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Interview with Bruce Gernon

An Interview with Rob MacGregor and Bruce Gernon

1. You created the term “electronic fog” to describe what you encountered on two unusual occasions flying through the Bermuda Triangle. Why does this description resonate with you?

Bruce Gernon: Resonance — the current or voltage in phase with the applied current or voltage — is an excellent word to use to describe The Fog. Unlike any known fog, this fog contains electronic energy capable of becoming resonant with an aircraft, a vessel and maybe even a person.

2. Your first extraordinary experience flying through the Bermuda Triangle occurred with your father and another passenger in 1970. Soon after you were told that you held the key to understanding the mystery surrounding the Bermuda Triangle. Do you believe this?

BG: Dr. Valentine told me I held the key in the early seventies. He had more knowledge of the Bermuda Triangle than anyone. He inspired me to continuously research these phenomena. Today, another man named Gian Quasar is said to have more knowledge of the Bermuda Triangle than anyone. He is the author of the first book written about the Bermuda Triangle in 25 years, and he makes the same statement as Dr. Valentine in the forward of our book. My research on this will probably continue until I can no longer think; holding the key to the mystery has helped me to create my theories.

3. Can you explain the “visionary,” or “internal compass” you employed to fly straight and level in order to escape the electronic haze that nearly killed you? How did you learn of this technique and had you practiced it before flying through the electronic fog?

BG: The internal compass was taught to me by a flight instructor named Wayne Hallylntin. I developed it months before I flew through the electronic fog. That is the only time I have used it in an airplane. It can be established by imagining that there is a compass rose, similar to a large wet compass on a boat, inside the top of your head. All 360 degrees are marked on the compass and North is always pointing to magnetic North. When you move your body the compass stays level and rotates inside your head and keeps pointing to North. You close your eyes and rotate a certain amount of degrees, then look at the degrees you are facing and then open your eyes and see if you are correct. Keep increasing the amount of degrees until you can complete many turns and still be accurate. It took me a few thousand attempts to develop complete accuracy. I tried to redevelop it a while back and was unable to accomplish it. Apparently it takes a young mind to maintain such a skill.

4. An uncanny number of people have died or vanished within a relatively small span of airspace near Florida and the Caribbean, yet you experienced and survived two near-fatal brushes with inexplicable Bermuda Triangle phenomena. Do you think there’s a reason you escaped?

BG: Fate. The second experience was incredible but not that dangerous. It was only a category two on my scale of five. My neighbor Carl Burton survived it minutes before it captured me. We were both shaken up from it, and we couldn’t explain what had happened. The first experience was electrifying. The timing was uncanny. The way that I entered the time storm at its birth, flew through the heart of it and exited through the tunnel in its mature stage was miraculous. My fate seemed to be in the hands of God.

5. Most mainstream scientists remain skeptical with regards to “paranormal” explanations of Bermuda Triangle disappearances and electronic instrument malfunctions. What kind of official research would you like to see conducted on the Bermuda Triangle? Are there any mainstream experiments being done currently?

Rob McGregor: Most of the current scientific experiments are related to the possibility that methane gas hydrates, which leak from deep within the Earth’s crust, could cause ships to sink rapidly without any violent weather conditions present. That could be one explanation of some of the disappearances, especially of ships. It would be interesting for scientists to re-create
electronic fog in laboratory conditions. One researcher, John Hutchinson of British Columbia, has created the Hutchison Effect, in which objects of various materials levitate under the influence of intense electromagnetic energy. While conducting his experiments, a green fog has appeared. Hutchison believes his experiments are related to the phenomenon that Bruce encountered.

BG: There is a mainstream experiment NASA is conducting that I would like to see increased with more funding. They are studying the causes and effects of lightning, using a state-of-the-art unmanned aircraft, or in techie parlance, “uninhabited aerial vehicle” (UAV). The project’s goal is to take storms’ electrical, magnetic and optical measurements, and record the lightning flash rate, precipitation amount and other data. If they can continue to use the UAV for storm exploration, I believe they will someday capture the effects of time storms and electronic fog.

6. Do you believe UFOs, Atlantis, and the Bermuda Triangle are connected?

RM: Could be. One theory holds that the Bermuda Triangle area is a portal between dimensions for UFOs, and electronic fog could be a by-product of such journeys. Atlantis supposedly was an advanced technological society. It’s possible that Atlantean scientists had harnessed electronic fog. Another theory is that the fog is caused by residual energy still being released by buried Atlantean generators.

BG: UFOs are connected to the Bermuda Triangle phenomenon. I have seen them coming and going from the same area where I experienced the time storm. If Atlantis did exist, and was more advanced than us, it would have been making use of the natural time-altering electromagnetic energy in this area.

7. How often do you fly — have you flown through the Bermuda Triangle area? Have those bizarre encounters affected the way you feel about flying? About flying through the Bermuda Triangle?

BG: I fly at least once a week. I have flown many times through the Triangle area and I am more cautious than I used to be. I feel more sensitive to my surroundings when in the Bermuda Triangle. I notice things like “white water,” unusual activity on my Stormscope and strange mists that could be a category 1 form of electronic fog.

8. Rob, I know you haven’t had an encounter with electronic fog, but have you flown through the Bermuda Triangle? Does the thought scare you?

RM: I have flown through the Bermuda Triangle many times and, for the most part, it doesn’t scare me. The reason is that the Bermuda Triangle effect is not a constant force. It comes and goes, as if being turned off and on. It is a dramatic but rare phenomenon only coming into existence when conditions are right. The one time I felt some fear was when I flew Bruce’s plane over the Atlantic with Bruce at my side. My fear, though, was more related to my inexperience as a pilot than to the Bermuda Triangle.

9. How did the two of you decide to collaborate on this book?

RM: Bruce read an article in the Palm Beach Post about my work as an author and contacted me. It turned out that we live in the same small town in Palm Beach County, within a couple of miles of each other. We’re also members of the same gym. Also, I have a long-time interest in mysterious matters and I found Bruce’s story fascinating. All that made the partnership work.

10. Do you think the mysterious phenomena of the Bermuda Triangle will ever be fully explained?

RM: If electronic fog is ever accepted by scientists, it could prove to be a doorway to a better understanding of what is going on in the Bermuda Triangle.

BG: It is already in the process of being explained, but it will be many years before it is fully explained. A scientist named Dr. Manson Valentine established the foundation when he collaborated with Charles Berlitz on two books about the Bermuda Triangle; my research in The Fog will establish the first building block.

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