Witch’s Runes: A Simple Introduction to Rune Reading


The Witch's Runes are simple pictograms that match concepts with symbols that are more understandable in this modern world. I came across the Witch's Runes in my late teen years, and they made an impression on me. They were few in numbers, simple for me to tell apart from one another, and easy to understand. In some ways, the Witch's Runes were a groundbreaking introduction to the concept of abstract symbolism itself for me. Since the Witch's Runes are not an ancient script, they have no special pronunciation or sound; the titles of the runes are in English. There's a lot less to learn here, but they more often than not be used interchangeably with the Elder Futhark in divination. If you feel comfortable with the Elder Futhark, begin learning the Witch's Runes in addition to them and notice how the two compare and contrast in your own practice. If you're still struggling with the Elder Futhark, you can tarry on, or you can take a step back and learn the Witch’s Runes first if time and memorization are a hurdle for you. The version I use is detailed in Witch's Runes: How to Make and Use Your Own, by Susan Sheppard.

Rune Number: The Witch's Runes are presented in a specific order, much like other rune rows, even though they are not a script.

Rune Name: The Witch's Rune name is in English and is directly represented by the image.

Think: Pictograms are not exact portraits of their concepts, especially since there are intangible nuances for each rune. I'll give you some imagery associated with each rune that may help you associate them with their meanings. If you have other imagery that works for you, go with it.

Remember: This will be a list of some overt meanings for the runes that work for me. You may add to these meanings over time or change those that don't seem to fit, so don't forget to make a rune journal entry for each Witch's Rune.



Rune Number: 1
Witch Runes 1

Rune Name: Sun
Think: The brightness of the sun illuminates all things and chases away the shadows of doubt and depression. The sun helps plants grow and flourish.
Remember: Positive. Huge manifestations are coming. Powerful, unstoppable, masculine energy is in play. Plenty of attention is being paid to you. Overwhelming growth is happening.

Rune Number: 2
Witch Runes 2


Rune Name: Moon
Think: Things are a little bit loony. The moon waxes and wanes in cycles and the full moon looks like a circle in the sky.
Remember: Negative. Past cycles are repeating themselves. However, pay attention to your intuition. Your dreams may have special messages for you during this time. There may be much secrecy and mystery going on. The moon can be a motherly, nurturing influence who gives advice that simply must be followed.


Rune Number: 3
Witch Runes 3

Rune Name: Flight
Think: Positive. Birds in flight can swiftly travel long distances. Birds call to each other in the trees, communicating and learning the songs of one another.
Remember: Communications, news, and travel are in store. Important documents may be signed. Things are moving very fast, so you had better hit the ground running. A bridge has been crossed. There may be distant family or friends to whom a message must be communicated.


Rune Number: 4
Witch Runes 4

Rune Name: Rings
Think: Unbreakable bonds are between these rings.
Remember: Positive. You can't do it alone, so form the right and lasting alliances. There may be a business partnership, a marriage, or other team formation. Seek out a partnership if none exists in the matter at hand.



Rune Number: 5
Witch Runes 5

Rune Name: Romance
Think: The symbol looks like a trillium flower to me, as if offered by some loving romantic. The three loops join together in sharp points, representing the pain of coming together.
Remember: Negative. Passion has turned into obsession. Sex and romance are afoot. Diverse people are brought together in one union and so squabbling is natural. People who once had diverging views are now attempting reconciliation, but there may be spite or jaded attitudes all around. There is a raw, magnetic attraction that draws people together.



Rune Number: 6
Witch Runes 6

Rune Name: Woman
Think: This rune somewhat resembles a vulva and the crease between two legs. It is also the inversion of the arrow, which is the man rune.
Remember: Negative. This represents the passive, receptive energies that are often categorized as feminine. The rune can also represent a literal woman pertaining to the situation. Other feminine characteristics include nurturing, creativity, birth of something new, and cleansing energy.



Rune Number: 7
Witch Runes 7

Rune Name: Man
Think: This rune resembles a phallus, a hunter's spear, or a straight road ahead.
Remember: Positive. This rune represents the active, dynamic energies often associated with masculinity. Actions may be decisive but reckless. The rune represents a quick and just outcome, and sometimes has an element of surprise. Something new may be initiated. Come up with a strategy to achieve your goal.



Rune Number: 8
Witch Runes 8

Rune Name: Harvest
Think: This rune resembles a planter with a healthy plant that has fruiting berries ripe for the plucking.
Remember: Positive. The harvest rune represents the fruition of a job well done. There is abundant wealth, family happiness, and reaching the next level of development in the situation at hand. All your hard work will be mightily rewarded. Make no mistake, though, that good things take time to develop. Don't rush ahead foolishly or slack off.



Rune Number: 9
Witch Runes 9

Rune Name: Crossroads
Think: This rune resembles intersecting roads or crossed spears.
Remember: Negative. The path is blocked by obstacles that can only be overcome by changing direction. Be flexible, but know that sacrifices must be made or else they will be taken by the random happenstance of the universe. Things may take longer than expected. Choose your battles.



Rune Number: 10
Witch Runes 10

Rune Name: Waves
Think: Water is not always clear, and waves often obscure the depths. Roiling waters represent the uncontrollable waves of emotions. The land of the dead lies beyond a body of water in many myths.
Remember: Negative. Things are unclear, so a time of reflection is needed to see the situation for what it truly is. There may be a liar in your life, or somebody who is completely delusional. Great spiritual forces of mystery are at work, and so you may feel pushed and pulled by these powerful energies. Misunderstandings become emotional. Great art can come from great angst. Spirits and ancestors may be influencing you.



Rune Number: 11
Witch Runes 11

Rune Name: Star
Think: This looks like an asterisk, which is sometimes called a star. Stars guided sailors at night. When you wish upon a star, your wish will come true.
Remember: Positive. A hope, a wish, or a long-term dream that you want to make into a reality. This is a lofty goal, and it's okay to dream big and have high expectations. Even when expectations are unreasonable, there may be a hidden manifestation of at least one version of the original goal. The star can represent a gift or a windfall as well as a guiding light.



Rune Number: 12
Witch Runes 12

Rune Name: Scythe
Think: This rune looks like a meat hook or scythe, and the cutting blade will cause damage that requires healing.
Remember: Negative. Warning, there is danger ahead. Slow down and be cautious about your progression forward on this path. You may need to cut out negativity and get rid of people and things that no longer serve you. There may be a parting of ways from what you once knew, such as a break up or being fired from a job. Avoid risky choices and sabotaging a good thing. You may have an enemy nearby.



Rune Number: 13
Witch Runes 13

Rune Name: Eye
Think: All eyes are on you, and here is one of them. Looking at somebody's eyes is how to see his or her personality.
Remember: Positive. Self. You must be independent and take time to yourself to know what you truly want and need. You are being watched. This rune has protective energy and wards off the evil eye. You can see through any malicious plans and get them straightened out before they affect your situation too much.

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