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Forseeing Your Psychic Self

This article was written by Debra Lynne Katz
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It perpetually perplexes me that I, like the majority of people today, could pass into adulthood with no idea that I possessed the same spiritual “gifts” demonstrated by psychics as celebrated as Edgar Cayce, by alchemists as highly esteemed as St. Germain, and healers such as Jesus Christ himself. But I did. We did, and we do. And that is why I knew I had to write You Are Psychic: The Art of Clairvoyant Reading & Healing.

As an identical twin, I was not a stranger to paranormal phenomenon. I often communicated telepathically with my sister: knowing when she was in trouble at a distance and sending her messages in dreams, which she received and even responded to. But I had no idea how to control this, and therefore never considered myself to be a “psychic.” At the age of eleven, I joined The Theosophical Society and began my metaphysical studies, reading anything and everything I could get my pre-pubescent hands on. This relentless study never ceased, and yet I did not once come across a single book that remotely suggested that I might be able to control my clairvoyance or other psychic abilities, much less how to do so, beyond the general suggestion that I keep an open mind and meditate often.

In order to alleviate the stress of my job as a Federal Probation Officer, at the ripe age of twenty-seven, I enrolled in a meditation class that, unbeknownst to me, was sponsored by a psychic training institute. It was then that I discovered something so amazing that it’s still unbelievable to me, even after I’ve written an entire book on the subject.

This discovery was that there were actual techniques, so simple and yet so profound, that within ten minutes of learning the basics of, allowed me to see images and visions that directly applied to a stranger sitting in front of me. I was not only using my clairvoyance, I was performing a psychic reading, and having the greatest time of my adult life. And I was not alone. There were hundreds of others just like me. As I practiced the techniques I would subsequently write about, my communication with my own heart, soul, and Source became clearer and stronger, to the point where I accessed a level of grace, faith, joy, and peace that I could not have imagined.

As I made drastic changes within my self, I soon discovered there was no avoiding the changes that I would have to make on the outside. I left my cushy government job and moved to the Philippines, where I worked and studied with the faith healers, traveling to remote villages to do clairvoyant readings and healing on the indigenous people who had no access to medical care. Even in the places where people still lived in grass huts and ate nothing but rice, I came across seekers who were fascinated, even desperate, for knowledge about how they too could learn to harness their own psychic abilities. It was no different when I moved to Sedona, Arizona and embarked on establishing a professional practice as a psychic. I was working with tourists from around the globe and teaching the abundance of professional psychics and healers there, who had spontaneously stumbled on one particular ability or path of knowledge, such as channeling or Reiki, but had no idea how to access their clairvoyance or how to deal with the challenging energy exchanges occurring between themselves and others in their work and personal lives.

As I illustrate throughout You Are Psychic, through readings and the practice of various spiritual principals and techniques, I was able to begin manifesting my dreams. I created and developed my own intensive clairvoyance training course and offered it in short-term workshops; I introduced these techniques on my own television program, which I hosted on two local Arizona television stations for three years; I went to film school, had a ball making some sweet but corny films; and went on to write a screenplay, which was recently optioned, based on my experiences in the Philippines.

As a single mother of a very bouncing baby boy, the greatest challenge I faced in terms of my writing was finding quiet time (or any time) to write. I would fall asleep with my son, wake up for a few hours after midnight, and if I was lucky, go back to sleep for an hour or so before beginning our day. But once I was actually seated and awake with the aid of a strong cup of coffee, the book wrote itself. The writing of it actually became a completely joyous meditation that I continue to crave. Because I believed so strongly that this material could be the panacea for the psychic blindness and ensuing spiritual starvation that threatens to annihilate our very race and planet, I never once had an ounce of doubt that the manuscript would be completed or published (I suppose being psychic didn’t hurt either). I chose Llewellyn as my publisher because they have co-created so many of the books that have inspired me when I most needed inspiration, and knew they would be loving caretakers of this extraordinary body of knowledge.

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