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Vibratory Rates: Looking for Reader Input

This post was written by Carl Llewellyn Weschcke
on August 2, 2010 | Comments (11)

Note: This information was originally posted on May 25, 2010. Carl Llewellyn Weschcke has asked that it be re-posted in the hopes that we get a larger response of reader input, as he is ready to begin updating his tables with information on vibratory rates.

Our ordinary experience and our education has led us to believe that the only substance is physical, but both the ancient wisdom and modern quantum science say that everything that exists has substance. We must accept this principle and realize that even thoughts and feeling are “substantial”—consisting of substance. These are not physical substance but astral and mental substance.

When metaphysicians and psychics, and even a growing number of parapsychologists and other scientists, speak of planes or worlds—physical/etheric, astral, mental, and spiritual—they are recognizing the existence of different kinds of substance. These substances are distinguished by distinct ranges of vibration.

Everything that exists “vibrates.” Our perceptions are uniquely tuned in to specific ranges of vibration that we sense with our appropriate organs—physical as well as psychic (although these psychic organs are different in structure and nature than the physical ones). Nevertheless, some psychic perceptions combine the physical organs with one of the chakras, which we can call “psychic” or etheric organs.

“Vibration” refers to movement and “vibrations” are measured by their frequency per second. Touch, sound, odor, taste, and sight are each characterized by particular ranges of vibrations, and all phenomena perceived by these senses occur within defined ranges of vibration.

The following tables are scientific and speculative. They are also visibly incomplete and beg reader input. The intention is to add the missing informational pieces to the tables below, so that we can provide a structure for our understanding of the position of Whole Person within the Whole Universe inclusive of all that lies outside of our physical perception.

Levels of Consciousness, Soul & Spirit, and the Whole Person

The above diagram is taken from The Sword & The Serpent, by Denning & Phillips

The Evolutionary Plan of the Psyche

The above diagram was taken from The Sword & The Serpent, by Denning & Phillips

Do you have any further information on vibratory rates to add? The more information I gather, the more complete these tables will be. Any and all input is greatly appreciated.

Reader Comments

Written By Kara
on August 3rd, 2010 @ 12:44 pm

Hi, If you haven’t already, you should check out The Resonance Project and the work of Nassim Haramein (not sure on the spelling). He is doing some phenomenal work on quantum physics!

Written By Gretchen
on August 3rd, 2010 @ 1:17 pm

According to Young Living, essential oils have a high bio-electric frequency with a range from 52 – 320 MHz; 320 MHz is their measured frequency of pure Rose essential oil. With that being said I am very wary of information supplied by Young Living Reps; but i do find this statistic interesting & worth looking into Carl ….

Written By Dennis Danielson
on August 4th, 2010 @ 1:08 am

I know that on the Qabbalistic Tree of Life every sphere (Sephira) is assigned a differant musical note which is supposed to relate to the particular vibration of the sphere in question. Additionally, the God Names of the Qabbalah are believed to have specific vibratory rates which are attuned to the varioius Sephira, so by using differant Names and vibratory formulae the magician can (presumably) evoke, invoke, or even banish specific energies in order to better achieve specific goals.

This makes a lot of sense in considering that everything vibrates at a differant rate/frequency, a metaphysical truth now being supported by recent scientific discoveries. Atomic weight alone is a matter of frequency of vibratory rates. Though, while I believe our spiritual pursuits must be grounded with the aid of logic and reason, I think we should also take care not to become overly analytical or obsessed with “proving” the occult in contemporary scientific terms, IMHO.

Written By carlw
on August 4th, 2010 @ 9:49 am

Dear Dennis,

Thanks for your interest and help.

It’s not that I am trying to “prove” the information, but I am trying to make it easier to understand terminology across disciplines – in particular relating psychological terms to “Theosophical” and Qabalistic.

Accepting that all is Consciousness, and that vibratory rates mark certain distinctions, how may we place the Theosophical Astral Body in relation to the Personal Unconscious and to Nephesh. Turning the equation around, what of the Etheric, Astral, and Mental bodies are involved with the Personal Unconscious?

We loosely talk about the Subconscious Mind, Ego, Id, Collective Unconscious, Ruach, the Mind, Soul, Spirit, etc. all derived from different “disciplines” in a general “New Age” context. Doing so, do we know what we are talking about?


Written By W. McAndrews
on August 10th, 2010 @ 7:42 pm


I’ll just say that the means and measures of this realm are probably the stumbling block.

