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Magick 101 # 8.1: Powers of the Sphinx #1

This post was written by Donald Michael Kraig
on December 16, 2011 | Comments (4)

Today I received an email from a musician. He explained,

I need to get jobs in music etc: getting to Music Festivals playing at Church`s and playing at other venues people are not calling me to play at these events, I am sending out emails and letters and calling and still no work…Could you tell me what kind of ritual to do so I can get work in music ?

As I explained in a previous post, my goal is to help people become empowered. Since merely waving wands or mumbling words isn’t going to accomplish anything, I suggested that he begin practicing the techniques in Modern Magick (he wrote that he had a copy) and by the time he finished he would have enough knowledge to design and perform a successful ritual for this purpose.
This, however, brings up another point on the basis of magick. According to author Michael Snuffin in this post, the concept of the powers of the Sphinx is centered on the writings of Eliphas Levi and Aleister Crowley. These powers are:
• To Know
• To Will
• To Dare
• To Keep Silent
For Pagans reading this, those powers are often called The Witches Pyramid, sometimes adding a fifth quality, to go.
In this, and my next three posts I’ll be discussing these four powers and how they’re associated with magick.

To Know

One of the things I like to stress is that magick isn’t something you do, magick is something you are. What you know is also a major component of what you are. The more you know about magick—and subjects associated with magick—the better a magician you become. Many magicians I know have huge libraries. When he died, Dr. John Dee—co-discoverer of the Enochian Magick system—had the largest library in all of Europe. Today, many of the magicians I know have libraries that make Dee’s look tiny.

But owning a thousand books or more is of no magickal value when compared to studying and using even just one book. That’s why some of those modern magicians spend untold hours studying their books and practicing techniques from them. If you are looking for some new books to read and study, I suggest a few from Steven Skinner’s Golden Hoard Press:

Geomancy in Theory & Practice is simply the most comprehensive look at the history and practice of this divination system ever published. It’s surprisingly easy to do and was practiced by members of the Golden Dawn (basic instructions can be found in Regardie’s The Golden Dawn) and by Aleister Crowley (who wrote a brief booklet on the subject).

Dr. John Dee’s Spiritual Diaries is the first fully readable edition of Dee’s True & Faithful Relation. These are Dee’s diaries as you’ve never seen them: completely revamped, reorganized, corrected, and reader-friendly. It covers Dee’s invocation of the angels and the reception of their Enochian system of magick, his experiments in alchemy, and experiences in the courts of the crowned heads of Europe.

These two books can keep you busy gaining new knowledge and techniques for months or longer.

Know Thyself

But there is more to knowledge than just reading old books and practicing magickal techniques. It’s also about knowing yourself, who you are, your strengths and challenges. Israel Regardie has written that people studying magick should also go to a psychologist in order to learn what their motivations and desires are. Crowley wrote about challenging yourself to see how long you could go without food or sleep. The more you know about yourself, the better you can determine what types of magick to do and why a certain rite did or didn’t work. The more you know of yourself, of magick, and of the physical and non-physical worlds, the better a magician you’ll be.

Now, I want to share another secret of magick with you:

Knowledge, in and of itself, is a form of magick.

Let me explain what I mean. Traditionally, one of the most desired forms of magick is that for improving wealth. If you go to Las Vegas, you’ll find an enormous number of people with lucky charms and personal rituals trying to make a “big score.” Most of them never make it.

But let me share an example with you.

A few months ago a friend asked for a ritual to win on the slot machines in Las Vegas. Since she already knew my position on self-empowerment, I instead gave her some information: The machines can be set by the casinos to pay off at different rates. The ones that pay off most often (but with smaller amounts) are on the main aisles near locations where people congregate, such as near doors to restaurants.

When she and her husband returned from their trip to Las Vegas she told me that they only gambled for a short time, but they both took my advice and played machines on aisles near doors to restaurants. He played for ten minutes and made $20. She played for fifteen minutes and won $70.

Last weekend her husband returned to Las Vegas, and in his spare time he tried testing the knowledge I had given them. He told me that he tried one machine and quickly lost $20. He move to another one and lost $10. Then he went to a third and lost another $20. Finally, he went to a machine on the aisle next to a restaurant door. In five minutes he won $150.

Knowledge, in and of itself, is a form of magick. With the knowledge I shared, they were able to do as much as if they had spent hours learning and practicing rituals and then had performed a ritual for gambling success.

Knowledge, in and of itself, is worthwhile. You can get it from books, school, training, self-talk and experience.

Reader Comments

Written By Fr. Veritas et Fortitudo
on December 30th, 2011 @ 8:45 pm

Word of the Master – Winter Solstice MMIX

“We stand among the children of God, as we have done since the Dark Times, acting as seekers, builders, and agents of change in a world that has lost Something Precious.

We stand as Seekers – Our efforts to find that which was lost will never cease. We are all called to a higher purpose – a Journey to find the Light of the Lost Word.

We stand as Builders – The children of God will always need shelter to protect them from the wicked – we are the Builders of Sanctuary. Men and Women separated by the rivers of Ignorance, Hatred, and Fear can never be whole – we are Builders of Bridges.

We stand as the Agents of Change – The children of God must want and seek change if we are ever to find that which was lost. Change is an alchemical process that begins within each and everyone of us. As we transmute ourselves we share our Light with the world and that Light begets more change amongst the children of God.

My question to you, here with me tonight, is: Are you willing to continue to stand as Knights of the Lost Word? Are you willing to seek out our Brothers and Sisters, lost among the children of God, who have forgotten their purpose? Are you willing to fight, and give and love and let your light shine before the children of God so that they might See and rejoice?

I know it is all too easy to allow the insidious afflictions of apathy and cynicism to take hold of your spirit but we must not let our guards down. The winds of change are blowing. While war in the middle lands still wage I sense a change coming. The true People of the Prophet grow weary of war and hatred. They want freedom and love. The United People are growing weary of greed and war as well and what they want more than anything is True Freedom and Love.

Are you willing to stand and protect True Freedom while at the same time offer the Hand of Brotherly Love? I thank those, from the bottom of my heart, who are.”


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