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Ritual for America—Ritual for Yourself

This post was written by Donald Michael Kraig
on March 17, 2011 | Comments (2)

Throughout the existence of this blog I have avoided taking political sides other than to say that politics is important enough that you should educate yourself on issues and vote. When you feel an issue is important I believe you should contact your politicians and let them know. If need be, you should demonstrate in support of your positions.

When I was going to UCLA it seemed like every vote in Congress, every action of the President, would change the world. And yet, we’ve survived. In every election since, the political pundits have declared that “this is the most important election in our history.” And yet, in spite of who got elected, we’ve survived. Right now, there are political moves to change how workers and employers can negotiate. In one situation laws seem to give a politician the right to fire elected officials and put in his or her own people to run cities with no checks or balances. Is this an accurate assessment? I would suggest you consider investigating for yourself and informing your politicians where you stand on this. Democracy is participatory politics.

Just as ballots can change the direction of a democracy, magick can also have an important impact. Rather than doing a ritual just for a particular political viewpoint, I propose doing one for the benefit and well-being of our country.

The Focus of this Magick

For this ritual the focus of this magick should be on the “heart” of the country, a small area called Washington, D.C. This district is an amazing place, originally designed by Freemasons. A good point to begin might be the little-known Jefferson Pier Stone.

The Jefferson Pier Stone

Located on the National Mall, the Pier Stone is due south of the center of the White House, due west of the center of the Capitol building, and due north of the center of the Jefferson Memorial. It is less than four hundred feet west-north-west of the center of the Washington Monument. On top of it are lines marking north/south and east/west. The top itself is a “truncated pyramid,” a pyramid with the top removed. Such pyramids are an important aspect of Enochian magick.

Visualize yourself at this point, the metaphorical heart of the country. Call on the wisdom of Jefferson (from the Jefferson Memorial) and Washington (from the Washington Monument) and direct that energy to both the White House (home of the President) and the Capitol (meeting place of Congress).

In this ritual you will circumambulate [make a complete circle around] the Pier Stone eight times. Stop at each of the cardinal directions (east, south, north, and west) on your first circle and call upon the energies of each quarter to empower your ritual. If you are unfamiliar with this, call on the Archangels of the quarters as described in the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (see my Modern Magick for details). With the remaining three rotations of the first half of the ritual, feel your energy increasing with each breath and motion. Allow the energy to fill you and visualize yourself moving up to a higher, more spiritual level with each circle. And the end of the fourth circumambulation, pull all of that energy, wisdom, and spirituality within.

Now make four more circulations, pulling in even more power and wisdom. At the end of the second set of four circulations, direct the energy and wisdom toward the White House and Capitol. Finally, thank the quarters or archangels and dismiss them.

While doing this on the actual site would be fantastic, unless you live near the District of Columbia or are visiting there, you’ll need to do this through visualization alone. Don’t think that makes this ritual less powerful. Again, see my Modern Magick for a discussion and instructions on performing the Astral Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram where the entire ritual is visualized.

A More Elaborate Ritual:
—An Initiatic Journey at the Washington D.C. Mall—

If you’re unfamiliar with the edifices described above, or if you’re looking for a more elaborate ritual—one that combines this sort of visualization work with the source of the design of the District of Columbia, the wisdom of the Freemasons—I would call to your attention a book by Jean-Louis de Biasi. A 32nd degree Mason and a member of the Freemasons for over two decades, he has written the remarkable and revealing Secrets and Practices of the Freemasons that exposes both the beliefs and techniques of that “secret” order.

He has also made three brief videos that vividly show how to do a more embellished ritual both for the country and for ourselves, a ritual that forms a powerful initiatic journey. Filled with visuals of the D.C. area, in the first part you learn the basics of the journey and begin by moving through the White House and Jefferson Memorial. In the second part the journey continues through the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, and finally the Capitol building. It includes a type of Solar Ritual. Finally, in the third section, you end up at the Jefferson Building, the oldest of the three buildings that make up the Library of Congress. You may be amazed, as I was (I’ve never been there), to discover there is a large zodiac on the floor of the building!

More than just a rituals of spiritual evolution, more than a spiritual pilgrimage, these videos will bring you a surprising introduction to the fact that our country has an occult background and, I believe, a spiritual future. But this future won’t happen on it’s own—we each have to work to manifest it on this plane.

Reader Comments

Written By Laurie Larson
on March 21st, 2011 @ 3:59 pm

I work in DC and live in Arlington, VA–directly across the river and I’m going to do this ritual in person – thanks!

Written By marti j
on March 22nd, 2011 @ 7:59 am

I never knew this stone existed. How very interesting. Also, I wholeheartedly support your view on politics. We need to be concerned about what’s best for the country rather than blindly following a particular party “just because”… Thank you again for a refreshing opinion in this world of polarized viewpoints. BB

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