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Everyday Kundalini

This post was written by Anna
on July 22, 2011 | Comments (0)

Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Cyndi Dale, author of Kundalini, The Complete Book of Chakra Healing, and Everyday Clairvoyant, and Chantal Monté (http://www.chantalmonte.com), an Intuitive Consultant trained in the US and Bali.

Take a moment to sit and swim within the depths of your inner being. There is an entire universe within you. Look inward and focus…notice the energy moving throughout your body. Feel your cells moving and buzzing with life. Recognize that there aren’t any walls between your internal and external realities. As you open from the inside, sensing with your whole body, feel Life living through you. You are an expression of infinite consciousness.

You have just experienced “Everyday Kundalini.”

What is “Everyday Kundalini?”

Everyday Kundalini involves allowing your kundalini energy, the divine light and life energy inherent in us all, in every moment of your life. By committing to opening and employing this sacred energy in the small, as well as the great, you’re inviting a continual rise in consciousness, cleansing of negativity, setting of higher intention, adherence to truth, removal of distractions, and connection to everything and everyone. You are telling the Universe that YOU ARE HERE, and celebrating that fact!

Kundalini is not just a one-time spiritual, blissed-out experience, although it can happen that way. But even absent an experience like that, you can begin to raise and activate your own kundalini every day.

Kundalini, also sometimes called prana, chi, life force, or the Holy Spirit, animates everything—you, me, the ocean, the wind, and the mountains. It is the mountains. Kundalini invites and welcomes self-actualization. It brings with it clarity and purpose, along with alignment and attunement to yourself and the world. The mere existence of kundalini acknowledges that the Universe knows you, and moreover, you deserve to know yourself and the Universe.

To encourage these truths, ask yourself what would happen if you whisper to your heart that you are part of the world. Suggest that with each step you take, you move closer to your truth and destiny. Each choice, each moment is alive, bringing you home to yourself and to us all.

Feel how the kundalini moves like a river in your body, flowing up and down your spine, coursing through your physical body as well as your subtle body, moving you along the river of life.

Know, too, that if you disengage with your kundalini, you can always begin with your breath. All life begins with the breath.

Take a moment….breathe in….and inhale Life—“Life” with a capital “L.” This is the greater Life, the one that encompasses, supports, and expresses us all. Now expand your breath, filling up your body with the very breath of Life. Hold this breath for a moment, feeling the pressure building up, the energy swirling until there is an urge to let go and begin again.

Exhale–let go. Release the internal heat and fire and let this energy, this divine light, burn away all distractions.

Breathe in again, becoming present in this very moment of time. As before, hold this breath until you feel that urge. Now blow the air from your mouth and feel your body relaxing.

Next, breathe as you normally would, noticing the in-between moment, the pause between the in-breath and the out-breath. Ask yourself what is coming and going, receiving and releasing? What is dying and awakening? Every breath has a pause, yet it almost passes by unnoticed. What is in that pause, that moment of hesitation? Could it be a conscious choice for the next moment? A time for direction?

Intention happens when thought is placed upon the breath. Intention actualizes when we then move deeper and further, opening and expanding. When intention is spoken into words or phrases of clarity, the words become power or magic.

When you bring consciousness and breath to anything, it creates life. It becomes alive through your thoughts, ideas, action, and participation.

What are you translating into becoming? Becoming alive? Where is your attention? Intention?

Offer your whole self, as you are, in this moment. Offer yourself to the universe, offer your love to yourself, to your family…extend your love to everyone.

Dedicate your love.
Become embodied peace.
Become fluid with life.
Let life live through you.

This is Everyday Kundalini.

Our thanks to Cyndi and Chantal for their guest post! For more from Cyndi Dale, visit her Author Profile for a full list of her books and articles.

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