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4 Simple Steps to Receiving Angelic Guidance

Angel Wings

I often hear people tell me that they ask for angelic guidance and they don't receive it. I believe the Angels are constantly speaking to us, but that we have to learn their language to understand what it is they are saying.

Imagine for a minute that you are in Heaven and a loved one on earth is calling out to you for help. You rush to them with a fervent desire to answer their prayer or guide them in the right direction. You stand next to them as they continue to cry out to you for help. To your surprise, your loved one doesn't even see that you are there. You put your arm around them to try to calm them but they don't feel your touch. You stand in front of them and jump up and down, you wave your hands in the air and they see nothing. You begin whispering guidance in their ear but they can't hear you over their sobs. You scream their name, but it falls on deaf ears. You feel frustrated and disempowered, but you don't give up. You frantically look around to find ways to get their attention. You follow them everywhere hoping they will see, feel, hear or know you are there.

Your loving Angels feel the same way. They are standing right beside you, trying to get you to notice them.

Know that your Angels want to assist you. They want you to be happy, healthy, in love, and to experience success and abundance. It is up to you to be open to their loving presence and guidance.

So, how can you receive this guidance? Below are four simple steps to receiving angelic guidance.

  1. Ask.
    First you need to ask for their guidance and assistance. You have free will, and so the Angels are not permitted to help you unless you ask them for assistance or unless is it a question of life and death. When you ask the Angels for guidance or advice, be sure to be very clear about what you want to know.

    For example, asking "Should I go on this vacation?" must be answered by a yes or no. How will you know for sure if they are saying yes or no? The best way to know is to sit still and feel in your heart the answer. Do you feel calm or excited? This would indicate a yes. Do you feel afraid or anxious? This may indicate a no.

    Another way to ask the question is this way: "My dearest Angels, if it is a good idea for me to take a vacation right now, please show me a sign."Then pay attention to the signs. Take a walk down the street and look around you. Maybe you will see what I saw, a van with an advertisement for Sandals Vacations with a picture of a lady on the beach. On my way back home, I saw a cushion in a store window with the words "Relax" on it. These are ways your Angels may answer you, too.

  2. Believe.
    Believe that the Angels want to answer you. Have complete faith. When you see a "sign," such as a vehicle in front of you with a sign that reads, "Need a break?" know and believe that you have your answer. Don't rationalize it. Don't question or doubt. The Angels work very hard to communicate with you, so don't discount any signs you see or feeling you feel.

  3. Be Present.
    You cannot receive an answer if you will not still your mind long enough to receive it. Breathe and let go. Be in the present moment and trust that a sign will turn up. Busy yourself with menial tasks at hand and allow the answer or sign to come to you.

    True guidance can come to us in many different ways—such as a gut feeling, a song in our head or on the radio, a genius idea, or even a clear vision. Pay attention to everything around you and see if it has a message for you. Everything is constantly speaking to us. When something is meant for you, you will feel it in your heart. You will feel your heart flutter or you will simply just know that it is the sign you asked for.

  4. Be Grateful.
    Always be grateful. I often thank the Angels in advance for what I desire. For example, "Thank you my darling Angels for showing me a sign to let me know if taking a vacation would be good for me right now." Being grateful in advance is showing the Angels that we have complete faith that our desire or prayer is already being answered.

    The more we are grateful, the more we receive.

One morning as I woke up in my new apartment, I was simply filled with gratitude for the beautiful and perfect views I have from my windows. My apartment overlooks the St. Lawrence River in Quebec City. In fact, it is so close to the river that when I am standing in my kitchen, I cannot see the street below and I feel like I am on a cruise ship. On this particular morning, I noticed that the windows on the back looked out at the cliff across the street, and I thought to myself "What a perfect view! I am so blessed!" and I was filled with gratitude for the fact that my apartment doesn't look directly onto another building. At that moment, I felt the Angels surround me. I felt their love envelop me, and tears began to flow. They told me that if we only knew how hard they work to make everything perfect for us, we would be constantly on our knees praying to them and being grateful for all the miracles they set before us. In my mind's eye, I had an image of Angels frantically running around me and before me making sure that everything is just perfect in my life.

They told me that when we stumble off our path, they work even harder to get us back on the straight and narrow. They never leave our side. Even in our darkest moments, when we feel they deserted us, it is actually our lower energy that shuts them out. Never doubt for one second that you are alone. You are never alone. Your Angels love you and will never leave you. They are constantly by your side, guiding you to the wonderful life you desire and deserve.

The Angels are always speaking to you. You just need to pay attention to the signs. You just have to believe!

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