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This post was written by Carl Llewellyn Weschcke
on May 25, 2010 | Comments (6)

Our ordinary experience and our education has led us to believe that the only substance is physical, but both the ancient wisdom and modern quantum science say that everything that exists has substance. We must accept this principle and realize that even thoughts and feeling are “substantial”—consisting of substance. These are not physical substance but astral and mental substance.

When metaphysicians and psychics, and even a growing number of parapsychologists and other scientists, speak of planes or worlds—physical/etheric, astral, mental, and spiritual—they are recognizing the existence of different kinds of substance. These substances are distinguished by distinct ranges of vibration.

Everything that exists “vibrates.” Our perceptions are uniquely tuned in to specific ranges of vibration that we sense with our appropriate organs—physical as well as psychic (although these psychic organs are different in structure and nature than the physical ones). Nevertheless, some psychic perceptions combine the physical organs with one of the chakras, which we can call “psychic” or etheric organs.

“Vibration” refers to movement and “vibrations” are measured by their frequency per second. Touch, sound, odor, taste, and sight are each characterized by particular ranges of vibrations, and all phenomena perceived by these senses occur within defined ranges of vibration.

The following tables are scientific and speculative. They are also visibly incomplete and beg reader input. The intention is to provide a structure for our understanding of the position of Whole Person within the Whole Universe inclusive of all that lies outside of our physical perception.

Levels of Consciousness, Soul & Spirit, and the Whole Person

The above diagram is taken from The Sword & The Serpent, by Denning & Phillips

The Evolutionary Plan of the Psyche

The above diagram was taken from The Sword & The Serpent, by Denning & Phillips

No single view of either Macrocosm (the Universe as a whole) and the Microcosm (the Human as a whole) can comprehend all there is. A Qabalistic approach provides another perspective.

Action on the physical plane/world requires a physical body. We are misled in believing that thoughts, emotions, and aspirations all arise from the physical brain and have no substance of their own or any need for bodies. Instead, we do have an astral body, a mental body, and a spiritual body. And, actually, there are still higher planes and bodies, but they are not pertinent to our subject in this book [the upcoming Psychic Empowerment: Tools & Techniques, by Carl Llewellyn Weschcke and Joe H. Slate, Ph.D.].

Just as we act, feel, think, and aspire while centered in the physical body, so can we act, feel, think, and aspire when we are centered in the astral body, or in the mental body, or the spiritual body. Yet, each body has particular limitations and particular abilities. In the physical body, you cannot think yourself to a different location, but in the astral body you can. In the astral body you cannot reach out and move a physical object as you can with you physical hand. (Actually, you can using your mind by projecting an astral hand, and using special techniques that bring etheric substance—which is a higher vibratory part of the physical—into the astral body, but these techniques usually require training and discipline, as in certain practices of yoga, the martial arts, shamanism, and forms of African and Western magic.)

What you can learn to do is to center your consciousness in the astral body, and use it as a vehicle, just as you normally use the physical body as a vehicle for your conscious mind. Think of it as a vehicle made of a different kind of substance and using a different kind of fuel.

Reader Comments

Written By mario
on June 1st, 2010 @ 8:17 pm

A prime example of these illustrations are give to us with the celestial bodies present in the night sky.For example lavannah has very powerful etheric body, though its substance is of physical form perhaps made out of rocky substance it emmanates pure superphysical light.

Written By Danièle
on August 2nd, 2010 @ 10:47 am

Hello to all,
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Written By Manuel
on March 12th, 2012 @ 8:36 am

Thank You Carl for the Enlightening Post and i see some of the same Science as The Great Work of The Great School of The Modern Masters of The Law Speak Of! Very Very Good now you have to see if after the 3rd Edition of your Book, This Knowledge may be Easier Understood by The Layman who doesn’t have the trained Faculties to Grasp it! I will just Add that I have Accomplished some of these Practices by my Inherent Gift and it is very Formidably difficult to Teach and to Explain! But I’ve Managed Time Travel of The Higher Spiritual Magnetic Double (Body)and I have currently brought back to this Timeline Electro-Mechanical Knowledge to Build a Fueless Electric Power Regenerator now still in the Process of Reconstruction! and I can use my Higher Mental Body at Will when the necessity calls me to do it! You need to Add a Chapter in the Practical Application of using the Higher Bodies in our Daily lives for our Benefit to ourselves and our Environment which includes Nature Mother Earth and Others! It is definitely a Complication in Simplicity! Best Regards, Sincerely and Wishing you Good Health Worth more than any Treasure, Manuel

Written By Horst G Ludwig
on June 18th, 2012 @ 12:16 pm

That was a fine job putting all these “substances” together. Next exercise would be the holografic view of the universe or quantum theory back to understanding that magic aint coincidence.

Written By Darby
on August 13th, 2013 @ 4:20 am

No they cannot (though dndinpeeg who you speak to will have different opinions based on their religious/spiritual beliefs) the idea is the future is not set in stone and so it cannot tell you. I would not advise that you go back. Don’t be sucked into that type of overly-mystical attitude, it’s easy to feel drawn and worry about it and it is both illegal and unethical for anyone to start throwing around predicted deaths etc. For your worries you can go and see your medical team and they will in addition to providing you with medical advice they can help advice you on how you can use alternative therapies and the like to aid you in your recovery. Any medical team is designed to help you with meeting all your needs and any tarot reader/psychic that is ethical and following guidelines will, in fact, offer you the same advice. What is important is to never, ever accept any type of medical or health related alternative therapies without the acceptance from a GP (I say this as I am aware of where I live one unethical hoax of a wiccan who gave a cancer patient a stone to put in water and drink, which is actually toxic).


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