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The I.O.B. Ritual

This post was written by Donald Michael Kraig
on March 19, 2012 | Comments (0)

Judging from the mail I have received, one of the most popular parts of Modern Magick is the I.O.B. ritual. The I.O.B. isn’t “new,” in that it’s based on solid tradition, only the description and format is new.

Although the original purpose of this ritual is to deal with psychological blocks, it can be used to eliminate many different problems in your life. This can range from depression to being psychically attacked, from “bad luck” to getting over a person after a relationship ends. Just about any issue or problem can be resolved with this technique and ritual. I used and taught it years before I began studying Neuro-Linguistic Programming, but it has aspects that are similar to ones found within that system, too. Here is what you do:

The “I” in I.O.B. Stands for Identify

This is probably the most challenging part of this technique. You have to identify exactly what it is you want to eliminate or reduce in your life. That sounds easy, but it’s not always the case. For example, if you feel you’re under psychic attack, who is doing it? Are you sure? You may feel that it’s John who’s doing it but maybe you’re creating it yourself by focusing on John. If you want to get rid of depression, and you don’t eliminate the cause of that depression, the problem may pop up in a new, perhaps more serious way. Spend some time really considering what is the actual root cause of the issue. Once you’re positive, move on to the next part of this technique.

The “O” in I.O.B. Stands for Objectify

This is probably the most fun part of this technique. The mind works better with images than with non-tangible concepts. That’s why it’s easier to communicate the idea of an apple or a tree than it is to communicate the idea of freedom or patriotism. So in this step of the technique you will create an image of what you want to eliminate. If you believe you get angry too easily and want to stop that, or if you feel you are too grouchy, you would make images of anger or grouchiness. These could be simply in your mind or you could make actual drawings, collages, or even statues of the image. In the situation of a psychic attack, there’s no reason to earn the karma of consciously attacking another person, so focus on a representation of the attack, not the person. Similarly, if you want to get over a person you care about, don’t make a type of doll or image of the person. Instead, make an image of the feelings you no longer want to have for that person. You might want to name your image, but don’t give it the name of a person you know.

The Objectification Controlled by the Magician
From the Out-Of-Print Second Edition of Modern Magick

The “B” in the I.O.B. Stands for Banish

This is probably the most magickal part of this technique. It is the magickal equivalent of exorcism. Here is the technique. You may use it as you wish.

STEP ONE. Purify the outside of yourself with a ritual bath. Perform a banishing ritual, such as the “Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram” (LBRP), for the area where you are going to be working this rite.

STEP TWO. Do some form of relaxation such as “The Relaxation Ritual” or “Instant Relaxation Ritual” from Modern Magick. The purpose to to relax your body and mind, separating it from your daily cares so you can focus on this ritual.

STEP THREE. In your mind, determine which direction you think your objectification should be. Face that direction. If you have a picture or sculpture of your objectification, look at it for a few minutes. Then put the physical image away and work it up in your imagination. If you have no physical image, simply mock it up in your imagination. Make it as real as you possibly can. You can literally breathe life into it.

STEP FOUR. As part of your visualization you should see a wispy cord or rope-like construction connecting you and the figure. It should be connected to both your body and the body of your objectification at the solar plexus. If it does not have a solar plexus, then it should be attached to its heart area or head.

[Remember your visualization needs to be only as good as you can make it. It does not have to be perfect. In fact, if you are not good at visualizing things, simply know (not think or believe, but know) that it is there and that if your psychic vision were better you would be able to see it.]

STEP FIVE. Now, take your ritual dagger and make a physical motion that cuts the connecting cord close to your body. If you do not have a dagger, use two fingers of your right hand as if they were a pair of scissors. The important thing to remember about this step is that it should be both physical (you should do an action) and mental (you should visualize the cutting of the cord). Physical action reinforces the visualization.

STEP SIX. Immediately, and without so much as a nanosecond’s pause after Step Five, make the Sign of the Enterer (take a step forward with your left foot forward as you thrust your arms forward, dagger or right forefinger along with the left forefinger pointing straight ahead) directly at the newly separated figure. At the same time, project a bright blue pentagram at the figure from your fingers and shout, “(Name of the Object) be gone!” This should cause the visualization to move a short distance away and stay there long enough for you to…

STEP SEVEN. Perform the most powerful banishing ritual you know. The LBRP works very well for this. When this is completed, make sure the figure you created is outside of your protective circle. Make sure that there is no trace of the severed cord which existed between you and the figure. If a small, vestigial piece of it remains, that’s okay, but anything attached to you should be completely within your circle, while anything attached to the figure outside of your circle must not enter the circle at all.

