the scientific revolution. The scientific revolution separated the physical from the non-physical, which was then mostly relegated to a "Spiritual World" dominated by the Church and a few daring Occultists practicing their arts under great secrecy under threat of death.

Throughout the "Scientific Age," it was only the visible physical world that was perceived as "objectively real, and hence real at all!"

Restoring the Physical and Super-Physical to a Single Reality
It was not until the late 19th century and early 20th century that two new revolutionary movements began the process that has continued and accelerated in our current 21st century, once again restoring the physical and super-physical to a comprehensible single reality.

On the esoteric side we had the birth of modern spiritualism in 1848 with the rapping and other psychic phenomena surrounding the young Fox sisters in their Hydesville, New York home, later followed by the 1875 founding of the Theosophical Society in New York by the Russian Helena Petrovna Blavatsky and the American lawyer and journalist Col. Henry Steel Olcott. Although the spiritualist movement can be traced to the earlier writings of Emanuel Swedenborg and the teachings of Franz Mesmer in the 16th Century, it was only with the happenings in the 19th century that esoteric concepts became broadly widespread.

On the scientific side, it was the discovery of Cathode Rays by Michael Faraday in 1838 that revealed an invisible physical reality that inaugurated the fundamental revolution we know today as Quantum Physics, leading to all the developments of modern technology ranging from radio and atomic bombs to computers, cell phones, DNA, and dramatic developments leading rapidly towards benefits in health, longevity, and cheap non-fossil energy that will result in vast reductions in costs in transportation, materials, and production.

What's This About Starting Engines?
While esoteric practices—such as yoga, meditation, the martial arts, and magical ritual, along with understandings of the comprehensive nature of reality—were long available in secret societies, it is only with the sudden expansions of conscious awareness called "the New Age" that a new phase in human evolution has been initiated. "Infinity" is no longer limited to physical reality but now extended to your personal consciousness potentials.

New Age, New Terms, New Reality
In this New Age, new terms and broader understandings are inevitable. Yet there is always resistance to change and new ideas that challenge the status quo, and institutions established to promulgate and defend old ways. "Special Interests" and vested positions too often seek to retain power and profit rather than to invest in the risk of new development and better ways.

Nevertheless, with the freshening energies of a New Age, resistance to change will be transformed and directed into more rapid deployments of capital and energy in education, research, and development. The new technologies and products of the last few decades will be rapidly surpassed creating new employment, new economies, and increased opportunities leading to peace initiatives everywhere.

An "Engine" for Expanding Consciousness
Each of us is an "engine" of expanding consciousness and for turning consciousness into objective awareness. Even unconsciousness contains knowledge and memories, and our subconsciousness does "feed" these memories and knowledge into the conscious mind in forms of subjective awareness that is not always useful to the everyday conscious mind that applies knowledge to our practical benefit.

But, our New Age is changing with energies and increasing vibrations pushing into our conscious minds and new techniques for "managing" the relation of conscious and subconscious minds, and opening the Superconscious mind. As individual "engines," we are all adding to this movement within Universal Consciousness and even to the most fundamental levels of Matter. Focused observation is actually accelerating evolution at all levels in accordance with the Great Plan.

What Does this Have to do with Clairvoyance and Psychic Empowerment?
Consciousness is universal, but is essentially divided into varying degrees and forms of "Un-awakened" and "Awakened" that are recognized under many names. With the particular energies of higher levels of consciousness accelerating over the coming decades, there will increased Knowledge of Reality and Life, accompanied by an acceleration of psychic development. While some of this is spontaneous, it is important that psychic powers become psychic skills through disciplined self-development.

While "training" in such development is always available, it is through personal efforts that the greatest advancement are made. And this is especially so with the energies of the zodiacal sign of Aquarius replacing that of Pisces. You don't need to be astrologer to perceive the vast increase in organized access to knowledge available to self-study, and in the devotion to self-knowledge, self-understanding, self-responsibility, and self-reliance. It is the Leitmotiv, or "guiding motivation" of our age.

