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The Call of Intuition

How to Recognize & Honor Your Intuition, Instinct & Insight

This book shows how integrating and balancing your three inner guides—intuition, instinct, and insight—helps you unleash your deepest creative wisdom and move forward with a renewed zest for life. You will discover how to work with chakras, crystals, mindfulness, spirit guides, prayers, and more as you become attuned to the natural flow of universal energy.

Filled with practical, hands-on techniques and playful exercises, The Call of Intuition is all about embracing life as an act of co-creation and learning to let go of the compulsive desire for total control. Author Kris Franken shows you how to consciously connect to intuition through six steps: Breathe, Surrender, Connect, Trust, Honour, and Nourish. You will also explore angels, mantras, tarot cards, clutter clearing, meditation, and journaling on your journey to manifesting your own highest good.

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"A beautiful and insightful book full of positivity, techniques, and ways to believe in yourself and trust your intuition."
—Annie Labri, celebrity psychic medium, author, creator of Annie Labri Tarot

"In this wonderful, easy-to-read, and practical book, Kris Franken shows us how to connect to our own source of inner-guidance, wisdom, and inspiration through six simple practices...The world needs more intuitive, empowered, and heart-centered warriors—this book is a practical guide and important contribution towards that reality. I loved it—you will too!"
—Beáta Alföldi, medicine woman, retreat leader, author, keynote speaker, seer, and healer

"With great warmth and wisdom,The Call of Intuition invites you on a journey into the multifaceted ways the intuitive self synthesizes information from our gut, heart, and mind to help guide and align us...Relatable, compassionate and educated, Kris deftly draws on her own experience, her vast spiritual knowledge, and her keen insights for an enlightened read."
—Dr. BethAnne K.W., author of Things of That Nature: Words for the Mystic Heart

"There is no better time than now to connect to that ever-liberating and empowering inner work that comes through the call of your intuition...Whether you are completely new to this type of work or you are ready to deepen your intuitive practice, this book will be your north star in these challenging times."
—Jarka Kunova, business consultant and mentor

"One the most important things that we can do individually and collectively as a species is to move from our busy programmed minds to our heart-centered intuition. This book is the road map for us to do that. Thank you, Kris, for this timely piece of art and wisdom."
—Tom Cronin, leading meditation teacher and author of The Portal

"Kris is a rare treasure, bursting with pure delight...By clarifying the qualities of instinct, intuition and insight, she helps you to navigate the journey of life. Through her words, Kris offers a road map and a way to find the ultimate treasure within; a path to live a life that fulfills your highest potential."
—Sarah McLeod, artist, healer, and founder of Vision Weaving

"The Call of Intuition is a gentle deep dive through the layers of your intuitive self...The soul prompts, meditations, and rituals are purposeful and divinely structured to support the guided journey back to your true self. This is perfect for anyone wanting to connect within and find their way home again."
—Theresa Voigt, soul coach, director, and cofounder of Blue Cup Manifestations

"The Call of Intuition is a gem of a book that shines with clarity and wisdom; it offers a path to awaken your inner knowing and live a vibrant, empowered and embodied life...Kris Franken reveals the gifts of intentional awareness in your relationship with soul and spirit via mindfulness and presence. She is a skillful guide for navigating greater balance and joy...She reminds you not to 'seek' guidance but shares how to allow what is already inherent within you to arise, simply and lovingly."
—Jacquelyn Bushell, Reiki master healer and founder of Sacred Presence

"Kris Franken writes like a soul sister guiding you towards your most joyful, connected, and self-directed life. The Call of Intuition is a delicious adventure in learning to listen to and trust yourself more deeply than you ever dreamed possible. It's a hug for the soul; a reassuring yet thought-provoking read that I recommend with all my heart."
—Sarah Jensen, writer, coach, and heart healer

ISBN-13: 9780738765938
Imprint: Llewellyn
Pub Date: November 2020
Product Type: Trade Paperback
Page Count: 256 pages
Size: 5 x 8 x 1 IN
Case Quantity: 48
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