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Paradigm Shift: 5 Practical Ways to Cultivate the Sacred Feminine with Uranus in Taurus

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We are on the edge of a monumental shift: In March 2019, Uranus, the planetary archetype associated with awakening, freedom, revolution, radical change, and shaking up the status quo, moved into Taurus, where it will stay until 2025. Taurus is a Venus-ruled sign, and the Goddess is taking center stage. We've already felt the rumblings, and over the next seven years we can expect to see unprecedented focus and movement in all issues connected to women, the feminine, and our planet.

Uranus spends between seven or eight years in a sign, and its ingress into a new sign shakes up and shapes the collective with the themes of the sign it is transiting. Uranus moved into Aries in March 2011, and anyone would be hard pressed to deny that the past seven years have been suffused with the theme of identity. Identity is an Aries motif, along with a preoccupation with the Self (capital S intended). These past seven years have saturated us with "brandividuals," reality television, celebrity selfies, and social media personas. The shadow side of Aries/Mars has been apparent with bullying, blind ambition, competition, and overblown self-importance underlining the zeitgeist. I think many of us are feeling exhausted. Many feel they are tired of trying to live up to the unrealistic false expectations and comparisons that filter through social media on a constant basis. Many of us are justifiably worried, frightened, and on edge by the bombast of me-centered politicians who seem to have no regard for anything beyond their own narcissistic agendas. There is a longing to exhale. To feel safe. To get out of our heads and into our bodies. To feel connected to something uncomplicated. To feel the earth beneath our feet and hear the wind in the trees.

As Uranus switches gears from fiery Mars-ruled Aries to earthy Venus-ruled Taurus, it will bring to the fore its own collection of themes that will weave its way into culture and consciousness over this next chapter. Already I have noticed an increasing number of clients and friends taking social media breaks, leaving the city for small towns, and turning toward a simpler way of life—all trends that are arguably related to practical, peace-seeking Taurus. Although Taurus is also aligned with security, money, and resources (and many astrologers will continue to explore the implications of Taurus ingressing into Uranus from that angle), as a Venus-ruled, earth sign, Taurus is also cognate with the ecology of the planet, plant medicine, holistic therapies, positive body image, pleasure, fertility, sensuality, grounded self-worth, and, perhaps most importantly, the sacred feminine. This is the aspect of Taurus I want to focus on. This is what we need to cultivate in order to balance the ego bluster of Mars that has held sway for the past seven years.

Although the adverse effects of the patriarchy have arguably been a part of civilization in many parts of the world for several thousand years, Uranus in Taurus at this juncture in history may be a time that marks a turning point. The extent of this potential turning point is up to us all. Taurus is considered a feminine sign, while its preceding sign, Aries, is considered masculine. While neither of these signs can be equated with gender identity, Taurus as a Venus-ruled archetype and its transit through Uranus may coincide with an awakening of that which is connected to the archetypal sacred feminine. We can consciously choose to connect with Taurus associated goddesses such as Aphrodite, Gaia, Branwen, Venus, and Lakshmi, through learning about these goddesses and the qualities they embody by bringing them into our life (and the collective) with story, ritual, pathworking, and activism.

Five Ways to Work Mindfully with the New Uranus in Taurus Chapter

  1. Find Taurus in Your Chart.
    Obtain a copy of your birth chart, either through an astrologer or one of the many online resources that will calculate your chart for free. Find the house that has the Taurus symbol on it. Look up the meaning of that house to find out the key life area(s) where you will likely be experiencing the revolutionary shift of Uranus into Taurus for the next eight years.

  2. Cultivate the Sacred Feminine and Reclaim Your Sacred Sensuality.
    One of Taurus' guiding goddesses is Aphrodite Pandemos, an aspect of Aphrodite that is intimately connected with the sacred sensual, and our connection to our bodies. Yoga, ecstatic dance, belly dance, and drumming are all ways to get out of your head and back into your body. Taurus is connected to the second chakra, the energy center that is the seat of our creativity and pleasure. Now is the time to engage in healing work in that area, to embrace your birthright to pleasure on your own terms. Spend some time reflecting on what you like when it comes to sex, and release what the media or other people have told you should like. The next eight years are also an opportunity to consciously reject the constructed beauty standards that are fed to us on a daily basis. We can now begin to take concrete steps to healing our relationship with our bodies and develop a more positive body image. Aphrodite reminds us that our body is a temple, and we are a unique and beautiful expression of the Goddess. Taurus helps us remember that we are creatures of the earth, and as such, need fresh air, nutritious food and time in nature to thrive and feel beautiful and grounded. Self adornment is also sacred to Aphrodite, so invest in natural beauty products that are good for both you and the earth. With Taurus, less is more and quality matters: consider purchasing several pieces of good-quality, natural fiber clothing that is beautiful, comfortable, and feels good against your skin, rather than numerous trendy outfits made of synthetic fibers. Take Epsom salt baths with natural essential oils and treat yourself to a massage once in awhile. Indulge occasionally in whatever you find delicious. Try to seek out herbal remedies instead of chemicals where possible.

  3. Reconnect with Nature.
    Give yourself a break from the city, and make more time for hiking, beachcombing, or camping in the mountains. Explore the healing and meditative practice of forest bathing. Take a course on herbalism, permaculture, or flower essences. Get your hands in the dirt and connect to the cycles of the wheel of the year through gardening. If you live in the city, plant herbs in your kitchen window or on your balcony. Delve into an earth-based spiritual practice such as witchcraft, shamanism, Druidry, or Goddess spirituality. Volunteer at a community garden or a clean-up initiative at a local beach or park. Invest in organic food and cleaning products. Shop local at farmer's markets when you can.

  4. Recharge Your Creativity.
    Taurus is associated with creating beautiful and practical things. Try your hand at making candles, or natural products for you and your loved ones to use. Paint, draw, knit, embroider. Take up a traditional skill using your hands, such as weaving or spinning. Learn how to make your own sauerkraut, kimchi, or pickles. Music and singing are also aligned with Taurus: learn how to play a musical instrument, take voice lessons, try meditative chant, or build a playlist that can be the soundtrack to your more sustainable, beautiful life.

  5. Slow Down, Simplify, Unplug.
    At its core, Taurus is about slowing down and savoring the pleasures of being embodied. The slow food movement, farm to table, and being more conscious of where our food comes from and how it's grown will be a developing theme with Uranus in Taurus. Cycling and other forms of slow travel will become more apparent as more people opt out of their time-consuming daily car commutes. Because Taurus rules money and resources, and Uranus is associated with freedom as well as breaking away from the status quo, work/life balance will likely be a topic in the spotlight. Some of us will opt for home schooling and more time with the kids rather than deal with the rising cost of daycares. Some may decide to downsize in order to live a more sustainable life, trading oversized mortgages for tiny homes or rural homesteads. Tech fasts will likely become more commonplace as people increasingly feel the need for time out from the hypnotic lure of their tablets, smartphones, and computers.

For more ways to work with the Taurus archetype, and all the signs from a groundbreaking feminine perspective, check out my book, The Twelve Faces of the Goddess: Transform Your Life with Astrology, Magick and the Sacred Feminine.

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