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Developing Inner Magickal Energy

This post was written by Donald Michael Kraig
on April 20, 2012 | Comments (4)

As I described in my previous post, How Magick Works, the concept that magick works by raising and directing some sort of magickal energy is currently the most popular paradigm for understanding how magick works. If you have ever read a spell from a book of spells and followed the directions, only to have no result, the cause may be that there was no magickal energy raised or directed toward the goal of the magick. The words and actions merely direct the energy you raise, they are not the magick themselves.

So as you learn various important aspects of magick—rituals, correspondences, etc.—I would contend that it’s also a good thing to develop your abilities with magickal energy. One of the basic ways of doing this is through the creation of what is called an “energy ball.”

Creation of the Energy Ball

1) Find a comfortable position, standing or sitting. Take a few deep breaths and slowly exhale, allowing yourself to relax.

2) Hold your hands out in front of you, palms facing each other. Keep your elbows bent so you can hold this position for awhile.

3) Using your imagination, visualize a ball of pulsing energy between your hands. Traditionally, it should be blue, like the color of a gas flame. However, try to make the image as strong and vibrant as possible. It may be that it comes to you in a different color or blur of colors. That’s fine, but also work to get that blue color.

4) With each breath you take, visualize this ball becoming stronger, more pulsing, more energetic.

5) Now, move your hands apart and then closer together. When you feel resistance at the edge of your energy ball, you have succeeded.

6) Play with this. Make the ball larger and smaller. Check your success by feeling resistance when your hands are at different distances from each other. Use visualization to change the color. Have fun with this exercise.

7) When you are finished, us your imagination to visualize the energy ball dissipating harmlessly.


A) Although usually called an “energy ball,” the shape may not be a sphere. For you it may take another shape. If you get that feeling of resistance between your hands, you are being successful. Since this is only an exercise, the precise shape isn’t important. You may even wish to play with the shape just as you play with size, intensity, and color.

B) Some people may complain, “Hey, this isn’t real. It’s just imagination and visualization.” That’s right. It’s not “real” on the physical plane…at least, not yet. The imagination creates on the non-physical plane, commonly called the astral plane. Visualization is the means by which we create on the astral plane. It “actualizes” our creation of our imagination.

As you’ve probably heard, everything has an “astral double.” People have astral bodies. But you don’t have an astral body because you have a physical body. Rather, because some aspect of you exists on the astral plane, it eventually must manifest on the physical plane. The astral creation comes first followed by the physical manifestation. Therefore, by creating things on the astral plane you are directly or indirectly causing them to manifest on the physical plane. This is a key concept of magick.

Your imagination and visualization creates the energy ball on the astral plane and it literally manifests, physically, between your hands. You detect the success of this practice through the kinesthetic sense of touch, the resistance you feel when you press in with your hands at the edges of the energy ball. Be sure to feel all sides of it.

But being able to raise internal energy is only part of the technique of magickal creation. Practice making energy balls. We’ll go into other forms of energy generation next time.

For more information about raising personal energy, here are some great resources:

The Art of Spiritual Healing

Aura Energy for Health, Healing & Balance

Chi Kung for Beginners

Energy Essentials for Witches and Spellcasters

Energy Sourcebook


Reader Comments

Written By Kamica
on September 12th, 2012 @ 6:32 am

Thanks for this!
Because of this little tutorial, I was able to make my first energy ball =D. It didnt have any colour, or anything except for resistance, but it kept holding the resistance for a while.

What really convinced me, was when I started doing little tests.
First I closed my hands together above the energy ball, they went together smoothly, then I tried on the ball again, and there was the resistance again!

However, when I tried it for a second time, before the energy ball formed (I think) my hands started feeling like how it feels when you try to force two magnets together with the parts that resist eachother. You know, when you move them closer together, they want to move to right angles of the direction you are moving them?

Still, I am now definitely going to become a magic practitioner XD.


Written By Adem
on May 6th, 2015 @ 4:38 am

Hey I read your article and found it fascinating. I was wondering about the visualisation of the ball, do you have to keep your eyes open or can you close them to help with this?

Written By Angela
on May 25th, 2016 @ 10:44 am

This is amazing this is actually something I have discovered myself. This is the first time I have came across this specific manifestation outside of my own solitary practice. Learning about energy, auras, the astral plane, and astral travel has always been appealing to me but a little difficult to understand in ways described by other people. I know little about all of this, but I still feel like I’m part of it. It’s true to manifest this ball of energy I use a few methods of my own and the ones described.

Simple meditation is one method and probably the best for learning and truly understanding. One example I will focus on strong positive feelings and use it to manifest a ball of energy created by these emotions. I will then transfer this positive energy to my animals for practice. I will almost always see a reaction by them showing signs of feelings of well being and love. I use my cats usually this is because cats have been described as physic animals and I see this very much in my one cat especially.

One of my favorite methods is using energies from physical things such as herbs, plants, and gemstones/crystals. Just now I used this method to heal my cat who suffers from asthma. He was breathing heavily and uncomfortable. (We are taking him to the vet this weekend). I will usually use herbs and essential oils to help with my animals ethier in the form of holistic medicine or healing. In this case it would have set his asthma off more. So I got some mint and chamomile from my garden and began to manifest the ball. I first put my hands out in front of me and put them on each side of the herbs feeling their energies and visualizing a white light being pulled from them. I then closed my eyes and formed a sphere until I could feel enough pressure when I would gently begin to push my hands together. Then I put my hands on each side of my cat using the ball to draw the dark negative energies through his abdomen and lungs out through his nose and mouth. After I was finished I visualized the ball disappearing into a place where it would be gone and never return. After he was still having some problems but they definitely lessened and he jumped up and became happier and more energetic and seemed a bit healthier. If anyone ever wanted to help talk about this I’m open to I’m just amazed by all this and would love to learn more. Great article!


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