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6 Simple Jar Spells Using Common Household Objects

Spell Jars for Protection

Container magic is a field of magic that has become popular today, with spell balls and jar spells being posted regularly on social media. One of the reasons for the popularity for these types of spells is how simple they are to perform and the accessibility of the materials used in crafting these spells. Container magic is also highly adaptable, being able to change forms and materials without losing their magical punch.

Jar spells are the easiest to perform, as jars are often readily available; many foods are processed and sold in jars, making it easy to gather jars for spell work. Mason jars are also often easy to find throughout the year, as they are used for canning foods like jelly, relishes, mustard, and numerous sauces.

The process of crafting and working a jar spell is simple. First, gather the materials for the spell. Once all of the materials have been gathered, they are individually charged with their specific task for the spell at hand. After energizing the materials, they are placed in the jar. The filled jar is then sealed shut and shaken vigorously. (This is when any chants, prayers, or mantras might be recited.) Now that the jar has been shaken and the spell activated, the jar is placed somewhere in the house where it can be worked (shaken and chants or mantras repeated) once or twice a day until the magic manifests in your life.

With those basics covered, here are six jar spells that you can do using common household materials.

Cleansing Jar
The following spell is a simple jar spell that can be used to remove psychic residue as well as any sensations of energetic ick.


  • 1 4oz jar (baby food-sized jars are ideal for this)
  • ¼ cup salt (sea salt is best, though any salt works); this is for cleansing and removal, to help absorb and neutralize energy
  • 2 tbs dried rosemary (for cleansing and protection)
  • 1 tbs culinary sage (for cleansing)


  1. Fill the jar with the materials, stating why each material is being used.
  2. Seal the jar tightly with its lid.
  3. Shake the jar vigorously, chanting, "Cleanse and clean remove the unwanted and unseen."
  4. When you feel that the jar has been mixed thoroughly, take the jar and run it over your body, starting with your crown and moving down to your feet. As you trace your body with the jar, be sure to only use downward motions. If you move back up over the area you just went down, you can end up crossing (cursing or giving bad luck to) yourself instead of cleansing yourself.
  5. Once you have traced over your entire body, place the container somewhere in a dark, dry, and cool place. Keep the jar there. You can use it in the future any time you feel the need for a cleansing boost—just shake the jar vigorously and recite the same chant five times before each use.
  6. When you feel that the jar has done all that it can and needs to be replaced, dump the contents into the trash and wash the jar. The jar can be set aside and used in other magical works.

Neutralize a Magical Attack
This jar work is used to reverse any magical attack sent at you or your loved ones. The goal of this work is to neutralize the attack on you and return it to the sender.


  • A 4-6 oz glass Mason jar
  • Family photograph or an individual photo for each person in the household
  • Pen
  • 1 cup sea salt (neutralizes negativity)
  • 3.5 grams or 1/8 oz. black pepper, ground or peppercorns (for protection, removal, and reversal)
  • 3.5 grams or 1/8 oz. cayenne pepper (this is for justice work, reversal, protection, and hexing)
  • 3.5 grams or 1/8 oz. ground ginger (for protection and power)
  • hot glue


  1. Take the jar and place it in the center of your working area. On the back of the family photo or the individual photos, write out the names and birth dates of everyone. Once the names and birth dates have been written on the backs of the photos, place the photos into the jar.
  2. As you place the photo or photos in the jar, state, "To protect (list the names of the individuals here)."
  3. Pour the cup of salt into the jar. As the salt is poured, state: "Salt, absorb and neutralize all negativity sent this way."
  4. Add the black pepper to the jar. As the black pepper is added to the jar, state: "To protect from negativity."
  5. Next, pour the cayenne pepper into the jar. As the cayenne pepper is added, state: "To Return all ill will to its sender."
  6. Finally, add the ginger to the jar. As the ground ginger is placed into the jar, state: "For justice against all undeserved attacks."
  7. Take the lid to the jar and trace the inside of the lid with the hot glue. Use the glue to permanently seal the jar, tightening the lid on the jar until sealed tight.
  8. Once the jar is sealed tightly, vigorously shake the jar to mix the ingredients together. As you shake the jar, chant: "Protect this house today. All attacks sent back and away. Only blessings sent may stay."
  9. When you feel that the jar has been shaken enough, place it on a shelf or stand near the front door where it will not be disturbed.
  10. Keep the jar in its place until you feel like you are under a magical attack. When you feel like you are under a magical attack, take the jar out from its hiding place and shake it twice daily (once in the morning and once in the evening) until you feel the attack has ended.
  11. Toss the jar into the trash when you move to a new home. Create a new jar as needed to return and reverse magical attacks.

