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Rejuvenation for the New Millenium

This article was written by Joe H. Slate, Ph.D.
posted under

What if the Fountain of Youth were not a myth at all, but a reality just waiting to be discovered? What if you could hold back the aging process, or even better, reverse it? What if you could live throughout the new century, if not beyond? Well, believe it or not, you can!

Thanks to a new rejuvenation technology, you can now take full and complete command of the aging process. The evidence is clear-within your own being is an inexhaustible fountain of bountiful youth just waiting to be discovered. Beyond that, the highest cosmic fountain of power beckons your interaction.

Because of recent advances in rejuvenation, you can finally discard the old adage, “To age too soon, to learn too late.” It’s never too late-or too early-to learn exciting new ways of living younger, longer, and better. Although nature may have dealt the biological cards, it’s up to you to play them. You can now take command of the game. You don’t have to wait for future biotechnological innovations to defy aging. Right now, the luxurious pleasures of rejuvenation are within your reach. Highly practical procedures, many of them developed in the controlled laboratory setting, are now available to jump-start the rejuvenation process and turbocharge your inner age-defying mechanisms.

According to an old Taoist saying, “The journey is the reward.” Starting now, you can get on the expressway to rejuvenation.

The Emerald Incident
Strange as it may at first seem, my personal interest in rejuvenation began at the early age of five when a family friend returned from a worldwide tour with a large, magnificent emerald. A wealthy and prominent woman, she had traveled for years in search of ways to stay young and live longer. Her relentless quest had taken her across Europe, Asia, and Africa. From Stonehenge to the Pyramids, she tracked every promising lead. Finally, she visited a remote region of northern India where, by her account, she received the beautiful emerald from a ruling prince who vowed that it possessed age-defying powers. Upon touching the splendid gem, she instantly sensed its rejuvenating energies, a confirmation of the prince’s claims. I will never forget touching the gem and sensing for myself its powerful energies. Little did I realize then that I would devote much of my adult life to researching rejuvenation.

Early Research
Over twenty years after the emerald incident, I conducted my first rejuvenation study at the University of Alabama where, as a psychology doctoral student, I interviewed 27 subjects, ages 80 and older, in an effort to discover their longevity secrets. Included in the interviews was the question, “What is your favorite gem?” Somewhat to my surprise, the overwhelming response of both men and women was the emerald-not the diamond-as their gem of choice. Although they seldom attributed their long life to the emerald, they often found special satisfaction in wearing the gem. An emeritus professor of English, for instance, noted that she felt “fully dressed” only when wearing an emerald brooch, a family heirloom passed down over several generations. Another subject, a very gracious centenarian who often stroked the emerald pendant she wore during the interview, looked upon it as a critical source of mental and spiritual energy. She valued the gem-a wedding gift from her deceased husband-as an important link to “the other side.” Yet another centenarian, who was still active in his own clothing business, found special satisfaction in wearing emerald cuff links, a college graduation gift from his father.

The findings of that study and the early emerald incident that inspired it provided the basis for a rejuvenation strategy which incorporates the mined emerald as a tool to arrest aging and restore youthful vigor. Called the Emerald Pool of Youth, the strategy as follows requires the physical presence of the emerald (either loose or set), which is held in the hand for the duration of the procedure.

Begin the exercise by closing your eyes and gently stroking the emerald. Sense your connection to the gem as your rejuvenation partner with power to spare. At the same time, envision a vast inner region of bright, rejuvenating energy poised to be unleashed throughout your total being. Continue to stroke the gem as you sense its powerful energies flowing into your fingers and interfusing your own energy system.

Visualize the emerald with its deep green coloration, and then envision a still pool of the same coloration. Imagine yourself diving into the pool, soaking in its full rejuvenating power. Stay with the imagery until you become fully infused with the pool’s bright energy. Give every cell of your body permission to become saturated with rejuvenation. Finally, visualize yourself stepping from the pool, bringing forth a sense of total renewal and inner attunement. Affirm in your own words the rejuvenating energy now permeating your total being.

End the procedure by telling yourself that by either stroking the emerald or simply envisioning it when it is not present, you can fully bathe in its rejuvenating glow, thus instantly arresting aging. You can use this simple cue at any time to activate the rejuvenating effects of the full procedure.

Although developed years ago, the Emerald Pool of Youth incorporated four critical elements which were to become essential components of modern rejuvenation technology-physical gesture, mental imagery, self-affirmation, and rejuvenation cue.

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