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The Llewellyn Journal
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This article was written by Lisa Braun
posted under

NEWS FROM THE MOON #1 - April 2002

A publication of the Llewellyn Publicity Department
website: http://www.llewellyn.com

In this issue:
[01] Welcome!
[02] Meet the Llewellyn Publicity Department
[03] What's New at Llewellyn
[04] Spotlight Article: Amazon.com
[05] Upcoming Trade and Consumer Shows-May and June 2002
[06] Newsletter info. (including how to unsubscribe)

[01] Welcome!
Welcome to the inaugural issue of News from the Moon. This email newsletter was created specifically for you, the Llewellyn author.

Each month we'll update you on news from Llewellyn, a spotlight article on an area of publicity and/or promotion, and upcoming trade and consumer shows we'll be attending. Beginning next month, we'll also begin including the following:
  • Ideas and updates from our Acquisitions Department
  • Seasonal tips and other publicity tie-ins
  • Prominent Llewellyn placements in the media
  • Links to publishing and self-promotion websites
  • Links to news of relevance to publishing and Llewellyn subject matter

  • Your feedback is necessary and welcome. We're open to your suggestions, and want this newsletter to be a helpful tool and resource for you. Please send your comments to LisaB@llewellyn.com. Thanks!


    [02] Meet the Llewellyn Publicity Department
    The majority of you know a little about us, but we thought you might like to know a little more.

    Jerry Rogers, Publicist: Jerry has been with the Llewellyn Publicity team since July of 1999, with a background in publishing. He regularly lends his expertise to a variety of different Llewellyn subject areas. He's also a new (sleep deprived) father to Ava, who was born in April of 2001. He can be reached at JerryR@llewellyn.com, or at ext. 8457.

    John Zupansic, Publicist: John joined Llewellyn Publicity in September of 2000 as the Publicist Associate and part-time Publicist for FATE Magazine. John was recently promoted to the position of Publicist, and will handle a variety of campaigns, including his areas of strength-the paranormal, UFOs, cryptozoology, as well as Wiccan/pagan subject areas. He can be reached at JohnZ@llewellyn.com, or at ext. 8452.

    Lisa Braun, Publicity Manager: Lisa has been at Llewellyn since June of 1999, and when not in meetings, is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Publicity department, as well as long-term strategy and planning. And a couple of individual campaigns. And meetings. Lots of meetings. She can be reached at LisaB@llewellyn.com or at ext. 8450.

    Natalie Harter, Publicist: Natalie joined Llewellyn in August of 2000, from Ruminator Review in St. Paul. Natalie lends her expertise and education in anthropology and women's studies to our Wiccan/pagan/goddess titles, as well as some of our Eastern philosophy titles. She can be reached at NatalieH@llewellyn.com or at ext. 8455.

    Pedro Pinner, Publicist for Llewellyn Espanol: Pedro is the newest member of the Llewellyn Publicity team, and has been able to forge some important relationships with Spanish-language media in the United States and internationally over the past year. He can be reached at PedroP@llewellyn.com or at ext. 8460.

    Robbye Lossing, Publicity Coordinator: Robbye is the glue that keeps the publicity department together. Since joining the Publicity Department in July of 1999. Robbye coordinates publicity mailings, including published reviews; as well as database maintenance, and an occasional publicity campaign. She can be reached at RobbyeL@llewellyn.com, or at ext. 8459.


    [03] What's New at Llewellyn
    Llewellyn announces with sadness that Lady Sheba, fellow Llewellyn author, passed from this world to the Summerland on March 20, 2002. You can read Nancy Mostad's tribute here (http://www.llewellyn.com/ladysheba_tribute.php)

    Copies of published reviews were mailed to authors last week. If you haven't received your packet, you should soon. Please address any address changes, etc. to Robbye, who will coordinate future mailings.

    A message from Don Kraig, Editor of the Llewellyn Journal: "The Llewellyn Journal is Llewellyn's unique online resource. The Llewellyn Journal gives you, as a Llewellyn author, the chance to provide extra information about the practical life-changing aspects of your books. It creates visibility for you and your title(s), increases sales, and offers you additional income." Writer's Guidelines are available at http://www.llewellynjournal.com/guidelines.html. Please read them thoroughly before submitting your article or idea. Don can also be reached at TLJEditor@llewellyn.com.


    [04] Spotlight article: Amazon.com
    We frequently receive your questions and concerns about working with Amazon.com, the world's largest online retailer. In response, we've worked with Mike Witt, Llewellyn Sales Manager for Amazon.com, as well as Amazon.com's Marketing Department. They have provided us with the following helpful tips on maximizing your sales at Amazon.com and useful contact information in the event something goes awry.

