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Interview with Michelle DesPres

An Interview with Author Michelle DesPres

1. Your new book is titled, The Clairvoyant Path: Follow Your Inner Wisdom to Healing, Empowerment & Change. Why do you see clairvoyance as a means to healing and personal empowerment?

Clairvoyance is truly one of the most intriguing subjects of the day. In a time when science is evolving into a quantum understanding, clairvoyance is the quantum tool that allows us to witness what was previously unseen and to explore what was previous thought to be impossible. Clairvoyance allows us to read the symbolism of our lives, both inwardly and outwardly, which in turn offers us an understanding of where we need healing and how to become empowered to create personal change. When we can see for ourselves the root cause of our issues—physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual—we suddenly have understanding of the purpose and plan for these issues and how to grow through their experiences. Healing is all about learning to grow through experiences. When we grow, we gain in power; when we gain in power we become more adept at creating the life we desire. We have a brilliant opportunity with the shifting times today to learn to live authentically in peace and balance with the world. Clairvoyance is the key to maintaining this balance and learning to create from a greater sense of being and purpose.

2. Do you have personal experience with this path? That is to say, what life experiences prompted you to write this book?

I have been walking the clairvoyant path for many years. What I have learned is that I came upon this path like most people—through a life crisis. The problem with that is that by the time we have reached crisis we are so far off the path it takes a lot of effort to get back on it—not to mention that it’s completely unnecessary.

Growing up I had several psychic moments that I never knew were psychic moments. Unfortunately, as children we are taught that otherworldly experiences don’t really exist. We are discouraged from following our intuition and expected to not question but do as we are told. We are taught to trust others and to deny self, which is completely counter-intuitive—leaving people without access to their internal rudder system, which is why we so often go adrift ending up in crisis. This is exactly what happened to me. I had become so used to denying my instincts and striving to meet other people’s expectations, which, for some reason I could never meet, that I felt suffocated, dis-empowered, isolated, confused, and overwhelmed. Then one day my psychic door swung back open just as I was in the midst of crisis.

Many years ago, I was going through a cycle of emotional upheaval; I was just beginning to understanding the many things in my life that needed to change that would require me to make difficult decisions. I was upset and in tears, when out of the blue I heard the voice of a woman compassionately telling me not to fret—that everything would be okay. Although there was no one with me in the room, I heard her as clearly as if she were standing in front of me. The love and conviction in her voice rang true, and I believed her. For the first time in a long time, I felt faith in knowing that no matter what was going to happen that it would be all right. That’s when I knew what I was really lacking in my life was an understanding of my spirit and the spirits of those around me. I could alter all the circumstances of my life, but until I understood that part of me that was spirit no change would ever suffice or sustain.

This is when I sought out a spiritual education, first on my own, and then through a school in Denver where I learned to enact change in my life from a conscious perspective. Clairvoyance brought me an expanded awareness of my patterns and what they were creating in my life, allowing me to heal myself where I was stuck. That knowledge empowered me to change the programmed patterns of my life that were not in alignment with my personal truth, which enabled me to finally live a life of authenticity. I learned that a "no" is just as good as a "yes" when it comes from the heart—it was okay to be there for others, but it was okay to be there for myself, too.

The more I learned about the power of clairvoyant consciousness the more I understood it was every individual’s right to have this type of education, as it offers a harmonious holistic balancing that creates personal peace. This is why I originally considered writing The Clairvoyant Path—to help others reach balance prior to crisis. However, my reasons for conveying this information would shift drastically after my son was injured in Afghanistan.

I had been working on the book for several months when my son, a Marine, was injured. Everything came to a screeching halt as I spent the next several weeks with him in the hospital. During that time I saw so many men and women in physical pain, mental turmoil, emotional distress, and spiritual torment; it broke my heart. I couldn’t believe that this was the future we were giving our children. I felt I had a duty to stand up for something different.

We have an education available to us today that has the potential to make war obsolete. The Clairvoyant Path offers us that knowledge and teaches us how to recognize our past, so that we can take responsibility for creating a new future. We have an opportunity to do something that has never been done. We can set a standard of living that accommodates personal and collective need. However, the first step to changing the world starts by changing yourself, and that is the biggest reason I wrote this book. The Clairvoyant Path is the people’s manual to higher living. You don’t have to have an education to understand it, and you don’t have to have a guru to tell you what to think about it. Instead, you get to decide the truth of life and living for yourself. As you witness your inner truth, you learn to create a reality worthy of your divine beauty. More importantly, when individuals maintain balance they create balance in the world. So maybe what really brought me to walking this path and writing this book is the same reasons girls contend to enter pageants—I just want world peace. I want a future for my children and my children’s children that represents our greatness, not our darkness.

