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1.  As used in Self-Hypnosis, these are positive assertions of that which is desired as if it is already realized. This is vital to the involvement of the sub-conscious mind. Suggested reading: Self-Hypnosis for a Better Life by William W. Hewitt (Llewellyn Publications) and Self-Empowerment Through Self-Hypnosis by Carl Llewellyn Weschcke and Joe H. Slate (Llewellyn Publications)

2.  An affirmation should be carefully planned, and written in very concise form. When spoken, aloud or silently, believe it and feel it – adding emotion to give it energy. An affirmation is communication with the subconscious, stating your particular goals. The most effective use of affirmations is to change your “Belief System” (which see) that filters incoming information.

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A feeling of unease or apprehension. It may have a single source or be unspecific. Often treated with hypnotherapy.
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A strategy combining imagery of a pyramid and self-affirmations to promote psychic empowerment. 

Suggested Reading: Slate, J. & Weschcke, C. Psychic Empowerment—Tools & Techniques, 2011, Llewellyn.

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Connection and relationship between similar items such that thought about one calls up others. It is not the same as “correspondence,” which occurs at the universal macro level whereas association is generally related to personal and human experience. It is often used in dream interpretation.

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A psychotherapy procedure structured specifically to extinguish deep-seated fears by traveling Out-of-Body to re-experience their origins.

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Astral projection programs specifically designed to tap into the therapeutic possibilities of the out-of-body experience drawing upon the resources of higher astral planes.

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The principle of attraction involves believing yourself worthy and already in possession of those things you want. It functions best when used as a goal in our Self-Empowerment through Self-Hypnosis technique, which fully mobilizes your inner resources and leaving no doubt of your success.

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Another name, often used by hypnotists, for positive affirmations or self-talk. May or may not be used during self-hypnosis.
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In contrast to asleep, being awake supposedly says we are alert and perceptive to sensory input and the ongoing functions of ordinary consciousness. Nevertheless, self-observation will clearly show that there’s more to being awake than having your eyes open! It’s somewhat like having a dimmer on your light switch. Learn to turn up the intensity to become fully awake.

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The idea that the physiological position of the body reflects what the mind, especially the unconscious aspect of the mind, is considering. A typical example of this is the belief that if a person crosses their arms they are being defensive, have a lack of trust, and are closing themselves off to you. This idea was popularized in the book Body Language by Julius Fast and has spurred an enormous market. However, that book itself is a simplification of concepts originally presented in the book ...
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The brain generates weak electrical impulses representative of its particular activities. As recorded by the electro-encephalograph (EEG), they fall into particular levels assigned Greek letters. Beta, at 14 to 28 cycles per second, is our normal waking state including focused attention, concentration, thinking, etc. Alpha, 8 to 13 cycles, is the next level down characteristic of relaxation, alert receptivity, meditation and access to the subconscious mind. It is at 8 cycles per second, ...
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Commonly a group search for new ideas, or for new applications for old ideas. It’s best done as a rapid-fire, free-for-all, idea jam-session opening the psychic faculties to inspiration.

See: Inspiration.

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The personal "commandment" that each person should take full authority and responsibility of his or her being. Without question, it involves more than the modern perceptions of democratic government and capitalism for it also makes demands upon both to provide each individual with certain basics of education, the rule of law, security of person, health, public services, etc.To be “captain of your own ship” calls for a partnership between individual and government, with government ...
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There is always change. In Self-Empowerment, instead of letting life happen to you, you can make life happen your way. But you have "to take charge” and "state your intentions." There is recent scientific evidence showing that change in your own thoughts make changes in your brain’s circuitry.

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Here's the realization: we have all along been unconscious co-creators, and now we have the growing realization that we must be conscious co-creators, broadly aware of our own transgressions of natural law, or else the human experiment will end in failure. Louis T. Culling wrote: "Let the cynic or quibbler, who would think that this is an avoidance of realism, a kidding of one's self, practice the opposite of these trances! He would then get a well-deserved dose of his own medicine." What ...
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The view that psychic faculties, including telepathy and other forms of ESP, exist within the cognitive structure of the brain.

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Inducing physical relaxation through intervention into the mental functions related to relaxation. Common examples are the use of visualization and suggestion to induce a peaceful, relaxed state.

