The Evolving Soul and Your Life Purpose: Connecting the Dots of Past Lives


The title of the first chapter of my new book, The Evolving Soul, is "Tripping Over Your Soul Self," which provides a clear description of the over-riding purpose of the book. Each and every one of us chooses to incarnate with intended "Soul-Sole" commitment—that is to continue and, perhaps speed-up, your evolution as a soul. You are, no more and no less, a soul living another life aiming to grow and expand.

You might consider this explanation too simple. The truth is that soul evolution in each life is often painstaking and complex.

In order to progress as a soul, it is essential that you "trip over" who you are at the core. My new book, The Evolving Soul: Spiritual Healing Through Past Life Exploration, provides explanation and guidance about how you can discover why you agreed to incarnate today in order to climb your "soul ladder" with meaning.

I am a psychologist and regression therapist, and as such I've filled The Evolving Soul with client regression accounts. Each client example provides food for thought surrounding your raison d’etre in life today.

There is a rationale and deliberate order in our universe. By this, I mean that there is a just structure and coordination. The Evolving Soul will expand your understanding of the configuration of moving from one lifetime to the next. To skim the surface of the organization of our soul world, here are some key elements:

  • Advanced souls, called Master Guides, manage and coordinate all souls.
  • Each soul has a team of guides and teachers who support them
  • As a soul we have a specific, eternal archetype that informs each of our lives.
  • We create a pre-birth blueprint with our guides before incarnation.
  • We incarnate repetitively within a small, as well as a larger, conglomerate soul group.
  • In life we always have free will.
  • We are required to incarnate in order to evolve.
  • Each lifetime is linked to the next for advancement.

I would suppose your next question is, "How can I learn more about my past lives, my past life relationships, and my plan for this life?"

You might also ask, "How can I communicate with my guides to receive direction and to know that I am actually following my intentions for my life today?"

The answer to all of these questions is basic. You must learn to use your intuition, as well as trust that you can easily "trip over" the answers in your everyday life.

Let's begin with INTUITION—capitalized because it is a skill within each of us that we can learn to enhance.

Tips to Enhance Your Intuitive Senses
Your intuitive abilities come in six modes. Though all of us have these intuitive skills, we're stronger in some than in others:

  1. Clair-voyance: Vision as if your mind were a movie screen
  2. Clair-audience: Hearing as if you're being spoken to
  3. Clair-cognition: Thoughts that just occur to you
  4. Clair-sentience: Emotions that arise for no apparent reason
  5. Clair-kinesthesia: Sensing a physical symptom
  6. Clair-alience: Smelling something that is not present

Practice and trust are the essential element to using intuition. Experiment with a friend. Tune intuitively to how your best friend's day is going, then call them to determine if you are correct. Don't forget to rely on your thoughts that you may think arise from your own "mind creation," but are actually intuitive in nature. Always remember that no one's intuition is accurate one hundred percent of the time.

Soul Regression
In my regression therapy practice, I guide clients via hypnosis. Through the use of an altered state of consciousness, clients utilize their intuition to discover significant past lives, guides, and their soul (or higher self) awareness of life purpose. In addition, during soul regression, your spiritual guides and teachers will shed light on your current state of soul progress.

I invite you to experience Kenneth's regression details. Take time now to read and feel your way through Kenneth's soul regression. Notice that this client is handed many details about how his past life is tied to life today. Plus, Kenneth's guide is quite forthcoming with specifics about his pre-birth blueprint.

This soul regression account begins just after Kenneth has died in his past life as a Native American chief named "Blackhawk."

"This is a very emotional reunion. I am in the center of a circle with my guides and soul family all around me. In the circle I am Blackhawk. I wear a breastplate that has a stone on the back. The stone is touching my skin. This stone is a reminder to me to bring the principles and rationale for Blackhawk's life into my life and my goals today.

[Kenneth's primary Guide speaks.] Blackhawk and you are to support and guide others to be clear in their own life path. You are fully one at this time with Blackhawk; you are he, and he is you. When you hesitate with your life purpose you are to come to me, your primary Guide, to be invigorated. Be sure to speak fully and clearly. Do not be afraid. Also, do not forget to laugh. This is highly important to keep you moving forward, but remembering to be "light" at times.