3. There are many people who are not already in touch with their intuitive abilities. Is this something we can all do?

Every person is clairvoyant, or psychic. We all have an intuitive gift that offers us the magic of the universe; we simply have not been formally educated about this part of ourselves.

Growing up I never thought I was psychic. My mother and sister were clairvoyant (clear seeing); they saw spirits, but I didn’t. However, what I didn’t realize at the time was that while I may not have been clairvoyant I was certainly claircognizant (clear knowing) and clairaudient (clear hearing). As a girl I would hear words in my head that I would have to look up in the dictionary, as I didn't know their meanings. Interestingly, their definitions were always about something that was going on in my life. For example, I once kept hearing the word "soliloquy;" not exactly a word a ten-year-old hears everyday. Having no idea what the word meant, I looked it up and learned that it meant to voice your thoughts aloud, or practice speaking aloud. Although I am naturally introverted, my intuition told me that I was hearing this because I should be learning to be more outgoing and outspoken (something in which I’m sure my mother wishes I had never engaged). The point is that even though I thought I wasn’t "seeing" spirit, I was hearing and comprehending it and just didn’t know I was being intuitive.

Today, we can teach ourselves to hone these skills and start to learn how to harness their immense powers. I have been honing my gifts for ten years. I would say I’m now just as clairvoyant as I am clairaudient. We are all psychic, whether or not we realize it; the key is to stop denying and start developing the skills that will bring us back into a deeper understanding of ourselves and what we came here to experience.

4. Once we’ve attuned ourselves with our natural intuitive and clairvoyant abilities, how do we use that knowledge and power for healing?

When we attune to our intuition, we become conscious of the purpose behind our experiences. That conscious knowledge allows us to alter anything that is no longer in alignment with our higher senses, providing us with a holistic type of healing that balances us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

For instance, when I get a cold I view it clairvoyantly. Generally what I learn is that there is some type of emotional communication that I am resistant to having. The minute I express my emotions, the illness in my physical body begins to subside.

Yet, healing happens on many levels, not just physically. I recently had a client who was experiencing difficulty with a co-worker. Knowing nothing about the particulars, I clairvoyantly viewed the relationship dynamic and noticed that the two had a past-life karma in which they were sisters competing for a father’s attention. At that point my client stopped me and said, "That’s exactly what we are doing now. We are competing for the attention of our supervisor." The emotional imprint from their past experience was welling up into their present-day circumstances, creating dis-ease (a lack of ease), or rather, disease that if gone unchecked could build up enough to eventually become an illness in the physical body, like a cold or even worse. My client and I talked about how to heal this situation by speaking with the co-worker in spirit and expressing the need to end the pattern. My client would then need to be conscious of when she was going into competition with the co-worker and stop the cycle, reinforcing her desire with an action. We also spoke about her need to seek personal satisfaction and not place her sense of value on what other people thought of her. I spoke to her about the fact that if she opted not to change her personal patterns, her lack of self-worth would eventually create a heart or lung illness in her physical body. Suddenly she was empowered with the knowledge that would help maintain personal well-being.

What is interesting about this type of healing is that it offers others the opportunity to heal as well, even if they are unaware of it. As my client integrated this insightful knowledge and stopped going into competition with the co-worker, the co-worker’s competitive behavior suddenly had no arena to play out in, which subsequently changed the relationship dynamic between the two women—healing them.

To be clear, healing doesn’t mean denying a part of ourselves. Competition isn’t bad, it can be healthy—the point is to recognize where the balance rests. When we find that balance, we exist in a state of flow and well-being; in other words, we are healed. The beauty of it is that when we maintain our personal state of well-being, we naturally relate to the people and events in our lives with healthy attitudes, creating peace rather than discordance. In that sense, all we need every do is heal ourselves, and we heal the world.

5. What do you want your readers to gain from The Clairvoyant Path?

I want people to understand that they are beautiful even in their darkness, that they are powerful during times of weakness, that personal change can change the whole, and that they are deserving of all the grace and glory of the universe.

It’s important to understand that we are what we think. If we think we are unworthy, we will suffer lack. If we think we are worthy, we will experience abundance. We should be careful not to fall into a fear of the shifting times, lest we create our worst nightmares. We can have chaos or we can have peace. You simply have to decide which path you prefer.

This is the time to embrace change and learn to reinvent ourselves and what it means to live today. I feel passionately that if we don’t re-educate ourselves in this country we are going to go the way of the dinosaur. I’m hopeful that The Clairvoyant Path will educate people about their greater self and the potentials they have inside themselves to change their lives, so that we can start understanding what it means to create sustainable individuals and communities today—otherwise known as living a heaven on earth.

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