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Meditation exercise designed to shape the future by generating images of desired developments or outcomes.

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1.  Creative visualization involves the fashioning of an image in the conscious mind and the charging (and constant recharging) of that image by the enormous psychic energy of the unconscious.
2.  A process of using visualizations to affect your unconscious. This will have an effect on the Astral Plane leading to changes on the physical plane.
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A psychotherapy technique designed to explore past-life influences and extinguish fears associated with unresolved past-life trauma.

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The continued development of the psyche over time.

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Images, thoughts and emotions that occur during periods of sleep. Dreams occur during what is called the “REM” (Rapid Eye Movement) state of sleep. During dreams, the unconscious mind triggers our sleeping senses. Mystics believe that during dreams our unconscious minds can help us solve personal issues and have enlightening revelations. Hence the expression: “Let me sleep on it.”
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The interpretation of the images experienced while dreaming. Some books have common or stock interpretations of such dreams, the value of which has been questioned. The psychologist Jung believed there were such meanings but they are mythical and psychological in nature and do not match those in the popular books. Sigmund Freud also believed that dream interpretation was of value, but that the images in dreams were not universal and were specific to the dreamer.

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Systems to achieve goals that involve working with and using the power of dreaming.

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The ability to recall the symbols and experiences that occur in dreams. Such information has been used for a variety of purposes, including healing, self-empowerment, psychological insight, and magick. Many people have difficulties remembering dreams, but this can be adjusted, especially with the use of a Dream Journal.

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A collection of associations for symbols and images experienced during dreams. When taken as complete, many people question the validity of such dictionaries. When used to trigger personal concepts and fire the imagination such dictionaries may be very helpful for as guides leading to the interpretation of dreams.

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Programmed dreaming where a question or an intention is formulated before sleep, and left to the subconscious mind to respond with an answer or an action. It can also be effectively programmed with self-hypnosis.

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An imagined image that is so intense it seems real.
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A trance induction procedure using certain controlled eye movements and reverse counting.

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The modern father of positive affirmation. Coue (1852–1926) discovered the concept that frequent repetition of optimistic concepts could have a positive effect on a person. His most famous repetitive expression was “Every day in every way I’m getting better and better.” This technique is also known as Coueism (“koo-way-ism”).
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Empowering imagery is second only to self-dialogue as an empowerment essential in activating the therapeutic powers of the subconscious. Once you’ve formulated your goals in positive terms, relevant imagery gives them the substance required for full embracement by the subconscious. Goal-related imagery can be seen as a present manifestation of a future reality. For instance, if your goal is rejuvenation, imagery of your body at its youthful prime actually activates the subconscious ...
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The use of symbols related to your stated goals can efficiently activate at a moment’s notice the subconscious faculties related to even highly complex goals. For instance, if your goal is financial success, simply visualizing a gold coin can increase your motivation and facilitate optimal decision making related to your financial success. Should you decide to do so, you can take that effect a step further by carrying on your person a gold coin and periodically stroking it.

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An ideal example, worthy of being copied. Louis T. Culling (author of The Complete Magick Curriculum of the Secret Order G∴B∴G∴) liked words and liked to get his listeners and readers to take note of his sometimes unusual terminology. I think I more than once caught him making up words to fit what he wanted to say. I believe "example" would have been a better choice than "exemplar" because he was not pointing to something worthy of being copied; but by using it he was ...
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The philosophical belief (popularized or originated by Kierkegaard and Nietzche) that focuses on individuals being free, independent, and responsible for determining their futures via acts of will.

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Developed by Joe H. Slate at Athens State University, it is a three-step strategy designed to induce physical relaxation and inner balance. Step 1. Take in a few deep breaths, exhaling slowly. Focus only on your breathing as your mind becomes increasingly passive. Step 2. Join the thumb and middle finger of each hand to form two circles. Step 3. Bring the hands together to form interlocking circles. Step 4. Relax your hands while holding the interlock gesture. Visualize the gesture while ...
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A procedure requiring a spreading of the fingers of either hand and a brief holding of the spread position as empowering affirmations are presented, followed by a slow relaxing of the fingers. The technique is useful as a hypnotic induction strategy as well as sleep arrest strategy.