Do not mistake such "self" consciousness as selfish or self-centered in an adverse way. It is quite the opposite. As Consciousness expands, it is as comprehensive of the needs of others as it is respectful of their own self-dignity. We have reached the stage of a Global Civilization, which does not mean a loss of local and national cultures but instead provides for participation of the individual in the whole. We are One, but we are also Many.

With increased Self-awareness, there is expanded ability to focus attention at higher levels of consciousness, giving access to the particular energies and capabilities that come with each.

Defining Clairvoyance
Clairvoyance simply means "clear seeing," the implication being that the particular psychic vision involved (we'll get to that in a moment) reveals the hidden nature of an object, event, or person.

When we look at any object with our physical eyes we are limited to its three ordinary physical dimensions. We are not only unaware of the sub-atomic aspects functioning in the object, but many of us are not truly observant of the finer details of color, shape, odor, taste, and feel, and of the resident consciousness fundamental to the object itself. Yes, there is consciousness even in a brick, and more so in a blade of grass, a swimming fish, etc. And, where there is consciousness, there is life—even in the brick. The universe is alive at all levels and in every dimension.

On the physical level, we perceive with our physical senses. As we focus consciousness at higher levels, we don't perceive with "sense organs" but through awareness of the substance and changing vibrations emitted from the object of our attention. The higher we ascend in awareness, the greater our vision. At the astral level, we are aware of a fourth dimension, and at the mental level we perceive five dimensions.

And because there are many levels of reality and of consciousness, there are different levels of clairvoyance, each functioning in accordance with the laws and nature of that level. In the non-physical world, clairvoyance is not "objective" in the familiar sense, but neither is it "subjective." Rather it is a blending in, a merging, and identification with the object of our "clear sight" but without loss of our own self-awareness. In other words, this higher clairvoyance is objective but in another sense.

Think of it with this made-up example: The Ocean is like the sea of Universal Consciousness in which swim many fish. As a clairvoyant scuba-diver, you are interested in a very large fish that seems to be floating-in-place, asleep. You cautiously swim around the fish, even extending your hands to sense vibrations emanating from the sleeping fish. You project your conscious awareness to the fish while still, consciously, swimming around it. As you do so, the fish awakens and becomes aware of you, but without fear or reaction. You will sense the difference between the fish's sleeping-unconscious and the awakened-consciousness, and you may even feel a sense of camaraderie.

Note, in this example, that you retained your own conscious awareness and control, and self-identity, in order to continue your swimming, but you also extended awareness to merge—in some degree—with the fish. Like everyone, every being, everything, we are united in consciousness and can move between states of unconscious "awareness" and active conscious awareness.

What did you learn through this clairvoyant exercise? Maybe not much, but one thing, in particular, was evident: the large fish has consciousness, became aware of you, and made a decision that you were not an enemy or food. Two beings of different species objectively sharing consciousness is a kind of knowing in itself. Such sharing may also activate "ancient memories" in your subconsciousness (where nothing has ever been forgotten, including even our earliest evolutionary passages). It is also possible that you and the fish could directly share specific factual knowledge—like sights of a sunken pirate ship. Who knows, until you ask?

"Ask and ye shall receive." ("Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you." Matthew 7:7) A specific question is like a probe that goes into a vast unknown and zeroes in on its target. Ask too broad a question and you open yourself up to questionable answers influenced by fantasy and emotionality, which is characteristic of the astral level. In other words, be careful what you ask for! And learn to test the answers. As President Reagan said, "Trust, and Verify."

Different Kinds, and Levels, of Clairvoyance
Clairvoyance is not a single, specific, easily defined psychic ability because it operates in many different ways. It can simply be an expansion of etheric perception of vibrations at that "higher" physical level, often associated with various forms of divination and precognition. Then it is often one of many possible functions of the astral vehicle, including remote viewing and out-of-body experience. It can also involve both mental and astral consciousness in relation to the interpretation of dreams, symbols, Tarot cards, Runes, and I Ching hexagrams.

Clairvoyance is also associated with reading or "viewing" the Akashic Records. Once again, we encounter levels of those "Records"—at the astral, mental, and the causal levels. Here, the importance of understanding the differences in substance and nature of each level is important. Remember that the alternative name for the Astral is "emotional" and that everything perceived and experienced at this level is qualified with emotionality. Just as "Love can be blind," so always is emotion—at least potentially—distorting.

