Exploring the Divine Feminine Around the World

Meet the many incarnations of the divine feminine, past and present, with bestselling author Shelley A. Kaehr's reference guide to hundreds of goddesses around the world. Shelley introduces you to ancient Egyptian, Celtic, Greek, Norse, and Mesoamerican pantheons. She also invites you to discover African, East Asian, Hindu, and Indigenous goddesses, sharing each one's keywords, category, history, and lore.

The Goddess Discovered provides more than forty exercises and journal prompts specially designed to help you understand yourself at the soul level. You will also explore guided journeys that connect you with goddess energy and bring greater peace and balance to your life. In meeting these goddesses, you can enliven ancestral energy within you, receive divine messages, and uncover past lives.

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"I have never experienced such powerful methods for activating the goddess/es that can speak to me—and help me become more of myself—as is shared by Shelley Kaehr. A must for those seeking conscious living and expression."—Cyndi Dale, internationally renowned author of Advanced Chakra Healing and many others

"A masterful deep dive into world history, religion, and goddesses. Kaehr's theories of connectivity we feel toward our ancestors and through our past lives is supported by the magical energies of our universe. I highly recommend this book to all who wish to discover not only the Goddess, but a new appreciation for the diverse and fascinating world we live in."—Bernie Ashman, author of Sun Sign Karma and Sun Signs & Past Lives

"The focus of Kaehr's book, besides thoroughly covering goddesses throughout history, is to urge us to personally connect with the ancient goddesses to understand how much we all truly have in common. What awaits the reader is a journey of release, understanding, renewed connection, and a deep dive into the soul healing we all crave in our modern world."—Kac Young, PhD, ND, DCH, author of Crystal Power

"The defining characteristic of our age is the return of the Mother called by many names...Our salvation lies in knowing Her. The Goddess Discovered is a fine place to begin that knowing."—Rabbi Rami Shapiro, author of The Divine Feminine in Biblical Wisdom Literature

"In studying the past, you cannot escape encountering the Goddess, nor should you try. Kaehr's brilliant and incisive book illustrates why. Part encyclopedia, part exploration, part history lesson, and part how-to, her book is an essential element for those who wish to know more, understand more, and who even quest for the Goddess."—Dan Baldwin, award-winning author

"A meticulously researched guide to the Divine Feminine as she appears in endless iterations around the world. This book is a treasure trove of Goddesses—listed for ease of reference by culture, archetype, function and attributes. You will rediscover and learn new information about beloved, well-known goddesses as well as nearly forgotten deities. Complete with exercises designed to invite Goddess energy into your life, this book satisfies the inner yearning to reconnect deeply with the Divine Feminine."—Rev. Wendy Van Allen, author of Relighting the Cauldron

"In this informative and engaging work, Shelley Kaehr introduces the reader to the archetypal nature of the goddess as she appears across cultures and time...More than an encyclopedia of goddesses, Shelley provides practices for working with the goddess energies in our own lives and in exploring how the divine feminine manifested in our ancestral lineages and ways we can reconnect to that energy to heal self and planet now. This is a powerful, important, and necessary book."—Nicholas S. Mather, PhD, Adjunct Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies, host of the Rebel Spirit Radio podcast

"A wonderful reference guide to continuously reflect on—essential to any sacred collection. Throughout this book, we are introduced to the multidimensional, multifaceted expression of the divine herself. Not only to connect with the goddess, but to ultimately embrace your inherent personal power within."—Granddaughter Crow, author of Belief, Being, and Beyond

"A treasure trove for anyone interested in mythology, spirituality, and the divine feminine. This book presents an exhaustive list of goddesses unlike any I have ever seen before. The list spans different cultures and time periods...Kaehr draws on a wide range of sources, including ancient texts and contemporary research, to paint a comprehensive picture of each goddess."—SynahMoon, author of Tarot Cars Deck

ISBN-13: 9780738771762
Imprint: Llewellyn
Pub Date: December 2023
Product Type: Trade Paperback
Page Count: 360 pages
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