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A balancing technique in which the fingerpads of both hands are joined as psychic empowering affirmations are presented.

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Like Fascination Devices, these aid by attracting either the visual or the auditory senses and are used to calm the mind during induction.

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Memories retained in the subconscious and that may be recalled using various techniques including word association, asking questions, dialogue, and "sleeping on it." Nothing is truly forgotten, but things may have been insignificant at the time, painful and so repressed, overshadowed by larger events, etc. Memories can be recovered if you know what you are looking for and if you know they are pertinent. Sometimes, events will remind you and otherwise tell you that something significant is ...
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(Jungian Psychology) The four functions are Reason, Feeling, Intuition, and Sensation. These are also the four quarters of the Magician, grouped around the Center which is the Imagination. The goal of magick is the integration of the four functions together with the Imagination. Separately, the Four Functions are the Four Beasts; Integrated, the Four Functions are Man on the Cross of the Elements; the Four Functions integrated with Imagination are Woman. Reason, Feeling, Intuition, ...
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The use of self-talk to target empowerment to general goals or collective inner functions.

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The science of handwriting analysis, graphology was first presented in published form by an Italian physician in 1622.
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The collective consciousness of a group or team of people working together on projects or studies. It may be a spontaneous function of a group of like-mined people or deliberately created by magical group or a functional organization such as a business corporation or working partnership. It was part of the teachings of Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich.

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The use of suggestion and visualization to guide thought processes, typically to promote a positive state of physical relaxation and personal well being. Guided imagery can, however, be used to induce a trance state or as a goal oriented technique for managing stress or pain, overcoming fear,  breaking unwanted habits, slowing aging, and promoting wellness, to mention but a few of the possibilities.

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The process of returning all aspects of the body—mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, etc.—to within normal ranges. Some forms of healing, such as the most common Western form of healing, allopathy, focus almost exclusively on the physical body. Other forms of healing, often called "complementary" or "alternative," often focus on all aspects of the body and are thus called "holistic."

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A procedure that uses the hypnagogic stage of sleep to induce out-of-body travel.

Suggested Reading:

Slate: Beyond Reincarnation

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The use of self-hypnosis to bring together a host of subconscious processes in ways that generate totally new resources and growth possibilities.

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1.  Hypnosis is like a daydream state. You are awake and aware but are very relaxed with your attention focused on a specific thought or image. Second, you always have control. If the hypnotist told you to rob a bank you would just say, “No” and open your eyes; you would not rob the bank. Of course, if you really wanted to rob a bank anyway, then you would follow the suggestion to do so. The point is that it is you, not the hypnotist, who makes hypnosis work or not work.
2.  An Altered State of Conscious that provides a bridge to the subconscious mind by which conscious suggestions mobilize subconscious resources including current and past life memories, and exercise certain control over physical body responses to external stimuli and internal functions, access areas of the Collective Unconscious, and channel communication between astral & mental levels and the physical level. The hypnotic trance has been associated with various psychic abilities. As the ...
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A psychological personality. Most people have a main identity (who they are) and many other partial identities (mother, student, brother, sister, etc.).

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A person is said to be “In Time” when they experience themselves as being at the center of time, with their Time Line going through them. The opposite of being “Through Time.”
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Programs of instruction and memories that control the transfers of energy and matter.

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Combinations of programs controlling a numbers of processes. In the body they instruct how each tiny cell functions, how every organ does its work, how every nerve and every vein carries energies and hormones to designated places, and how everything relates together to make a functioning and healthy body.

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1.  On a simple level, an inner dialogue is merely talking to yourself. Therapeutically, it is a specific way to create desired change.

2.  Positive inner-dialogue is self-empowerment at its peak. It can be defined simply as the empowering messages you send to yourself. Once you’ve formulated your personal goals, inner-dialogue can activate the resources required to achieve them. Think of your dialogue as personal affirmations of power which you can present either audibly or silently as thought messages. You will probably find, however, that silent messages become even more powerful when supplemented by the sound of ...
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Your best therapist, like your best hypnotist and healer, exists within yourself as a functional, advanced part of your subconscious. It is your direct link to the resources required to advance your growth and enrich the quality of your life. As a fundamental part of your being, it recognizes your basic nature as a person of dignity and incomparable worth.

