Discover Your Purpose with Nature’s Guidance

Woman in Field of Wildflowers

Wildflowers, sunsets, moths, rain, and lizards are all radiant with the same lifeforce that keeps you and I alive… and which keeps all of nature and humanity alive. This lifeforce is also how we commune with each other; it contains the wordless wisdom of all beings on earth.

The insight and clarity around our purpose—our unique way of being in the world—that we receive in nature may feel serendipitous, but it's no accident. As we traverse the wild outdoors and allow our thoughts to drift away, our inner wilderness comes to life, silently communing with nature all around us, opening us to a deeper knowing that this lifeforce carries with it.

The more time you spend in nature consciously witnessing the movement of energy around and within you, and the way your body responds, the more you're able to release the blocks to your natural ability to connect with all of life and dissolve the false separation between you and the aliveness of the natural world.

Purpose is easier to appreciate when you feel this connection. It helps you to know your place on earth as important, unique, and rare. It may seem paradoxical, but losing yourself in the oneness of all living energy can bring clarity to your exclusive, one-off purpose. Like each flower and tree, rock and waterway, insect, bird, and animal, you are also a deeply treasured creature on earth. As you immerse yourself in nature, opening to the wild with your whole body, you feel more at home and on purpose simply being present to the elements, seasons, and beings.

Everyone on earth has an important role to play, and when we strip away comparison between each other, we can focus on our own Soul's evolution and how each life gives us the chance to learn, grow, and serve. Earth provides the kind of opportunities we can't find anywhere else. We live in jungles and deserts, cities and mountains, valleys and towns that look like no other place in the universe. We share this inimitable planet with countless other living beings, and as we adventure through this precious life, we are assisted by these beings—animal, plant, mineral, human, and the unseen realm&151;to discover and fulfil our wildest dreams.

When in nature, we are never alone. Our presence is registered by the richly alive surroundings who offer a fresh perspective on our purpose. As bare feet kiss the ground, we're able to feel more stable and attuned to Gaia's loving support and direction. As fresh air moves through our hair, we gain clarity of mind and can let go of all that is in the way of our heart's wisdom. As we witness flowers bloom in front of our curious eyes, we have deeper access to our own unfolding and how our radiance uplifts others. As we listen with inner and outer ears to the song of the birds, we're able to receive the medicine offered by this ancient music.

In the cycles and seasons around us we sense a similar flow within. We feel when it's time to hustle, play, relax, celebrate, and serve. When we align our mind, body, and spirit to nature's flow, we gain insight into the kind of work and service we're here to offer others through the joy of being.

Rather than knowing what to do with our lives, nature offers us the chance to be completely in each moment; it is here that we realize our purpose. Through the vibrancy of nature, our ego loosens its hold on our life, our heart expands, and we understand deeply how our gifts and talents give us all we need to serve our community in our own purposeful and unique way. We see how valuable our presence, truth, compassion, and skills are.

Nature doesn't judge us on who we work for or what we do; it only ever calls us into deeper authenticity within ourselves and our communion with others. Like every single animal, insect, and bird; plant, tree, and flower; rock, or waterway, we have a place in our community that is as uniquely significant as it is symbiotic.

Our purpose is to accept our innate gifts and intuitive talents, devote to them, give space for them to flourish, and share them with others without hesitation or expectation. In this abundant energy, we are also shown by nature how to receive in full with the same openness. Here lives the symbiotic nature of purpose: to give what we can, knowing that others need our light, and to receive our wants, needs, and desires, knowing we are not meant to live empty, lacking, or alone.

To really find your purpose in nature, notice how you spontaneously interact with the natural world and with the people who live in your wider community. To go deeper into this grassroots inquiry, sit in your favorite outdoor place and answer these questions in a journal.

  • What do you enjoy making for others?
  • How do you instinctively help in a crisis?
  • What rituals connect you to others and nature?
  • What act of co-creation brings you the deepest joy?
  • How do you like to celebrate the goodness of life?
  • Where do you go when you need to lift your spirits?
  • What do others regularly ask of you?
  • How do you share your gratitude with friends and earth?
  • What comes naturally to you that doesn't seem so easy to others?
  • What talents have you been refining in this life that can be utilized in a variety of ways and circumstances?
  • What feels vitally important for you to share with others in this new age?

As light beings in human bodies, we really are heaven on earth. We have the capacity to heal karma, trauma, and ancestral pain, so that we may draw on our Soul's ancient gifts and the talents we have cultivated in this life to share of ourselves abundantly. As we do this, we empower ourselves and others with worthiness, confidence, hope, and purpose.

There is no one on earth quite like you. Mother Nature lovingly created your body, Source Energy created your Soul, and the expression of both, along with your sage mind and spirit, is a treasure to your community and to the nature beings who meet you.

Live as though your life and your voice matter, because they do. Live as though you are heaven on earth, because you are. Live as though your mindful presence is purpose enough. Live as though there are no right or wrong choices, only a heart that shows you the highest and brightest way in every moment.

About Kris Franken

Kris Franken (Byron Bay, Australia) is a wayshower and facilitator of healing and empowering gatherings.She is the author of The Call of Intuition and Wildhearted Purpose and creator of seven sets of oracle cards. Kris is ...

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