    The Myth of Numbers
    By and large, the most frequent questions we receive are about sales rankings. According to Mike, sales rankings at Amazon.com are not the most effective or accurate measure of how well your book is selling overall, but it does give you the opportunity to monitor how your book sales fluctuate in conjunction with publicity and marketing programs.

    For instance, if you appeared on a radio program that linked to Amazon.com, and you sold approximately twenty copies of your book during that one-hour program, your rankings could likely be raised to the 5,000 mark. They could just as easily slip down to 500,000 the next hour. It's an imperfect system.

    The top 10,000 best sellers at Amazon.com are updated hourly, the next 100,000 daily, and the rest of the list is updated on a less frequent basis (usually weekly).

    There are two sites on the web that can help you track your rankings at Amazon.com:
  • AmazonScan.com (http://www.amazonscan.com/), which allows you to create a portfolio with which to track your title.
  • Booksandwriters.com (http://www.booksandwriters.com/rank.html), which allows you to sign up for email notification as often as hourly, daily, or weekly (includes barnesandnoble.com rankings as well).

    Look Inside the Book Program
    Llewellyn participates in Amazon.com's "Look Inside the Book" program, which allows readers to look at the book's front and back covers, jacket copy, index, table of contacts, and excerpts. This initiative began in October of 2001, and is handled by a third party agency. They have prioritized their list based on our bestselling titles, and those who are reviewed in prominent industry publications (Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, Kirkus Reviews, etc.).

    Making the most of Amazon.com
  • Utilize the "Author Comments" area at Amazon.com to give consumers a better feel for who you are and why you wrote your book. You can access the content form for doing so at:
    http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/subst/catalog-updates/content-books.html/104-0336706-9321548. Please note that it often takes a week before your submission will appear.

  • Encourage your readers and fans to post consumer reviews to Amazon.com. Research has shown that consumer reviews are an important contributing factor to sales at Amazon.com. Any less-than-positive review that you receive can be counteracted with several positive ones. You can also submit that a less-than-positive review was not helpful to you by using the voting buttons at the top of the review. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible for us to have reviews removed from the site.

  • Llewellyn Publicity contributes to your Amazon.com page by posting 20-word Fair Use excerpts of published reviews that we receive. Mike feels strongly that any additional content added will contribute to sales of the title. We encourage our pool of reviewers to post their reviews to Amazon.com as well.

    What if my information is incorrect?
    If any aspect of your listing is incorrect, send an email to Mike at MichaelW@llewellyn.com, or your Publicist. We'll do what we can to correct the issue.


    [05] Upcoming Trade and Consumer Shows-May and June 2002

    BookExpo America (BEA), May 3-5, 2002
    Jacob Javits Center, Manhattan
    Von Braschler, Sharon Caulder, Migene Gonzalez-Wippler, Mary K. Greer, Konstantinos, Elaine Mercado, Robert Place, Rachel Pollack, Silver RavenWolf, Richard Webster

    Astro-Rama 2002, May 5, 2002
    Hudson, OH
    Carol Rushman

    World Tarot Congress III, May 10-12, 2002
    Sponsored by the International Tarot Society (ITS)
    Mary K. Greer, Robert Place, Rachel Pollack, John Opsopaus

    Heartland 2002 Festival
    Camp Gaia, Kansas City, KS
    Dorothy Morrison

    Rocky Mountain Tarot Conference, June 7-9, 2002
    Sponsored by the American Tarot Association
    Sarah Ovenall and Georg Patterson, Rachel Pollack

    New York Tarot Festival, June 21-23, 2002
    Sponsored by the New York Tarot School
    Mary K. Greer, John Opsopaus, Robert Place, Rachel Pollack

    Witchfest 2002, June 21-23, 2002
    Sponsored by the Sacred Order of Thessaly as a fundraiser for the Buckland Museum of Witchcraft and Magick
    Raymond Buckland, Ed Fitch, Ann Moura, Patricia Telesco

    Midsummer in the Northwoods, June 21-23, 2002
    Kendall, WA
    Donald Michael Kraig

    International New Age Trade Show (INATS), June 22-24, 2002
    Denver Merchandise Mart, Denver, CO
    Authors to be announced


    [06] Newsletter info. (including how to unsubscribe)

    To unsubscribe, send email to LisaB@llewellyn.com with "Remove" in the subject line.


    Please note that the use of Llewellyn Journal articles
    is subject to certain Terms and Conditions

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