5 Reasons to Combine Crystals, Oils, and Essences to Facilitate a Life Well Lived


As a holistic practitioner of natural medicine, I am well aware that a vital component of ongoing wellness is the healing and re-balancing that must take place mentally and emotionally. As a practitioner of herbal medicine and aromatherapy, I have long been in awe of the synergy that occurs in a well-constructed blend. Synergy occurs when well-matched components result in a combination that offers so much more than the sum of its component parts. Indeed, are we not all so much more than our component parts? I feel a deep sense of peace, wonder, and appreciation in acceptance that I am a synergistic combination of all that I have been, all of my component pasts. Wonder, appreciation, and acceptance support my choice for a life well lived.

We are gifted many tools from Mother Earth to support a life well lived. We are here to thrive, and all that we need to facilitate a sense of ease, wellness, and well-being is available to us—we need only choose to release struggle and so it will begin. So it will be. However, I well know from personal experience and from my professional healing practice that if we knew how to let go, we would. So often we hear well-meaning others sympathetically tell us that we just have to, "Let it go." And so often, we just want to scream back at them, "If I could, I would!" We simply cannot do something that we do not know how to do.

We are also gifted free will. It is inherent in each of us as human beings and the choice to reconnect with All That Is, and all that we are, remains with each of us. We each get to choose to change, or choose not to change; we each get to choose our own perspective every step of the way along our path. In my book Crystal Resonance, I share what I have come to know works to support change and a life well lived. All that we require is either at hand or readily available, including a commitment to ourselves to embrace change and release that which no longer serves us and the synergy of the combinations of Mother Earth's gifts.

Whether I play the role of teacher, practitioner, or friend, it is always my intention to facilitate for each to stand just as they choose to stand and be as they wish to be, free and strong. I am merely the facilitator for students and clients to reconnect with their own inherent wellness and well-being and to feel strengthened to be however they choose to be—and then be all that they choose to be. Working one-on-one with a client is a very privileged space that I deeply honor and appreciate; teaching and writing satisfies my heartfelt desire to share high vibrational combinations that clients, students, and all others can embrace to support their own sense of ongoing wellness and well-being.

For those of us who enjoy celebrating our Spirit within, the life-enhancing synergy that results from specific combinations of gifts from the Earth and Beyond are just waiting to be explored and enjoyed. I share thirteen specific crystal combinations and practices with readers in Crystal Resonance and trust that those who are ready to release entrenched negative beliefs and habits, pain, sadness, and struggle in all of its forms might find the support that has so far eluded them.

So, how and why do the combinations and practices in Crystal Resonance offer such powerful support?

  1. Resonance and Synergy
    All crystal stones, crystal essences, plant oils, and plant essences from Mother Earth resonate with our Inner Being, celestial Beings, and Spirit. There is a Life Force that lovingly and powerfully flows through all, links all, with the primordial sound, the vibrational hum of the Universe.

    There are no right or wrong combinations when working with the gifts from the Earth and Beyond, but there are some that combine synergistically to produce vibrations that open and align the chakras to expand the heart and lift us to a place of Oneness that facilitates vibrational wellbeing. Choosing to embrace the synergistic combinations to support any meditation or self-sustaining practice is a gift we give ourselves, facilitating restoration of our natural balance. The synergistic combinations and practices facilitate alignment with All That Is to encourage self-responsibility, self-determination, self-respect, and self-acceptance, and enable us to connect with, experience, and appreciate our innate sense of divine worth and the wonder of life.

    Imagine coming to your daily practice, or exploring a new practice, supported by the enhanced connection offered constantly and consistently by a crystal anointed with essential oil, the subtle magic of the same aroma uplifting and calming your Being, and a blend of crystal and flower essences harmonizing and enlivening your whole Being. You are whole, perfect, protected, and supported to begin your day.

  3. Optimal Resonance Supports Restoration of Natural Balance, Vitality, and Healing
    When specific crystals are matched with the highest resonating essential oils and flower essences, a synergy results in the combination that powerfully facilitates our natural access to our Inner Being, Higher Self, aspects of Divinity, and All That Is.

    Healing on every level is enhanced, and a sense of ease and flow, grace, peace, joyful acceptance, and wholeness is restored as the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies are aligned and attuned. Our bodies are such magnificent mechanisms, constantly seeking homeostasis on every level; homeostasis is innate in every living being and the natural equilibrium to which our whole beautiful Being continually seeks to return. We are a finely-tuned, re-balancing mechanism; we need only allow it and balance is magically restored.

    Imagine going about your day fully supported in your desire to be all that you choose to be by the anointed "touch stone" crystal in your pocket; the matching essential oil on a tissue ready to inhale at will; the transformational magic of the essence blend constantly with you; and the wonder of enhanced connection consistently, constantly, and unconditionally supporting your whole Being as you play in the world of contrasting experiences. You are supported, grounded, and in harmony with all that you are choosing to be each day.

  5. Crystals and Essential Oils
    The physical properties inherent in the crystalline structure of crystals allow them to absorb, amplify, and transform energy, and their wide-ranging applications for healing are widely embraced. Underpinning all of these applications are their abilities to support, protect, and re-align the physical and subtle bodies.

