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Twelve Ways Your Chakras Can Enhance Your Decisions

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How many times a day does the "Eureka!" light bulb in your head flash on? The one that means you're making a decision? Hundreds of sources on the Internet state that the average adult makes 35,000 decisions a day. That's a lot of brain power needed to decipher everything from what to eat for breakfast to how to handle a stressful situation.

I don't always trust my mental capacity for decent decision-making. Maybe you experience the same challenge. It's common knowledge that thousands of our thoughts are the same, day after day, and the majority are negative. Without meaning to be, we are each a storage house of dysfunctional beliefs. Throw in a little hunger, tiredness, or duress, and it's hard to believe that we can objectively evaluate a situation for applicable choices, much less select the best option.

That's where chakras come in. Chakras are subtle energy centers that convert physical to subtle energy and vice versa. Energy is information that moves, and absolutely everything is made of it. In fact, we could define decision-making in a similar way. When we're trying to resolve a question, aren't we combing through countless bits of information, trying to figure out which are most applicable? Aren't we evaluating for that one decision that will "move us" into a better place?

The trick is that there are two types of energy we need to assess to make effective judgments. Physical energy is the stuff of the material world. It vibrates—or runs—at speeds that are measurable and defined. Your coffee cup, pencil, thumb, and computer are obviously made of physical energy.

When we're using and gauging physical energy for decision-making, we're determining how a choice will potentially affect our concrete lives. Will the new job result in more or less money? If we join "this" versus "that" dating site, will we get more dates? Most of us use our minds to calculate these factors, but you know how confusing that can be. The truth is that we really don't know, not with certainty, what will occur with every step forward we take.

Subtle energy is the second type of energy, and it's far more fluid than physical energy. It's so extraordinary that our brains can't even begin to analyze it, much less calculate with it. Also called psychic or spiritual energy, subtle energy operates at speeds far below and above that which our physical senses perceive. In fact, subtle energy is quantum in nature. Quanta are the tiniest bits of matter that compose the universe. These supersonic energies can move so slow that they make time stand nearly still. (In that long pause, you can make a lot of decisions!) They can also travel so much faster than the speed of light that they can drop into the future, dive into the past, and delve into alternative realities.

Involving a single decision are billions if not endless bits of subtle information and a relatively small handful of physical units of data. We want to consider both types of information when making a decision. Subtle energies lead to magical insights and physical sensibilities guarantee solid outcomes. In other words, we want to employ our chakras to make every decision.

You see, chakras process both physical and subtle realities. They collect and communicate on both levels. In fact, a chakra can even turn an inaudible thought—a slice of the subtle—into a physical sensation, such as a sound or word. A chakra can also perform the opposite task, altering that which is physically solid, such as a tumor, so it evaporates, as would fog. Since chakras are body-based, they can assess the impact that a decision will have on our everyday lives. Because they also manage psychological and spiritual concerns, chakras can also evaluate for these concerns, thus assuring that a decision meets the requirements of our body, mind, and soul.

Specifically, each chakra governs a specific type of intuition, marrying physical and subtle information according to its overall function. Where does the information come from? A chakra collects data outside and inside of the body, as well as from other people, beings, and situations across time. It evaluates this information according to the truths and tenets held deep within your soul and can then tell your brain what to do. In other words, a chakra forms intuitive insights enabling the most effective decisions on all levels of your being.

Two of my upcoming book releases are perfectly designed to help you understand your chakras in such a way as to support "Eureka!"-level processing. In my book Llewellyn’s Little Book of Chakras, I review the main seven in-body chakras and showcase each chakra's functions, providing information also about the intuitive gift associated with each chakra. This is the first book in an exciting new series offered by Llewellyn. Each of the "little books" in this series, all written by different authors, will present snapshots and practices of vital esoteric subjects that can improve every aspect of your life.

Then, in Subtle Energy Techniques, the premier book of The Essential Energy Series, which features my own energy healing practices, I present descriptions of my twelve-chakra system. This system features the traditional seven in-body chakras and also five out-of-body chakras. In this article, I'm culling from both works to showcase the intuitive abilities of the twelve (not only seven) chakras with which I work.

In a nutshell, the intuitive capabilities associated with each of the twelve chakras, along with the location of the chakras, are as follows:

Chakra Location Intuitive Insights
First Hips Physically empathic; allows you to sense information bodily
Second Abdomen Emotionally empathic; reveals truths through your feelings
Third Solar plexus Mentally empathic; helps you discern pertinent and spot-on facts
Fourth Chest Relationally empathic; assesses situation for the most loving responses or conclusions
Fifth Throat Verbally empathic; enables receiving of psychic guidance
Sixth Forehead Visually empathic; creates clairvoyant images revealing the past, present, and future
Seventh Top of head Spiritually empathic; reveals direct revelation from the Greater Spirit and your spiritual guides
Eighth A few inches above the head Mystically empathic; opens to otherworldly dimensions and accesses all time periods
Ninth About a foot over the head Harmonic awareness; allows you to sense decisions that harmonize and create the best outcome for all
Tenth A foot or two under the feet Environmental empathizing; invites signs and communication from natural beings and systems, from animals to the stars
Eleventh In the auric field and gathered around the hands and feet Force commanding; through this chakra, you can sense natural and supernatural forces and even command these forces
Twelfth The outer edge of the auric field The gifts available here are unique to you

How can you best employ this information? Here are a number of tips that will aid you in making 35,000 EFFECTIVE decisions a day.

  1. 1. Pay attention to the intuitive messages received. Sometimes we don't even know that our internal self is evaluating a situation or making a decision. That's why it's good to remain open to the signs and signals that a chakra might insert into our consciousness. Struck by a strong sensation in your physical body? Maybe your first chakra is alerting you to action. Hear a loving voice speaking in your head? A spiritual guide might be providing advice.

  2. Frame a question and ask for an intuitive response. When you're musing over a decision, take a few moments and meditate. Package your decision in question form and then turn the question over to the Greater Spirit or your highest form of guidance. Then request that your intuition provide you a sign or insight within the next couple of days. During that time, pay attention to what appears. Does an image flash into your mind via your sixth chakra clairvoyant process? Are you filled with the sense of the most loving response to the question, via your fourth chakra? Does a bird land on your car and remind you of something to do? That bird—or animal or reptile—might very well be an envoy from your tenth chakra! Remember that your chakras are YOUR chakras. You'll receive the answer in a way that you'll be able to understand.

  3. Select your desired chakra. Ruminating on an issue? If you feel strongly about a specific chakra, and particularly trusting of its intuitive ability, concentrate on that chakra. Take a few moments and request that you receive direction through it immediately or during a short time span. If there are stages involved in the decision, focus on that chakric area every so often, ask for additional information, and follow the communiques provided.

  4. Trust the process. We make most of our decisions unconsciously. At any given time, we're percolating and mulling over hundreds if not thousands of subjects, evaluating—and even re-evaluating—what choices are in alignment with our highest self. Give permission for your chakras to manage this process for you. This way, you can enjoy your life while you flow from decision to decision.

In the end, the more we value our intuition, which marries physical and subtle information, the more powerful our intuition will become—and the more we'll trust our decisions. Your chakras are the perfect "brains" for making those 35,000 daily decisions easily and joyfully.

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