Waves tend to fluctuate, and, honestly, nothing is physical. We assume physicality as a perception, however, if we go to the “physics” of the quark, the ion, and beyond, we find that the entirety of it all is vibration and frequency, to which the lack of harmonic is the difference between the hand that hits the table, and the hand that goes through it, at least in this reality.

Realms have no real measure to them, and it is our own actions to achieve their comprehension, through varieties of knowledge, that renders their knowledge to us.

There is an old book called “Unobstructed Universe” by Stewart E. White, that explains rather well that it is by our knowledge, our ability to comprehend in language of these things, and thereby their concept(s), that we are able to comprehend, and even become, beyond this realm.

Which goes to the point of the limits of manmade measure and how these can be the stumbling blocks to achieving a working knowledge of “planes” in “substance.”

True achievement of these is in reaching that point of no thought, and then being able to reach into what is before you and either pull out what is there, or find yourself pulled in. Your focus is what aligns you to what you find or finds you then.

Maybe some need this sort of vibrational structure for their comprehension, or even for action in this relation, however, so far, this seems more a sort of academic lesson.

The realms to be understood far beyond what we know as reality, are of their own design, their own measure, their own “physics.” Conversion between them is our necessary illusion, however, these realms exist whether we do this or not.

To go there is to understand how to leave here.

Written By Manny
on June 6th, 2011 @ 6:50 pm

i will study your data, and comments further, and later add more comments for your review. i’m glad that you have found such an intelligent method to explain the unknown in a logical more scientific and mathematical way. This is the Physics of the Extra-TERRESTRIALS visiting the earth which they use as the science that powers their ships and their method of making long impossible distancesbecome shorter and doable in order for them to transit the heavens and accomplish the marvels of co-creating our worlds. This is also the science of Time Travel and reusable cosmic energy, used in their ships propulsion plants. regards, starbasefive Manny

Written By Manny
on June 6th, 2011 @ 7:24 pm

Carl you may google these books they are only available that way becauae they are very old over 100 years, The Harmonics of Evolution, by Florence Huntley (RA) The Great Psychologucal Crime, and The Great Work these are 3 books by the The Modern Masters of The Law, and were at one time published by The Indo-American Book Company of Chicago, you may be lucky to find them in an Antique Book Dealer, but one of those 3 books contains a Chart! Unfortuinately I have the books in fact I have 14 books from this Old Publisher but they are in Storage in Florida and i’m not able send the chart, but if you google it it is one of these 3 I believe in The Great Work! regards, starbasefive, MANNY

Written By Cultura
on August 17th, 2011 @ 11:19 am

1. I’m Italian I’ll try my best with my “pizza/maccheroni” English.
2. I’m a radiologist technologist, I feel ok with physics but I’m a beginner occultist, still working on mr. Kraig’s Modern Magick so my contribute will be more “scientific” than “artistic”.
3. I’ll use some formula for its meaning not for calculus. So don’t worry.

As you know ancient priests/spiritualists/etc. used to vibrate words in their prayers/rituals/etc. because they thought they could influence their environment that way. Even today priests speak… like a priest, you can hear some reverb in their words, a little echo.

Everybody knows that an opera singer can break your crystal glasses without touching them, just singing.

So speaking in a particular way (i.e.:singing for the opera singer) interacts with objects BUT not always, just when you speak specifically for (or I should say “to”) that specific object.

So we have 2 actors, objects and voice.

1. Let’s define objects as stuff we can touch = they have a mass and having a mass means you can put them in a scale and measuring their weight; Another objects property is that you can throw them at your “favorite” politician and he’ll wake up, suddenly. In other words the “poor” man will get a lump on his head because the object you throw at him can interact with himself. Why? The man is a object, he has mass. This a golden physics rule:

only objects that own the same property can interact by themselves.

a) Interact= one object can modify the other by every meaning, i.e.: moving it, deforming it, etc.
b) In the case above the property is “having mass”, another example is “having electric charge” so electric objects can interact with other electric objects and so on.

The pizza I’m eating while writing (100% Sicilian pizza with Sicilian tomato and prosciutto, you’re jealous, I know) has a mass and (surprise) I also have a mass. How we (me and the pizza) are interacting?

I’m not just moving it inside my body (like putting something in a box, both are and remain separate), I’m making this pizza part of my body and this process gives me ENERGY. What is it?

Energy is like money. You need to spend energy for everything, moving, thinking, etc., it’s the fuel that permits your body runs.