Each soul extends far beyond human comprehension. You are always more than you think you are. The part of your soul that inhabits your body is complete and full. Yet, this part is only a drop of all that you are.

Your heart will allow you to enter your greater consciousness. Do not forget about your heart. You cannot fulfill your soul agreement without your heart."

Kenneth, using his intuitive capability, had discovered his life as Blackhawk prior to his soul regression. The "spotlight" provided by his guide and the essential merger of Blackhawk's and Kenneth's life purpose were new and stark for Kenneth. Following this session Kenneth had his "marching orders," and was eager to move forward.

Deepening Your Soul Awareness
Let's talk about how you can use intuition or soul regression (or combine both) to reveal your significant past lives, connecting the dots of your soul journey. It is crucial that you pay close attention, at all times, to your thoughts, feelings, and life circumstances, because you'll be able to "trip over" and figure out your life purpose.

Please take your time as you move through each of the following suggestions to unearth your lives, soul relationships, and why you are embodied today:

    • Think about the people who are, or have been, part of your life. Be sure to not only consider those people with whom you've had a great relationship. Always consider those "prickly" relationships that you wished would end. At the soul level we make agreements to have a particular type of relationship, even if uncomfortable, in order to release karma and clean up past life issues.

      When my first child was born the doctor said, "You have a healthy boy." Then I said, "My Dad will be so happy;" I had no idea why I made this statement. Many years, later I discovered that the soul of my Dad was my mother in a life during World War II. In the past life I was the older sister and had a very young brother (the soul of my current life, first child), and my brother was taken away.


    • Your past lives are revealed in your present life through desires, fears, compulsions, and physical symptoms:
      • What period of history fascinates you?
      • What area of the world would you like to visit?
      • What type of work interests you, even if you're not trained or you think the pay would be insufficient?
      • Do you have a long-standing pain in a part of your body that is unexplained?
      • Are you afraid to have a child but don't know why?


    • Examine the key events in your life to discover who you are as a soul:
      • Did you have a serious illness before age 10? Could this be a means to heal how you died in past life? Could this be learning for your parents to deepen their commitment to parenting?
      • As a child did you dislike going to church every week? Could this be related to a past life where you were harmed for your beliefs?
      • Did you grow up being fascinated by studying military history? Could this indicate that your soul archetype is about strategy and implementing a plan as a type of warrior?
      • Do you have an innate skill as a musician, artist, or negotiator? Did you carry over these skills from one or more past lives?
      • Did a teacher in high school or college suggest that you study medicine, engineering, or Asian Studies? Are you being guided to follow experiences and knowledge in past lives?


  • Your passions disclose your life purpose or the intentions you set in motion in your pre-birth agreement:
    • Do you love to understand particular subjects deeply, never being tired of learning even more?
    • Is caring for animals your deepest urge?
    • Is caring for children, your own or those of others, what you love the most?
    • Is resolving conflict in your family, your personal life, or where you work, what causes your greatest satisfaction?
    • Is simply being a committed friend to others the highlight of your day?

Many of my clients think their life purpose has to be a magnanimous and highly obvious activity or job, such as writing books, being a university professor, heading a company, or something similar. Nothing could be farther from the truth. What is most meaningful for you in life IS tied to your life intentions. For some of us, our work is our passion. For others of us our work is the way we pay our bills, and our soul desires fulfill us without serving as employment.

Particular agreements contained within your pre-birth blueprint may be primarily for your soul evolution, or primarily for the evolution of others, or could be balanced for all parties. For instance, if you wonder why you were born into a family where abuse happened, you may have agreed to be the victim of abuse with the intent for your parent/s to advance in learning how not to be.

Remember there is only one reason you are incarnate today, and that is to evolve as a soul. As you evolve, you affect the greater and needed evolution of Humanity. When you use intuition to decide how to move forward in life today you are allowing your spiritual guides to direct your life journey.

I invite you to read The Evolving Soul, as well as my first book, Bringing Your Soul to Light. Both books include numerous soul regression accounts, and you'll learn more about soul archetypes, soul ascension, spiritual guides, ET lives, split incarnations, and much more.

Honor yourself at the core level of your soul. Know that you are here with purpose.

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