STEP EIGHT. The traditional tools of the magician each represent and work with one of the magickal elements. For example, the Cup or Chalice is related to elemental Water, representative of changing emotions. The Pentacle is representative of elemental Earth, and would represent anything that needs solidity. Determine which magickal tool would be the appropriate weapon to destroy the figure. Here are some possible examples:

For hardheadedness (unwillingness to change): The Chalice.
For fickleness: The Pentacle.
For sloth: The Wand.
For lack of clear thinking: The Dagger.
For psychic attack: The Pentacle.
For getting over a relationship: The Chalice.
For depression: The dagger.

As you can see, the appropriate tool represents the opposite qualities of what you wish to rid yourself. Water is always changing, so the chalice is a good weapon against unwillingness to change. The solidity of Earth, as represented by the Pentacle, is a good weapon against constantly changing the mind. The energy represented by the Fire Wand is a good weapon against laziness, and since Air represents our higher faculties, Air’s tool, the Dagger, is a good weapon against lack of clear thinking. If you do not agree with these associations or use other tools, make adjustments that use whatever tools you have that represents the appropriate Element. Some people, for example, reverse the elemental correspondences between the Dagger and Wand.

STEP NINE. Point the appropriate magickal weapon at the figure (be sure to drink the contents of the Chalice if it is filled before doing this!). If you’re using a traditional Pentacle (which is painted with quadrants of different colors, simply hold it by the black sections and face it in the direction you wish to point. Pointing the Wand and Dagger are obvious. Hold the Chalice by its stem or base with the section for holding fluid facing out, away from you. If you do not have the tools as yet, just use the outward facing palms of your hands. Say:

By the power and in the name of Sha-dai El Chai [vibrate the God name] I command you, ______________ (name of your created image), to dissolve, vanish, depart, disappear. You are banished forever and may not return. So mote it be!

This must be said with authority as if you were a mighty king or queen talking to your lowliest subject. Remember, though, that it is not you who will destroy what you don’t want, but the power of the Divine going through you. (Mote is an Old English word meaning “must.”) If you’re unfamiliar with vibrating a word, put all of your energy into it so that the universe shakes with your voice. For more details, see Modern Magick.

STEP TEN. Raise as much energy as possible. You can do this with techniques such as the “Middle Pillar Ritual,” described in many places including my book. Then direct the energy down your arms and out your hands, through the appropriate magickal tool (if you have it), through the center of the pentagram in front of you (from Step Six), and into your creation. Visualize the energy getting stronger and the figure getting weaker and increasingly transparent. With each exhalation, the energy leaving you should be stronger and stronger until the created figure is totally overpowered and vanishes into nothingness. Continue this sending of energy, in the name of Divinity, for at least a minute after the figure is totally destroyed.

STEP ELEVEN. Now hold your arms up in the air at about a 60° angle so they form a large letter “V” above your head. If you used a magickal tool it should be in the right hand pointing up. Look upward and say:

Hail unto Thee, Lord of the Universe. Hail unto Thee, whom nature hath not formed. Not unto me, but unto Thee be the power and the glory for ever and ever, AMEN.

STEP TWELVE. Once again, do a banishing such as the LBRP. Then, visualize your magickal circle fading from your attention, but know that it is still there. Write down the results in your diary.

The I.O.B. ritual can help you resolve many issues. But remember, the first time you try this may not result in as much success as you desire. A chef learning to cook does not always have his or her food come out perfectly, and your I.O.B. technique may not be perfect at first, either. You may need to repeat this technique several times in order to achieve success. If you have created (or purchased) an artistic version of your visualization, it should be totally destroyed after doing the I.O.B.

[A Note on Step Eleven: Some people object to the language of this step as they see it as male. As a result, they may change “Lord” to “Lord and Lady” or “Ruler.” If that works for you, fine. By all means use it. I want to share, however, why I am not in favor of it.

A French philosopher named Jacques Derrida introduced the term deconstruction in his 1967 book, Of Grammatology. The basic idea of deconstruction is that since all past references to a concept appear as texts themselves, there is an infinite regression to meaninglessness. Therefore, the only meaning of a term is what it means to you today.

I have to reject this notion as an abandonment of history, civilization, and magickal theory. If I were looking at just the words without understanding their meaning and history, I would be the first to encourage changing them. However, I do understand their meaning. I do understand their history. In this case, the term “Lord” is a direct translation of a Hebrew word and it has a specific meaning on the Kabalistic Tree of Life, linking it with numerous correspondences and ideas. Changing “Lord” to something else doesn’t simply eliminate gender issues, it destroys entire concepts of this ritual.

I am in favor of making changes to rituals once you fully understand the meaning of every aspect of the ritual and if there is a good reason to make the change. However, I contend that changing “Lord” in this ritual without understanding that it is a location and title for energies on the Tree of Life and doing so simply because you erroneously believe it would create an imagined gender balance is neither effective nor appropriate.]

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