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Casting a Circle for Clairvoyant Readings

This article was written by Alexandra Chauran
posted under Psychic Powers & ESP


Casting a circle is a practice that makes use of the life force energy that pervades all things, which is often thought to be the mechanism through which clairvoyant visions are delivered. Casting a circle constructs a circle out of energy on the astral plane. The main purpose for casting a circle before a clairvoyant reading is to hold the energy out of which clairvoyant visions are made close to you for long enough to achieve an optimal clairvoyant reading. A secondary purpose for casting a circle is to exclude any negative energy or entities from your person during a clairvoyant reading, if you are concerned that they may influence your visions by making them disturbing or inaccurate.

Casting a circle can be very simple or incredibly complex. For beginners, I'll be making the circle casting as simple as possible to be effective for clairvoyant readings. For that reason, I'm going to omit or make optional a lot of the extra tools and techniques that can be used. If you happen to be familiar with circle casting already, your own circle casting can be used in place of this one.

There are five main steps for casting a circle. The first is to make sure the space is clear of any influencing energies. The second is to establish a boundary between your circle and the rest of the world. The third is to bless the area with positive energy and devote it for clairvoyant reading. The fourth is to perform your clairvoyant reading, and the fifth is to take down the circle in the opposite way that you set it up. I will go over these steps in detail with examples of actions to perform and words to say in order to make it work for you.

  1. Cleansing the Space
    Before you get started with your magic circle, make sure that you won't be disturbed after you begin. It compromises the boundary of your circle to walk through it. You'll want to use a bedroom or other private room, and turn off your phone before you get to work, so that you won't have to quit halfway through and start all over again. Ground yourself thoroughly. Next, ritually cleanse the space in which you will be casting your circle. You can visualize the area being cleared of negative energy with lights or colors, much in the same way that you ground yourself. Optionally, you can use a tool such as a floor wash or even a vacuum cleaner. I typically use a broom to sweep the circle counter-clockwise, to symbolically clean the area, even if the circle is being cast on a carpeted floor or outdoors on a patch of dirt.

  2. Create a Boundary
    This is the beginning of the actual circle casting. You can mark the edges of your circle, but since as clairvoyants we are working on our powers of visualization, I suggest that you imagine it strongly in your mind's eye. Walk around your circle three times clockwise, visualizing a boundary between yourself and the outside universe. You can visualize tent walls, castle walls, a bubble, flames, or anything that to you says that you are building your own little universe within which you can control and see all of the energies that you produce or invoke.

  3. Bless the Circle
    Blessing the circle with positive energy means setting your intentions to have accurate and precise clairvoyant visions. In order to do so, one calls in those positive energies from each of the four directions to fill the circle. Some choose to burn incense and sprinkle salted water in order to bless the circle, but those are optional for the beginner, and of course we are opting for visualization rather than physical actions whenever possible, in order to improve your clairvoyant skills. Instead, you can simply ask for the blessings that you want. Turn to each direction in turn and visualize the energy pouring in as light or colors. Here is an example of the directional calls you can use:
    • Face East and say, "Intuitive energies of the East, I invite you to please join my circle." Visualize yellow light.
    • Face South and say, "Passionate energies of the South, I invite you to please join my circle." Visualize red light.
    • Face West and say, "Emotional energies of the West, I invite you to please join my circle." Visualize blue light.
    • Face North and say, "Stabilizing energies of the North, I invite you to please join my circle." Visualize green light.

    Next, you can choose to improvise a prayer, in order to invite the energies of deity or your higher self to provide you with the answers that you need. Something like, "Hail and welcome, [God(s)/Goddess(es)/Spirit/Universe/Higher-Self/etc.]." Having invited positive energies from all corners of the earth and asked for the blessings of any higher power in which you believe, your circle is entirely ready for optimal clairvoyant work.

  4. Do Your Clairvoyant Work
    Take as much time as you like to perform your clairvoyant work, but remember not to leave the circle, and to request any guests for whom you are reading not to leave the circle, until you are finished and you have taken the circle down. Otherwise, you may have to start over from the very beginning to have an optimal circle.

  5. Take Down the Circle
    A circle is always taken down in the opposite way in which it is constructed, in order to leave no energetic trace. Think of it like cleaning up your tent and garbage after you go camping, so as to leave the area pristine for wildlife and the next campsite visitor.

    Start by thanking any higher power that you invited into the circle, and allowing the energies of the four directions to leave. You'll be turning in the opposite direction as when you cast the circle, so you'll be moving counter-clockwise. For example, you could do the following:

    • Look upwards and say, "Hail, [God(s)/Goddess(es)/Spirit/Universe/Higher-Self/etc.], thank you for attending."
    • Face East and say, “Thank you, intuitive energies of the East. Depart if you must, but may you always be available to aid my clairvoyance."
    • Face North and say, "Thank you, stabilizing energies of the North. Depart if you must, but may you always be available to aid my clairvoyance."
    • Face West and say, "Thank you, emotional energies of the West. Depart if you must, but may you always be available to aid my clairvoyance."
    • Face South and say, "Thank you, passionate energies of the South. Depart if you must, but may you always be available to aid my clairvoyance."

    Walk counter-clockwise around the circle, visualizing the boundary that you created vanishing entirely from view, its energies disappearing harmlessly into the earth from whence they came. When you are finished, the ritual is over, and you can announce that it is so to any other people that you have had present during your clairvoyant session. All are now free to leave the area without worrying about destroying the boundary, since it has already been taken down.

I find it most helpful to memorize the circle casting so that I can perform it quickly and undo it just as quickly if a circle needs to be abbreviated. Circle castings are incredibly helpful if for some reason you want your clairvoyant session to be extra powerful or extra safe.

Alexandra ChauranAlexandra Chauran
Alexandra Chauran is a second-generation fortuneteller. As a professional psychic intuitive for over a decade, she serves thousands of clients in the Seattle area and globally through her website. She is certified in tarot and has been interviewed on...  Read more


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