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Interview with Kathryn Harwig

An Interview with Author Kathryn Harwig

1. Your book, The Return of Intuition, discusses the phenomenon of profound intuitive awakening in middle-aged adults. When and how did you first discover this phenomenon?

My first awareness of this phenomenon came many years ago when I realized that the majority of people coming for psychic readings and intuitive training were in their middle years. As I learned their stories, most people told tales of a "reawakening" of interest in spiritual and metaphysical matters as they aged. Often this interest was prompted by a traumatic event such as death, illness, or divorce, but many people told of a gentle awakening back to the realm of intuition and spirit. As I started collecting their stories, I realized that we, as a species, seem to be programmed to return to intuition as we age.

2. What is it about children that make them "born psychic?" How do we lose this gift as we age?

I believe all people are born with an innate ability to be psychic. Then as we grow, we are systematically socialized not to pay any attention to it. Intuitive ability is discounted, ridiculed, and ignored in our society, so it is no wonder that, by the age of seven, all but a few of us have forgotten what we can do naturally.

3. You are a psychic; is this something that you've noticed in your own work?

I have had people bring their children to me because of their natural gifts and have observed firsthand the skill and knowledge that these children have. I have also watched as these same children decide (due to peer or media pressure) they don't want to be psychic and then put their gifts away and forget all about them. My hope is that as the elder generation reclaims their psychic ability and returns to intuition, they can also mentor the young so that this no longer happens.

4. Having a bachelor's degree in psychology and a doctorate in law, how did you discover your own psychic gifts?

My earliest memories are regarding psychic gifts. As a small child I spontaneously started "reading palms," taking the hand of a person and telling him or her about himself or herself. In the small Minnesota town where I was raised, this behavior was not encouraged or approved. So, I spent many years in midlife trying not to be a psychic. In high school, college, and throughout my first career as a probation officer I tried very hard to disguise and ignore my inherent psychic ability. I first got a degree in psychology to figure out if I was "crazy." Then, I got a doctorate in law, because lawyers seemed to be the most normal and respected people I knew. I married, lived a typical middle class life, and tried as hard as I could to suppress my psychic ability. In my case it took a near-death experience and a very serious illness to reawaken me and convince me to focus on honing and then teaching my intuitive skills.

5. Why is being "in tune," so to speak, with our intuitive abilities important?

Being "in tune" is perhaps the biggest advantage we have as a species. Intuition warns us of pitfalls and encourages us in the right direction. It gives us an amazing edge when living our life. Before our species talked ourselves out of listening to our guts, we intuitively knew a great deal more about operating on the planet. We were in touch with nature and her cycles. It is time for us to once again regain our intuitive birthright.

6. What advice do you give your clients who are trying to reawaken their intuitive abilities?

In my book, The Return of Intuition, I list a number of simple things people can do right now to help their intuition return. These include spending time in solitude and silence, giving ourselves permission to be claim our ability, simplifying our lives, finding a community of like-minded people, and perhaps most importantly, stepping into our power and taking our place as respected intuitive elders.

The Return of Intuition
The Return of Intuition
Awakening Psychic Gifts in the Second Half of Life
Trade Paperback  |  $15.95 US,  $18.50 CAN  |  9780738718804  |  August 2010
Natural psychic sensitivity is often associated with children. The Return of Intuition reveals the little-known, widespread phenomenon of profound intuitive awakening occurring in... Read more

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