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Astrological Affirmations

This article was written by Dovid Strusiner
posted under Astrology

Affirmations for Aries

I am the beginning of all beginnings.

I am the fire of cosmic mind.

I am the sublime and mighty warrior.

I will things to happen.

I embody the intelligent power of the life force.

I am the pulsating radiance of new life.

The universal intelligence stands behind all my endeavors.

I am one with the Source of All Power.

I am one with the Doer of All; yet by myself I do nothing.

I adore the living breath in all creatures great and small.

Affirmations for Taurus

My wisdom shines forth.

I stand poised amidst the crashing of worlds.

Nothing can resist me.

Power flows through me.

I become stronger moment by moment.

The strength of the living force is in me.

I am anchored deep into the earth.

I desire the highest good for all.

I am a wise guardian of the earth’s resources.

I understand and fully embrace my human needs.

I calm and purify my emotions daily.

Affirmations for Gemini

I keenly observe, I discover, I discriminate.

I am part of the All-Knowing Mind.

I see beyond appearances to the core of reality.

I am connected with all that is.

I relate to all with pure intelligence.

I joyfully dance in the interplay of the worlds.

I am fascinated with the dynamic relatedness of the All.

I inhale the fragrant breath of the Devine Consciousness.

I am a great mediator and facilitator.

My intelligence grows daily.

Affirmations for Cancer

I am one with the Great Mother.

Maternal to my core, I cannot help but radiate love.

I am sustained and nurtured by the Moon Goddess.

I live in the heart of all beings

I am absorbed in the great sea of life.

My loving nature opens all doors.

I drink daily from the fountain of blissful waters.

Compassion and understanding fill my consciousness.

I protect and nourish all of life’s children.

I touch with a tender hand.

Affirmations for Leo

My radiance lights all the worlds.

Beneficence crowns me.

I stand supreme, the meekest of the meek.

I emanate power, will, and wisdom.

I am a prince(ss) of this world.

In the battle of life I am ever victorious, incapable of defeat.

The creative power is a projection of my Self.

I dream of mortal adventures and awake in the palace of the king.

The Jewel of Eternity is in my heart of hearts.

The glory of the Eternal One radiates from my consciousness.

I conquer all the phantoms of ignorance and delusion in my life.

Affirmations for Virgo

I am patient and strong enough to carry my burden.

I am grounded in goodness.

I live to serve. Service is my life.

I devote myself to living the life.

Daily, I learn the secrets of self-mastery.

I am dedicated to worshipping all life.

In deepest silence I perfect my life.

As I am tested, the gold of my soul is refined.

Through all of life’s experiences I remain forever pure.

Affirmations for Libra

I am eternally posed in perfect balance.

I hear sweet divine melodies.

I am the fruitful mother of all life.

The vision of true love pervades my life.

As the battle rages, love is my strength and solace.

I extended the hand of loving friendship to all.

Creative intelligence pervades me.

Celestial rubies and fine gold garland my pure being.

My emotions are poised and pure.

I attract loving and fulfilling relationships.

Affirmations for Scorpio

I am one with the vital principle of all that is.

I am the doer and the actor in all life dramas.

I am ever triumphant.

I consciously unite with the Primal Source of All.

I wear the robe of self-mastery and carry the sword of clear perception.

My body is the palace of the king.

My desires lead me to divine self-expression.

The One Life maintains me in all states and conditions.

I die only to live again.

I destroy and transmute only to build more beautiful forms.

Affirmations for Sagittarius

The eternal sound whispers gently to me.

True vision takes hold of me.

I hear the clarion call of the great beyond.

I enter the sphere of true perception.

Throughout timeless ages I walk the great quest.

I am the illuminated child of love and light.

I enjoy all my life adventures.

I am overwhelmed by joy and enthusiasm for living.

I vision a future of wholeness and goodness for all.

I fully accept my past and create an abundant future now.

Affirmations for Capricorn

I embody the wisdom of the Might One.

Self-realization is upon me.

I never forget who I am.

I build wondrous forms.

I reflect the Light of the One in all my life’s manifestations.

If I am lifted, I will lift all others unto myself.

I shatter my outmoded crystallized forms.

I strive to daily embody generosity and thoughtfulness.

My work is fulfilling and meaningful.

Divine wisdom and understanding are with me now.

Affirmations for Aquarius

The clear beauty of my wisdom shines.

I am ever free.

Though my experience manifold changes, I remain in essence unchanged.

The primal force of the divine idea manifests harmoniously in my life.

The wind of the Spirit moves over me.

I am an illumined child of earth and sky.

I am a transparent channel for the light of the worlds.

Liberation cascades upon me.

I support absolute freedom for all.

Limitless love and limitless truth are my essence.

Affirmations for Pisces

I am a healing influence to all.

I dream magical and sublime dreams.

I am in all things; I am one with all life.

I am an image of divine perfection.

I existed before the worlds and I will always exist.

I am life eternal and the eternal longing for perfection.

The bliss of the universe pervades me.

I am a divine ripple upon the river of existence.

The conquest of delusion is complete.

I am filled with sublime compassion and forgiveness.

From Astrology for Self Empowerment by Dovid Strusiner


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