    Energy transformation is basic to the powerful healing afforded by crystals, and while their consistency of vibration can harmonize the innate electrical vibrations of the cells to re-balance the physical body, their ability to transform energy holds even more potential for ongoing wellness. There is powerful healing potential when we choose to change supported by a crystal's ability to transform the electrical charge inherent in entrenched negative thoughts.

    As the crystal stones from Mother Earth hold healing properties, so too are healing properties intrinsic to the essential oils from the plants of Mother Earth. Common to all pure essential oils are the inherent abilities to stimulate or relax our body, mind, and spirit—and often concurrently as each receives that which it requires to restore its balance.

    A plant's essential oil can be likened to its "life-blood," precious and vital to its ability to thrive and survive. The therapeutic value of aroma and essential oils has been utilized across time. Curiosity that led me to the crystal synergistic combinations and practices described in Crystal Resonance was first ignited immediately when I married a particular essential oil with a specific crystal.

    When we combine specific crystals and essential oils, the synergy of the combination dances with the physical and subtle bodies, harmonizing every level of our Being with life-force energy that facilitates wellness and well-being.

    Imagine holding the healing harmony and wonder of an Amethyst stone anointed with Lavender essential oil in your cupped hands, and the purifying clarity of the aroma enhancing your connection to the Earth and Spirit—grounded and connected, Earth to Sky—in your daily practice and as you go about your day.

  7. Crystal Essences and Flower Essences
    Crystal essences bring the timeless life-force energy from the inorganic base that supports Mother Earth, and so they bring their life-sustaining and life-supporting qualities to any essence blend.

    Flower essences come from the organic plant life of the Earth. With their non-crystalline structure, plants are more flexible and adaptable and respond to their inherent memory at a cellular and subtle level. They are catalysts for change, supporting any decision to release rigidity and limitation and reconnect with our innate wellness and well-being.

    Using crystal and flower essences in specific combination gifts us powerful healing and realignment as each essence takes the other to another level.

    Imagine the wonder that might be on offer when the magic of Amethyst and Lavender is further expanded by the transformational potentialities of the matching essence blend: Amethyst crystal essence with Cerato Bach Flower Essence and Bluebell Australian Bush Flower Essence. Imagine the wonder of stepping out each day feeling supported in your decision to be however you choose to be.

  9. Resonance with Archangels, Guides, Higher Self, Inner Being, Spirit, and All That Is
    Perhaps by now you have a taste for the wonder and potential balance that can unfold from the perfect marriage of these gifts from Mother Earth: crystal stones and essences protect, strengthen, support, and restore balance to body mind and spirit; essential oils re-balance all levels of our Being by stimulating or relaxing, as required; and flower essences realign us mentally and emotionally, and thus, physically. The harmonizing perfection of feminine and masculine energies inherent in all components results in a synergy that facilitates vibrational unity with our innate Life Force to restore a sense of wellness and well-being.

    However, if we then choose to explore awareness of connection to our Inner Being or Higher Self, Archangels, or Spirit Guides, then miracles happen. There is a sense of grounded wonder to life that often feels truly magical. Divine Life Force constantly flows to, through, and from every living thing on this planet, and we get to choose whether we wish to allow ourselves to be nurtured, nourished, and sustained by awareness of that connection. It is in the smallest of moments that the biggest choices are made, and it is in these very moments that miracles happen.

    Imagine the wonder of enhanced connection to Archangel Zadkiel, or your beautiful and powerful Inner Being or Higher Self, or guide of choice, facilitated by your Amethyst stone and essence in combination with Lavender essential oil and Cerato and Bluebell flower essences. Imagine the forgiveness; unconditional kindness and compassion; and consistency of the energy flow to you, through you, and from you supporting your decision to release that which no longer serves you and embrace a life well lived. You remember and reconnect with that which you truly are—and the limitless possibilities and potentialities facilitated by a choice to embrace the synergy of Amethyst in combination, as you affirm:

    "I am gifted wisdom and understanding.
    I am gifted trust.
    I am gifted connection; there is no separation, and I am forgiven."

    Being prepared to change and let go of that which does not serve us well, and make choices that do serve us well, are vital to our sense of ongoing wellness and well-being. Choosing to embrace self-responsibility, self-respect, innate self-worth, and the knowledge of that which we are will always serve us well. Choosing to embrace the support of grounding, uplifting, life-enhancing, and self-empowering practices will facilitate self-determination and self-realization with a sense of ease and flow.

Choosing to use the synergy of the crystal combinations and practices facilitates self-mastery—empowering ourselves to be however we choose to be, and to then be all that we choose to be. We feel empowered to change, accept, and embrace our inherent self-worth, and embrace self-responsibility and self-determination…and that is transformational. At our very essence, we are Spirit in a physical body, and choosing to reconnect with our Inner Being and innate Divinity using the synergistic combinations and practices detailed in Crystal Resonance facilitates a life of fearlessness, grace, and wonder of All That Is…and all that we are.

Be however you choose to be; be all that you choose to be…and shine brightly.

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