Favorable Luck Jar
Good luck and good fortune are, in many cultures, signs of prosperity and success. Having good luck means that things which would challenge others comes easily to you. Use this jar to increase your good luck.


  • Small Jar
  • Pen and Paper
  • 7 allspice kernels (to attract good fortune and good luck)
  • 1 tbs ground basil (to attract wealth and success)
  • ½ tbs dill (to bring in luck)
  • 1 tsp nutmeg (for luck)
  • The zest of 1 orange (for luck and money)


  • Place the jar on your working area. Place the other materials around the jar, with the pen and paper being directly in front of you.
  • On the paper, write out your desire to protect your family's good fortune and ensure and protect future good luck. When the petition has been written out, read the petition aloud and then fold the paper and place it into the jar.
  • Place the allspice pieces into the jar. As you place the allspice into your, jar state: "Allspice attracts fortunes and luck. With its power I am no longer stuck."
  • Sprinkle the basil into the jar. As you sprinkle in the basil, state: "For wealth and success."
  • Add the dill to the jar, stating: "To bring luck to me."
  • Sprinkle the nutmeg into the jar, stating: "To bring luck and wealth to my life. Nevermore shall I have any strife."
  • Add the orange zest and state: "Luck and money come to me. Successful now I shall be."
  • Take the lid and seal the jar. Once the jar is sealed, begin to shake the jar. As you shake the jar, recite the following chant 5-7 times: "Change of luck today. Great things on the way."
  • Place the jar somewhere in your living room where it will be undisturbed. Once a week, take the jar down and shake it vigorously while reciting the same chant 5-7 times.
  • Continue with this jar and the work for as long as you would like the have good luck and good fortune. When you no longer feel the need for the boost in good fortune and good luck dispose of all the herbal materials and wash the jar. The jar can be used in future spell work.


Dream Vacation Money Pot
This spell is to help you raise and save money for your ideal or dream vacation. In order for this spell to be successful, you need to have a savings account you can use to save for the vacation.


  • 4 slips of paper
  • Pen or pencil
  • Tape
  • Small Mason jar
  • 5 Ttbs sugar (for attraction)
  • 2 tbs cinnamon (for money)
  • Spare coins and cash found around the home


    On the first slip of paper, write the words "Dream Vacation." Tape that slip of paper to the Mason jar with the words facing out.
  1. Take the second slip of paper and write out a draft petition outlining the dream vacation. When you have perfected the petition, rewrite the petition flawlessly on a clean slip of paper. Read the petition out loud. Fold the paper and place the petition in the jar.
  2. Use one of the scrap pieces of paper to design a sigil or symbol that represents your vacation.
  3. When you have a clear design, flawlessly copy the sigil onto the last piece of paper. Place the paper into the jar.
  4. Pour the sugar into the jar. As you add the sugar, state: "To attract to me, the money I need for the vacation I dreamed."
  5. Sprinkle the cinnamon into the jar. As you add the cinnamon, state: "Cinnamon spice, for a vacation that is nice."
  6. Add all of the coins and or cash you have found lying around to the jar.
  7. Place the lid on the jar and shake the jar vigorously. While you shake the jar, visualize yourself having that dream vacation. When you can no longer hold those images, release the image into the jar.
  8. Place the jar somewhere in your kitchen or living room where it will be undisturbed and able to be worked daily.
  9. Every day while you are out and about, pick up any small change you find. If the coins are head's up, pick the coin up with a thank you, and say: "Coins I do find, go towards the dream vacation of mine." If the coins are face down when you found them, flip the coin over three times and recite the above chant.
  10. When you get home, open the jar and place the gathered coins into the jar. Close the jar and shake it thoroughly. As you shake the jar recite the chant used while picking up the coins 7-9 times. Place the jar back in position.
  11. When the container is full empty, all but five coins and deposit the money into a savings account set aside for this dream vacation.
  12. Repeat steps 7-12 until you have all of the money required for your vacation. When you return from that vacation, dispose of the sugar and cinnamon. Clean the jar and set it aside to use in other magical works.