Understanding Leads to Objectivity
Each level reflects its own nature, even at the mental and causal levels. It is through understanding of these differences that a person can gain a more objective perception of the increased complexity and additional dimensions when functioning at these higher levels.

What, then, is our definition of clairvoyance? It is purely the ability to focus consciousness on the object at hand with full recognition of the nature of the different levels as indicated by the number of dimensions perceptible at that level.

This word, "vibrations," (vibes) has taken on some of the worst "fuzziness" of New Agey vocabulary. It's been applied with ambiguity and without clarity to a vacuous sense of etheric level clairvoyance but with belief that it brings with it awareness of true character and veracity.

What it really refers to is the motion of physical atoms within all matter. It further recognizes that in our sharing of consciousness with all things, we can be aware of that motion. More importantly, however, the nature of matter and of consciousness changes as the rate of vibration changes. As we consciously raise our own vibrations we perceive the matter at different levels, or "planes."

"Motion" is, in another sense, the "Energy" fundamental—with Matter and Consciousness—to all existence, but it is not quite correct to say that "matter converts into energy." That, however, is not a necessary discussion in relation to Clairvoyance and Psychic Empowerment.

The Tables included in Clairvoyance for Psychic Empowerment clarify and expand upon is provided in this short article.

By way of introduction, we need to say that an increasing number of writers and readers in this subject area have come to prefer the terms "Worlds" and "Vehicles," rather than the older terms of "Planes" and "Bodies," as being better reflective of their real nature, and as practical terms for active development procedures.

However, we propose a kind of compromise.

We really don’t use the word "plane" in reference to the "world" in which we live (unless we are geometricians), but we do normally think of our world as just the planet Earth (also called Gaia) whereas the Physical Level (or "Plane") really comprehends the entire Physical Universe. However, we can't really use concepts like "Astral Universe," "Mental Universe," etc. with comparable understanding. Therefore, we attempted in the book to write in terms of the Physical Universe, and the Astral World, Mental World, on up to the Upper Manifestal World for what we collectively refer to as the subtle worlds to distinguish their nature from the solidity and density of physical substance we experience while within the physical "vehicle." In other words, the substance of the world or plane determines the fundamental nature of our conscious experience when working on that plane.

And the word "body" gets confusing when extended to the subtle nature of whatever it is that we occupy when experiencing worlds other than the physical. We can comfortably use the word "body" in reference to our actual, living, physical body with which we function in the physical universe, but the word "body" carries with it definitive boundaries that really don't similarly exist in the subtle worlds. We prefer the word vehicle as that which carries our consciousness when functioning in the subtle worlds beyond the physical.

The following is very important: Even when using our subtle vehicles, we remain "anchored" to our physical body so long as it is alive by means of "cords" of Consciousness and of Life (the "Silver Cord"). It is "home" to the human being.

When you do, and I hope you will, get a copy of Clairvoyance for Psychic Empowerment, I want to mention an important point. In each of the two tables you will see a demarcation between the upper four levels vs. the lower three. In both figures you will note a solid black "belt" separating the "Human Kingdom" from the two higher Essential and Manifestal kingdoms. Referring to Figure 2 you will see that the three lower levels comprising the human kingdom actually are sub-divided into five bodies or vehicles that comprise a single unity for the Causal "Soul." It is this "First Self" (or Soul) that incarnates through the series of personalities born anew in the "Lower Self" of physical, etheric, astral, and mental vehicles for each human life time of awakening consciousness.

In an attempt to clarify: we have four "minds" incarnating in a series of mortal physical bodies under the rulership of an immortal Soul. From one perspective, these four minds correspond to the physical brain and chakra system, the subconscious, conscious, and super-conscious minds. While the physical body is alive, these four minds operate as "yourself," and it is the series of such "selves" that you can re-experience as past lives, and that together make up parts of the evolving Soul that is the true Immortal Self.

Of course, it gets even more complicated and ever more interesting because each level is divided into seven sub-divisions, each having particular characteristics and each offering the whole person corresponding opportunities for expression, and growth.

