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Interview with Constance Rodriguez

An Interview with Constance Rodriguez

1. In your book, Gifts of the Soul, you talk about your desire to “see.” How did this journey lead you to write the book?

In the beginning, I did want to learn to see psychically, but I had difficulty with what “seeing” was supposed to “look like” in that way. As I describe in Gifts of the Soul, it slowly began to happen somewhat on its own as I worked with clients in altered states. I learned that as I guided them into altered states, I would be able to see with inner vision what was happening, and I began to understand that I was getting information through images that we both shared.

2. How has your background in psychology helped shape the tools and exercises you present in Gifts of the Soul?

My background in Jungian psychology opened the door to ideas about the collective mind, the universal energy field, and all that this means in terms of the way we can access otherworld realms as well as invisible beings. Because I was having out-of the-ordinary experiences in my sessions, I became curious as to how they might fit into psychology. As I studied the interactive field in psychology, it led me to research in quantum physics and science, ancient healing methods, and esoteric traditions regarding subtle energy fields. Although each of these areas of study has different ways of describing it, they are all essentially speaking about the energetic matrix that exists around every living thing, including the earth. The exercises in Gifts of the Soul are not new—they come from the various traditions I studied.

3. How would you define your “Soul Self?” Why is important to be in contact with this level of awareness?

The Soul Self is that part of our selves that precedes and succeeds our physical life experiences. Known as the Higher Self and Oversoul in some literature, I prefer “Soul Self” so as not to relegate it to a scale of “better self”. The Soul Self has a level of awareness that goes beyond the level of “ego consciousness.” Our ego is the part of our personality that is about this life, developed during this life’s experiences and family background. It operates with a limited viewpoint of who we are. The Soul Self is not limited to time or space and is author of our soul’s purpose. This level of consciousness can guide us in ways that the ego self may be blind to. Dreams, for example, give us an overview of what is going on beyond the ego’s capacity to know what we need to know.

4. What is Inner Sensory Perception, or ISP? How it different from the more familiar concept of ESP?

ISP, or Inner Sensory Perception, is a natural sensory mode with which we all are born. Sometimes known as clairaudience, clairvision, and clairsentience, everyone can learn to access this way of knowing. In my Mystery School and classes, I show people how they can experience and fine tune this mode of sensory perception. ESP, or extra sensory perception, insinuates that it is outside our normal sensory awareness and is extra-ordinary. It is not; we are born with ways of knowing that get turned off by our Western culture. In many indigenous cultures all over the world it is simply a natural way of knowing. We can re-learn and remember how to do this because it is an innate ability as humans.

5. In your book, you discuss the four levels of the Subtle Energy Body. What is the Subtle Energy Body, and how can we use it to our advantage?

Actually, there are more than four levels of the subtle energy body (SEB), which I explain in Gifts of the Soul. The SEB consists of many levels of energy that extend beyond our physical body. However, it is the first four levels generally that are in the most need of fine tuning and clearing in order for ISP to become available to the Soul Self consciousness. When we fine tune the SEB, we can know all sorts of things, such as remote viewing, who is calling on the telephone, checking in with a deceased loved one or ancestor, or we can visit the many other Mystic Realms to bring back helpful information for ourselves and others.

6. How are the chakras related to the Subtle Energy Body?
Like a living antenna, the SEB is a field of energy that has layers or levels, each vibrating with its own specific resonance. In order to use this antenna for access to all kinds of information and help within the Mystic Realms, we must make sure there is no static in our field. The chakras are like the radio stations of the SEB, and we can tune into other “stations” to retrieve information. The chakras are vortices of energy within the SEB, and maintain our vitality and balance. They are both receivers and transformers of energy. When these energy stations are in balance with our vitality within the SEB, then accessing the Mystic Realms is simple. Our SEB is like our traveling gear; our Soul Self is the navigator.

7. How can we use our connection with our Soul Self to access they “Mystical Realms?” Why is this access important?

Just like the field around our physical selves with its many layers, the physical earth has an energy field with its multidimensional levels. These vibrating levels, or dimensions, each have their own signature of energetic resonance as well. These invisible dimensions, which I call the Mystic Realms, are planes of reality that become visible and knowable through using a specific set of practices which I teach you. Accessing these realms will give you an understanding of the many realities that go beyond the physical one; these dimensions hold information that will guide you in life or help you to discover what you may need in order to take the next step in your soul’s evolution.

8. Is it possible to use knowledge gained from other realms to heal ourselves, mentally or physically?

Like golden keys that open the doors to many mansions all holding treasures to be discovered by you, you may gain a great deal of help and knowledge in the Mystic Realms. Because you learn simple, easy to use tools to journey to whatever realm you may need for answers, you learn to not only heal emotional pain and physical ailments, but also how to face everyday questions and challenges. You may meet your spiritual guides and may develop a daily personal relationship with them. There are unlimited possibilities that you will have at your disposal no matter where you are in life.

9. Is it possible for us to play a part in the evolution of our soul and the healing of past wounds?

This is exactly why I wrote Gifts of the Soul: not only is this possible, but it is at the core our essence to evolve, as a person, a culture, and as humanity. Once we begin to “play” in the multidimensional realms, our life becomes mystical and magical, and we are forever changed because of it. We find the gifts of our wounding and traumas of life and hopefully move to a whole new way of seeing ourselves as co-creators in life.

10. Why is this “psychonoetic,” or “soul-knowing” self so important?
The term psychonoetic has Greek roots and means “soul knowing.” Soul knowing naturally becomes ones’ passion because it feels so heartfelt and joyous to be connected this way in the dance of life. To step into your soul’s passion about life and your purpose for being here is like being in the flow of a beautiful river that takes you through life. It is my belief that everyone can enjoy life this way when in balance with Body, Mind, and Spirit. Even when life feels hard, having the mystical available gives us another perspective within which to view what is happening. Gratitude becomes a daily experience for those who learn how to play in the dimensions and bring the teachings back to self and community.

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