So people eats objects for extracting energy, so objects —> mass —> energy. In fact Einstein’s famous formula says:

E = m*c^2, where E = energy, m = mass. We can ignore c^2 (it’s just a constant), so…

E = m. Energy IS mass. Mass is energy.

Note: you can’t eat rocks and extracting energy not because rocks have any but because human body hasn’t the “facilities” for doing that.

2. And the voice? Well voice hasn’t mass. I assure you I have thrown every word at my local government but nobody got a lump.

That doesn’t mean words are “weak”, in fact the Divinity made the universe just speaking!

Even the singer can interact with objects via speaking, so, guess what, voice hasn’t mass but has ENERGY. If you remember physics golden rule, objects with a common property CAN interact.

CAN. Not will. So only sometimes we’ll cry on our broken crystal glass. When?

a) Not when the singer is telling us about his holidays…
b) …but when he’s going to perform Pagliacci.

What’s the difference? He’s speaking in both cases, so voice is produced and voices is energy.

It’s true but you have to produce a particular energy to interact with a particular object.

As the OP wrote “Substances are distinguished by distinct ranges of vibration.”

Now energy isn’t an object property because everything that exist has (or better is) energy but only energies vibrating at the same FREQUENCY can interact.

Frequency is just the physics term for “vibrating”, it measures how many times something “vibrate” in 1 second.

So we can say that only objects with the same frequency (= that vibrating the same number of times in 1 second) can interact.

As Mr. Kreig’s says, you have to vibrate words during the ritual and you have to try different “vibrations”(higher voice tone, slower speaking, etc.). You’ll know when it is right as something in the air will change.

A brief summary.


If you can produce that frequency, you can interact with the entity, or, if you prefer, you can exchange energy with it.

So we need to know objects (and everything else we like to interact) frequencies. Luckily Louis De Broglie found the the formula for calculating objects’ frequency. I’ll not write the formula (even if it’s easy), instead I write:

f —> E/(m*v), so f = frequency, E = energy, m = mass and v = velocity.

So the frequency of an object depends by his Energy, mass and velocity. F gets higher when E increase but lower when m and/or v increase.

Let’s say you are pressing the ESCape key on your keyboard like an obsess before what you ordered for a mistake will charge your credit card.

If you had a good meal you can press it very quickly and for many times/second. What about if your hands is chained to a 5lb weight? And if you have to move your arm continuously because it’s summer and if you stop mosquitoes will bite you?

So if the object is still (not moving) f = 0 (zero)? Yeah! But nothing is still, in fact at sub-atomic level, electron, proton and neutron are moving.

As my profession goes, NMRI (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging), Magnetic Resonance for friends, interacts with nuclear protons for making internal images of your body.

Nuclear = it’s about making your proton vibrates, not the patient as whole. The patient lays down, often will sleep as the examination could take up to 1 hour.
Magnetic = only objects with some property can interact, remember?. Magnetism is the common property between your body protons and the NMR machine that is a very big magnet.
Resonance = read, we’ll make our magnet and your body protons VIBRATING AT THE SAME FREQUENCY. Only this way they can interact.

In conclusion, with De Broglie’s formula and the already well know wave/radiation physics we can solve vibration rates for physical (solid, gaseous and liquid) objects as whole (while moving), included atomic/subatomic level.

This post is very long, I’m sorry and maybe doesn’t add a lot to Mr. Weschcke request so I’m sorry again… maybe it’s fair for an introduction for the matter.

Written By Manny
on March 28th, 2012 @ 9:46 pm

Carl, I think you may find Dr Scheldrake quite interesting with his Science of “MORPHIC RESONANCE” He has some very interesting Lectures and Telepathy Animal Experiments on his Youtube Channel. Kind regards, Manny ps; I just lost my Standard Poodle of 16 years and it’s quite devastating to have to bury one’s own Companion Pet of manny years! So i was interested in her returning back to me and bumped into Dr Scheldrake!

Written By Joseph Raael
on November 21st, 2012 @ 11:08 pm

Hi Carl ~ for the individual/and the clients I work with, to understand this ‘vibratory’ language I walk them through where Uranus is placed in their Birth Charts/ in addition to where the sign Aquarius is placed. Some of us have this planetary energy strong, so flash like insight into energy frequencies is possible, while others do not. This subject matter is not the realm of all peoples energy this lifetime. We truly are unique on a compositional level. Our Aura/Soul, and it’s spirit, then colours the Birth Chart that we embody this lifetime.

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