At the same time it is important to learn that with every opportunity provided to the vehicles of consciousness operating at these levels and their sub-divisions, there is a corresponding limitation. This is particularly true of the Astral level that by its nature is "emotional," and perceptions will be "colored" and even distorted by emotion (desire, hope, fantasy, fear) that you must mentally (and rationally) objectify.

In no way is emotion "bad" any more than is the physical or mental "bad," but each level and each vehicle composed as it is of the substance and energies of that plane or world is both limited and benefited by those qualities and characteristics. Thus, as we learn to become more broadly conscious, we expand our horizons to see, experience, and know more.

The Need for "Proofs"
This is not the place to discuss this problem in detail, but we should mention the system of Proofs that you can lean to apply in connection with clairvoyant vision. These are:

  1. Logical Proof: Establish a series of non-conflicting facts, into which new facts must fit in.
  2. Proof by Explanation: This is really a summary of logical proofs presented in sequence of one building on the preceding to demonstrate a logical conclusion.
  3. Proof by Predication: A forecast is based on factual system that must then be followed by verifying events, or else be perceived as wrong.
  4. Experimental Proof by "Magick:" Using physical/etheric material energies to bring about changes in denser physical matter.
  5. Proof by Clairvoyance: Objective Consciousness at each level—physical, astral, mental, causal.

As you see, "Proof by Clairvoyance" is listed, but also note how it is qualified by "Objective Consciousness at each level—physical, astral, mental, causal." That's the goal, and it contrasts sharply with the prescription for passive "sensitivity" commonly taught by many psychic schools.

Also note "Experimental Proof by 'Magick.'" This is as definitive as Proof by Prediction, and is essentially saying that if you truly understand the facts and know them as proven, the final proof of your clairvoyant ability is objectively testable. This is important. Your clairvoyance should be proven before you proceed to claim insight into such concerns as health, finances, relationships, or even world affairs.

It is also important to find ways to test the identity and "honesty" of any Angels, Spirits, Guides, or other Supernatural beings. "Faith" is not a valid approach to anything and has long been used in various forms of deception. "Faith," at best, is a Belief System and if valid it has to work successfully in real life circumstance.

Please also realize that such "logical thinking" as exemplified in such a system of proofs quickly becomes almost "instinctual" after you apply it consistently for a long enough period to establish habit.

The "Big Picture"
One final caveat before you undertake the study and development of Clairvoyance for Psychic Empowerment: It is through awareness of the "Big Picture" that the details gain meaning. The fact is that Clairvoyance can be a function of the Astral Vehicle, the Mental Vehicle, and the Causal Self, but it also starts with expanded awareness at the higher Etheric level of the physical body. But, the clairvoyance of the physical-etheric level is a function only of the physical brain—no more, no less. Real psychic powers are a function of consciousness focused in the higher vehicles of the whole person you are. But, also, the higher includes the lower so development is incremental. The higher also controls the lower—which is how "magick" works.

The truth is that you are more than you think you are, and it is your responsibility to become more than you are!

It is your own growth and development that is the Great Game of Life, the fulfillment of the Great Plan that is the purpose of our being, and it is likewise the Greatest Adventure you can ever undertake for it leads not merely towards the infinity of the physical universe but more towards the infinity of consciousness wherein you become truly crowned with Glory.

There are no lesser words that can be used to inspire you to take this Great Journey that is opened before you with the information and the techniques of this book. I hate to be "crass" or "commercial," but I have to encourage you to get this book. It took Joe Slate and me a full year to write. Counting front matter, it is nearly 1,000 pages long and weighs just a bit over three pounds. It's not a "beginner's" book, but it can take you from beginner to an empowered psychic—if you apply yourself, if you let the text expand your imagination, if you follow the exercises and complete the programs. It's a veritable text book and self-developmental course in one, and also a fascinating journey. No, there are no guarantees or warranties because no matter how good the book is and how intensely you apply yourself, you may not be ready. It happens, but the effort is not wasted: you will grow and benefit. A book is a wonderful tool of culture, knowledge, development, and civilization. Please visit the book's page on this website to find a full description, browse inside the beginning pages, and to make a purchase.

Bon Voyage
Carl Llewellyn Weschcke

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