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The Inner-Directed person holds independent views derived through rational study and/or intuitive processes in contrast to the outer-directed person who "follows the crowd" or accepts the guidance of authority figures without reasonable questions.  "Inner-Directed" has also been associated with the Aquarian Age individual man  in contrast to the Piscean Age with its symbolism of fish who swim in groups. The outer-directed person is perceived as easily manipulated because of his ...
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Usually a sequence of ideas suggesting particular actions, originating at the psychic level. It is often associated with "brainstorming," and is especially productive in a group setting.

See Brainstorming.

Suggested Reading:

McElroy: The Bright Idea Deck

McElroy: Putting the Tarot to Work

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Integration is more than a bringing together: it the uniting of parts into a new whole. It is used to describe the goal of psychological development in Jungian Psychology culminating in the person actually becoming the Higher Self rather than the personality. It is a difficult concept because it is a change of identity from the "I" of the personality into a new "I" that incorporates the transformed elements of the old personality into a new Whole Person centered on the Higher Self. As a ...
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Acronym for “I Read One Book.” A description of people who have little knowledge or training but set themselves up as experts.
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Feelings of fear, anger, apprehension, wariness, bitterness, etc. resulting from the feelings of fear of being supplanted in a romantic relationship. It is based on the fear of a loss of a possession: a “loved” one. Thus, in reality it is not even based on love, but on feelings of ownership. Still, it is an emotion much desired in some romantic relationships among those who relate love to possession after the mode of romantic love developed in medieval times.

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(1837-1914) One of the most influential and important financiers in history. Morgan literally saved the United States from severe depression in 1907. He formed US Steel, the world’s first billion-dollar corporation. He was a major financial supporter of Thomas Edison. His purchases of business and finances, combined with his personal power, made him one of the major controllers of the Trusts that sought monopolies in a wide variety of US businesses. They were eventually broken up by the US ...
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A male technique for delaying orgasm, it is said to have beneficial effects to both members of a loving couple.
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The sometimes surprising concept that the harder you try to do something, the less likely you are to achieve it. In fact, the harder you try, the more likely it becomes that you will fail. For example, the harder you try to remember a person’s phone number the more likely it is that you will fail to do so.
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 In John 1:1-4 of the Christian Bible, it says: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was With God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not Any thing made that was made. In him was life; and the life was the light of men. Here the "light" of men is identified with life. We know what light is—we see natural light every day and artificial light whenever we flip the switch. And we know that sun light ...
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Something that can be perceived through conscious awareness. Anything below that level, known as "subliminal," may still have an effect on the perceiver even though that person is not consciously aware of the stimulus.

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The practice of working with thoughts with the intention of bringing about material change in the world. 

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A technique used by hypnotists and NLP practitioners to establish and increase rapport with a client to obtain positive and stronger responses to suggestions. When a person is matching, he or she subtly matches the actions or another person using the same part of his or her body. Thus, if a person raises their right hand, the person who is matching might raise their right hand, arm, finger, wrist, or eyebrow, etc. You are metaphorically matching what they are doing. This process must be done ...
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"Modern medicine proclaims the causes of many illnesses to be in the mind and seeks to cure them by correction of mental disabilities. Knowledge of the inhabitants of the plane of mind and of the agents which direct formative and corrective thought currants can, in consequence, be very helpful in healing the sick.”

Page xiii, The Kingdom of the Gods, by Geoffrey Hodson, 1953, Theosophical Pub. House, Madras India

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Practicing something in your imagination before doing it. The better the mental rehearsal, the more likely you are to succeed. For example, if a pole-vaulter does a mental rehearsal of going easily over the bar set at a certain height, it is more likely that he or she will succeed.
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A technique used by hypnotists and NLP practitioners to establish and increase rapport with a client to obtain positive and stronger responses to suggestions. When a person is mirroring, he or she subtly matches the actions or another person using the opposite part of his or her body. Thus, if a person raises their right hand, the person who is mirroring might raise their left hand, arm, finger, wrist, or eyebrow, etc. It is as if they are looking in a mirror. This process must be done subtly, ...
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Named after the goddess Mnemosyne, any technique or trick used to enable memory. For example, the words HOMES can be used to memorize the names of the Great Lakes:


The “m” is silent, so the word is pronounced “neh-mahn-ics.” Especially before books became widely available, the art of memory was considered highly important, and mnemonic techniques were of great value.

