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Kepler 8.0
Astrology Software

By: Cosmic Patterns
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Media - CD | CPKEP070
English | 5 x 5 IN
Astrology Software
Pub Date: July 1999
Price: $300.00 US,  $307.50 CAN
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Product Summary
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Calculating astrological charts has never been easier! Kepler 8.0, a state-of-the-art program from Cosmic Patterns Software, Inc., provides everything you need to access the best quality astrological information available.

Kepler 8.0 provides all of the features you have come to expect from your astrology software, plus many innovative features and capabilities not available elsewhere. Here is just a small sampling of what you can find:

  • Easy data entry. The data entry screen includes everything you need to create and save a chart to your personal database. Locating saved charts is a snap with the handy scroll window. Drop-down menus let you choose from 21 different house systems; tropical or sidereal zodiac with choice of 20 ayanamsas; and a variety of harmonic chart possibilities.
  • Amazing chart design options. From the chart screen, you can design your chart form to your heart's content. Click to view examples of a single wheel or a double wheel. Right click on a chart, and an array of selection menus appears. You can adjust aspect orbs; add or remove planets, asteroids, or transneptunians; adjust the fonts and wheel configurations; and arrange the symbols in the wheel. You can create bi-, tri-, and quad wheels, as well as pages with two, three, or four charts on them.
  • Intuitive navigation. The menu bar and the drop down menu lists lead you to in-depth astrological applications.
  • Great resources. Kepler 8.0 has built-in interpretation reports, lists of astrological data, and forecasting possibilities. The Astro Encyclopedia lets you search for information on astrological and astronomical terms.
  • Vedic astrology tools. Kepler 8.0 offers the tools you need to study and use this ancient system of astrology.
  • Mapping capabilities. Kepler 8.0 includes a mapping program designed to give you astrocartography maps and eclipse path maps.
  • Customizable defaults and preferences. You can create a default set of printouts for your typical client work from a detailed list.
  • Lunation. Get an interpretation of your natal and progressed lunation phase

System Requirements:
Kepler requires a computer with a CD-rom drive, Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP/VISTA/WINDOWS7, 32 MB RAM memory or more, and 1 Gig hard disk space. Also compatible with either 32-bit or 6-bit operating system. Speakers are not required but are recommended. Kepler also runs on PowerMac computers with Virtual PC software installed.

Kepler 8.0 Features not in Pegasus

  • Complete atlas of the world
  • Live mini readings
  • Avalon College
  • AstroEncyclopedia
  • Beautiful graphics and art charts
  • Data collection of famous people and companies
  • AstroMaps
  • Customizable chart wheels
  • Midpoints, Arabic parts, harmonics
  • Bi- and tri-wheels
  • Time line format of transits
  • Heliocentric and altitude-azimuth charts
  • positions of minor asteroids
  • Transiting declinations and eclipses
  • Treasure maps
  • Advanced research capabilities


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