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3 Categories of Hauntings

This post was written by Anna
on February 19, 2013 | Comments (2)

Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Richard Southall, author of Haunted Route 66.

I was impressed with the recent blog about the different types of paranormal investigators. I feel that it is important to determine why a person would enter this field. That being said, it’s also important to differentiate between the different types of hauntings that can be encountered. Over the years, I’ve discovered that most hauntings can really be divided into three categories—ghosts, spirits, and entities.

  1. GhostsGhost hauntings are actually “recordings” or “impressions” of an event that has taken place in the past. Unlike spirits, there is no sentience or intelligence behind a ghostly haunting, impression, or recording.

    There are two main reasons for a haunting by a ghost. First, if a person did a repetitious activity over a long period of time, they can leave an impression. This is why some apparitions are of people who are doing mundane activities, such as a soldier seen walking in the same area time and again.

    Second, there could have been a sudden traumatic event that took place that involved a fatality, such as a murder or a fatal accident. Think of Gettysburg, where the sound of gunfire and screams can sometime be heard. Often, these sounds can lead to some interesting EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomenon), but there is no actual communication taking place.


  3. SpiritsUnlike a ghost recording that has no sentience associated with it, the spirit has some presence of an individual that has remained after he or she has died. Whereas a ghost cannot be interacted with, in some cases there can be some form of communication between a spirit and a living individual.

    There are really a few reasons why a spirit may be haunting a place. The first reason is that the person may not realize that he or she is dead; usually, this takes place when a death is sudden or unexpected (the movies The Sixth Sense and The Others are good illustrations of this). Sometimes, there is an attempt for the spirit to communicate with a person investigating a haunting.

    A place can also be haunted by a spirit because there very strong emotional connection between an individual and a particular location. When a person dies, they do not move on because they are so dedicated to a place they loved&3151;think of settlers, or soldiers who have in many cases dedicated their entire life protecting a location.

    The third type of spirit hauntings involves an individual who had unfinished business or an unfulfilled promise when he or she died. If a person died before he or she accomplished something they considered important, this can lead to the spirit to become “stuck” until that promise or unfinished business is fulfilled.


  5. EntitiesA third type of haunting that can sometimes be encountered during an investigation is what I would refer to as entities. Unlike ghosts and spirits, which were human at one point, entities are paranormal in nature and have never been alive in the sense that we know; they are what we would refer to as angels or demons. This is perhaps the rarest kind of haunting, but they have been known to exist.

Our thanks to Richard for his guest post! For more from Richard Southall, read his article “5 Reasons Route 66 Is Haunted.”

Reader Comments

Written By samantha
on March 16th, 2013 @ 6:20 pm

your absolutly bang on there 😀 entities are really rare, have only come across two. one at the ancient ram inn, and one at woodchester mansion, both i gloucestershire.

although, angels and demons come under entities, ive come across a couple of shapeshifters as well. I would probably class them as entities umbrella, but would maybe have energies as one, since the both types ive discovered was created by energy shifts when land mass has been moed or removed. 😀

Written By Lani
on June 5th, 2013 @ 2:33 am

I’m dealing with a paranormal infestation that I don’t know how to classify them as. These are entities that show up on digital photos, they are extremely active & I would like to get rid of them if possible since one of them hurt my dog when she heard them moving something next to my bed- she recoiled with a yelp! I’m not sure if they’re Djinn, aliens or demons. Some look just like typical greys. one looks reptilian, One is insectoid like and yet another looks like a female human-cat hybrid. I’m totally serious. I wish, oh how I wish I was joking. I do not like that they are sneaking around and I do not know their purpose.I know you brave souls would probably love to have these as house guests, but I do not. I have tried protection crystals to get rid of them to no avail. I think it’s important to add that I might have inadvertently invited them here. We had just watched Paul and I jokingly said that would be so cool to interact with real aliens and I stupidly made a wish on my birthday for aliens to visit. It was later that night they appeared :/ Now I don’t know what to do. They drain my phone’s energy. I have interactive wallpaper on it and I could even see invisible fingers playing w the screen (the wallpaper makes ripples when touched and the ripples were in the shape just like fingertips) The insectoid is the only one I can hear- he is quite loud, it’s an electrical, robotic raspy bug like voice- I’m so glad I don’t understand the language. There are 3 beeps then his voice.- He shuts off my TV. He also turns it on as soon as I sit in my chair. One of them has been imploding plastic water bottles, it looks like they have been squeezed by giant ape size hands. It’s like having a bunch of toddlers running amuck. Any of you ever dealt with these b4 or have any suggestions? By the way, I’m not the only one who has experienced them- that’s how I know I’m not crazy or imagining it-

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