Modified Witch's Jar
Witch's jars are a traditional folk magic practice to protect against baneful magic and unwanted witchcraft. Traditionally these jars are buried under the front porch or step. This variation is ideal for those who can not bury their jars and need to keep them in the house.


  • Small jar
  • Photo/image of everyone in the house or personal effects (clothing, hair, nails, etc)
  • Pen
  • 5 paper clips (unfolded)
  • 1 4" piece of aluminum foil
  • 5 pins and/or needles (you can use one or the other or both)
  • 5 tbs salt


  1. On the back of the photos, write the individual's name and date of birth. When using personal effects, just state the name of the individual as you place the materials into the jar. As the photos or personal effects are added to the jar, state: "May you act as a decoy for (name of individual in photo or whose effect it is)."
  2. Take the paperclips and fold and twist them into tight knots that can't be easily undone. Place each paperclip into the jar once it has been folded and twisted as much as you can. As you place each paperclip inside, state: "To confuse and confound all evil and unwanted sent to this home."
  3. Tear the 4" piece of aluminum foil into 5-7 small strips. Place these strips into the jar, stating: "To reflect back any magical attack."
  4. Add the pins and/or needles, stating: "To attack and harm any evil sent this way."
  5. Pour the salt into the jar. State: "Before any evil can be released, each grain of salt must be counted by that spirit force. They shall be trapped until they do so."
  6. Seal the jar with its lid.
  7. Shake the jar thoroughly to mix all of the materials. Place the jar somewhere in your kitchen or living room where it will not be disturbed. Keep the jar there until you move. Destroy the jar before you move to a new home. When you move to your new home, create a new jar.

Sour the Enemy
This spell is for when someone won't leave you alone and you need to teach them a lesson; use only after all other methods to stop the harassment have been used.


  • Small pickle or relish jar (so, a "sour" jar)
  • Pen
  • Slip of paper
  • Juice from 1 lemon (representing justice, this sours the target's life)
  • 1 tsp mustard seed (representing chaos, discord, and justice)
  • Vinegar (sours the target's life)


  1. On the paper, write out your target's name. If you know your target's date of birth, write that underneath their name. Place the slip of paper in the jar.
  2. Squirt the lemon juice over your target's name, and state: "For justice."
  3. Sprinkle the mustard seed into the jar, stating: "For the pain in my life you've given me, chaos and discord I send to thee."
  4. Pour the vinegar into the jar. Fill the jar halfway with the vinegar.
  5. Seal the jar.
  6. Shake the jar thoroughly. While you shake the jar, direct all your feelings of anger, frustration, etc. into the jar. See your target having the same amount of stress in their lives that they caused in your life. Hold those images and direct all of that energy into the jar.
  7. Place the jar in a dark space where it will not be disturbed.
  8. Twice a day, take out the jar and shake it vigorously. While you shake the jar recite the following chant 7-9 times: "Sour justice sent to thee, for the pain you have caused me."
  9. Repeat step 7 daily until your target has learned their lesson. Once they have learned their lesson, dispose of the materials outside of your home, releasing the spell.

For more information on container magic, check out my book, Container Magic: Spellcraft Using Sachets, Bottles, Poppets & Jars.

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