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Seen by many, when combined with Eastern mysticism, as a major source from which the current New Age Movement evolved, New Thought began as a spiritual and religious movement in the mid-1800s. It combines many mystical healing concepts, such as the techniques of Mesmer and Phineas Quimby, from whom many theories of Christian Science evolved. But unlike Christian Science, New Thought did not focus exclusively on mental and spiritual healing. It values the use of physical healing methods (i.e. ...
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A term used to describe the evolution of humanity in all areas—mental, physical, emotional, etc.

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A mental and physiological response to extended sexual stimulation typified by spontaneous sounds and motions of the body (although they do not always occur). In men this is frequently mistaken for being synonymous with ejaculation which is a separate physiological response. This confusion may have occurred because in untrained men it usually occurs simultaneously with orgasm.

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Past life regression is just remembering. Stored in your subconscious mind are the memories of all of your experiences since you became a soul with the awareness of your individuality. Regression is reaching into those memory banks to recapture the events of past lifetimes. It isn’t so very different from trying to remember events which took place during your early childhood. At first the memories may be dim and few, but each event remembered sparks another memory and another until it ...
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A method of mentally inducing physical relaxation via serially telling each part of the body to relax. May start with head moving to feet or the opposite. Although often used strictly for relaxation or in preparation for meditation or ritual, progressive relaxation is also used as a first step in the induction of a hypnotic trance, especially by people learning hypnosis.

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Psychic power generally means the assertion of the psyche’s powers in the material world without the apparent involvement of the physical body.
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The practice of leaving civilization for a period of solitude and meditation. Often such retreats involve going to a spiritual place, however it can simply be staying alone in your own room. 

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Generally a set of practices employed to achieve, or seek to achieve, a person’s maximum innate skills, talents, and potentials. According to some psychological theories, self-actualization is actually a drive that everyone has. People who do not seek to self-actualize, therefore, are closed off to a part of themselves and may need therapy or psychological work to overcome this self-limitation.
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The practice of techniques that bring mental, spiritual, physical, and especially psychological balance and healing. For thousands of years, there has been a movement toward getting the assistance of experts when trying to achieve such balance and healing. Unfortunately, this has sometimes become time consuming and extremely expensive. Over the last several decades there has been a growing movement that assumes if we simply learn the techniques, we can help ourselves achieve wholeness. Numerous ...
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1.  Self-hypnosis is a self-induced altered state of mental consciousness that allows you to give constructive suggestions directly to your subconscious mind.
2.  Achieving or inducing a state of hypnosis, most often to suggest behavioral change, without the assistance of an independent hypnotist. Although the terms autohypnosis and self-hypnosis are often used as synonyms, to professional hypnotists there is a difference. Self-hypnosis includes all forms of hypnosis that do not include a separate hypnotist. Thus, listening to a recording, reading a script to oneself, or just self-talk are forms of self-hypnosis. Autohypnosis is technically limited to ...
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An image, figure, sign, etc. used to represent something else. Symbols commonly represent gods, elements, goals, etc. for magickal and ritual purposes. Often the magickal tools are considered to be symbols. For example, the chalice may be considered a symbol of elemental water, the Goddess, the source of life, etc. 

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A person is said to be “Through Time” when they experiences their time line outside of themselves. The opposite of being “In Time.”
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How a person experiences time and interacts with time. Generally seen in the form of a visual line that either goes through a person's body or is completely external to a person's body.
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The area on a woman below the clitoris and above the urethral opening which is erotically responsive to physical stimulation in many women.

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The part of the mind that controls the autonomic nervous system and stores beliefs, opinions, etc. Sometimes called the subconscious, it controls all mental processes of which you are not consciously aware.

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A mechanical device for massage and/or sexual stimulation. Its original purpose was to make it easier for nineteenth-century doctors to induce "hysterical paroxysms" in their patients.

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