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Adventures in Teaching Clairvoyance: My Little Psychic Experiments

This article was written by Debra Lynne Katz
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In my first book, You Are Psychic: The Art of Clairvoyant Reading and Healing, I presented techniques that would make it possible for anyone to access their clairvoyance, which is the specific psychic ability of accessing information through visions, images and pictures. This is done simply by focusing on simple visualizations within one’s own imagination and patiently waiting for the visions to appear, and then posing various questions and intentions to the images that in turn solicit more pictures. At the same time, the techniques are also stimulating many of our other abilities, so instantaneous thoughts often flow in through one’s crown chakra that help explain the images, and we will also feel another’s emotions (clairsentience) or hear their thoughts (clairaudience/telepathy) or those of their guides (channeling) as we are actively interacting with the visual information (clairvoyance). We are using these abilities constantly throughout our day but usually are not aware of this.

In You Are Psychic, I focused mostly on using your clairvoyance to read yourself or other people, whether these people are sitting a couple feet from you or are somewhere across the globe. This is because the techniques work so well for accessing information about everything from one’s health, to relationships, to their spiritual path and innermost dreams, whether these are in the past, present or future. I also focused on people because I find them so fascinating, and when we perform readings on people we are able to work through our matching issues, emotions and blocks. However, soon after the publication of You Are Psychic, I designed and implemented a long distance clairvoyant training program, mostly to fit the needs of many of my readers living in parts of the United States. In order to keep the training fresh, I decided to conduct some little “experiments.” These experiments involved the remote viewing of objects, with pretty awesome results!. Many of these will be presented in my upcoming book, Sacred Sight: Mastering the Art of Clairvoyant Reading, which is due to be released in 2008. Below are some of my favorites.

For my very first experiment, I placed a few objects in a shoe box and asked one of the students in my long distance telephone training program to leave his body at his home in Chicago and to send his spirit over to my place in California. I instructed Masaru, a Japanese holistic practitioner, to focus on a brown and orange box resting on my lap and to describe it’s contents. He wasn’t very confident in his ability to do this, but as usual pushed himself and courageously reported he saw a shiny black ball with something floating in it. He stated it seemed like the ball had a “window in it” and inside was something displaying a message. The messege was unclear but seemed to be written on a triangle. He also stated it was reflective. He was right about all these characterizes but I didn't think it was reflective until I opened the box to look at it again, and sure enough, I saw my own reflection in it! He had no idea what this object was that he was describing and stated he felt rather foolish. I finally explained to him that this was a toy, a black, plastic, shiny fortune-telling cue ball that has a triangle-shaped cube inside floating in liquid. When you shake it up, one of eight inspirational messages written across a triangle cube appears in the window, except most of the messages had worn away over time and were unreadable. At first he didn’t know what I was talking about, but then remembered he had once seen this in a cartoon.

Excited about his accuracy with the details, I asked him to look around the room and see what else he noticed. He stated, "I know this sounds pretty strange, but I see a dinosaur sitting in an egg that looks kind of plastic." I assured him that was not strange at all, as there was in fact a stuffed dinosaur inside a plastic egg on the shelf about five feet from me. He later saw “two Muppets, like from Sesame Street” sitting on the dresser.

You may be thinking that this student has extraordinary ability (besides wondering what I’m doing with such a silly things! I have an 8-year-old son. These are my favorites of his toys, and it is interesting that these are what he zoned in on!). I would say yes and no, he is a talented psychic but so are most of my other students. You are mostly likely as well! The only reason you may not realize this is because no one ever taught you the techniques that really work. I’ve only had a handful of students in the nine years I’ve been teaching who weren’t displaying these “gifts” once they actually learned how to access them. Half of these people were taking some pretty heavy narcotic prescription drugs and they all seemed to have lower self esteem in all areas than the other students. Self esteem does seem to be a strong factor in one's psychic development.

The following week, I repeated the above experiment with another student named Deborah who was located even further away in South Carolina. Up to this point I had been encouraging her to do her readings from within her body, but this time gave her full permission to let her spirit venture out onto the etheric highway for a visit to my home (much faster than the Los Angeles freeways!). This time I placed a souvenir inside the box. The souvenir was a crystal ball that contained a replica of the white house floating in water. When you shake it up, it looks like its snowing. It didn't take her more than a minute to report a “heavy object, like a paperweight, almost like a crystal ball, with glitter or snow swirling around." She then went on to describe my house, admitting it looked cozy but much smaller than she had anticipated (it is rather small, but comfy). She also saw it looking very clean and well organized. Fortunately she wasn’t viewing what it had looked like just the day before!

Next I walked into my living room and stood before a window and asked her to describe some objects on the windowsill. Instead of getting anything about the objects, she began describing the view from the window, and then saw a scene in which a woman (who she thought was myself), along with a dark haired/skinned boy (my son, who looks nothing like me), who was “laughing and laughing” and a stocky “guy”. Deborah told me she thought this was my self, my son and boyfriend, Danny, but she was confused, because during a prior session she had spontaneously tuned into him and at that time he had no facial hair. She said this time he looked like he had a goatee, so she wasn’t sure it was the same guy. I assured her it was the same guy, only he had recently sprouted a goatee! She reported she “saw” us having a great time sliding down the hills outside on something that looked like a "wooden sled with wheels. I told her that this was exactly what we had been doing the past weekend, only it was a makeshift wooden go cart instead of a sled.

During a recent ongoing class held at my home with a few enthusiastic students, I invited them to meditate on their own for a few minutes, and hurried off to my bedroom where I dug out the now familiar box that I had been using with my long distance students the week before. At first I placed the above-mentioned souvenir with the snow swirling around the white house in the box, along with a figurine of a decorative, brightly painted horse - but then I changed my mind and decided to replace these with objects I had never experimented with before. I finally decided on an action figure of a little guy riding a toy motorcycle. Less than 10 minutes later, I sat before three of my students with the sealed box on my lap, and two of the three described the action figure in the exact position he was sitting in. They were not able to get a grasp of a couple other objects that I had hurriedly placed in box, but instead saw a "paperweight type
object, like a ball with liquid in it and something like glitter or snow floating around a white building." Another student saw a "decorative show horse." As you will recall from above, these were the exact objects that had occupied the box during prior experiments, and that I had momentarily included in the box earlier before changing my mind and removing them. While this was very interesting, I was not surprised since it is common to confuse points in time when reading people, which are usually my focus, and similar incidents have been reported by other remote viewers and experimenters using different techniques.

Although it was past 10:00 p.m., my students were still rearing to go, so I retreated to my bedroom again, and decided on another object, this one still in its long narrow gift box. I wrapped the box inside a large towel so as not to give away any clues about its shape, before returning to the students in the living room. I asked them to use the same techniques they usually use to read a person in order to “view” this object, placed only a few feet from them in the towel on my lap. They all immediately reported seeing an orange/red color at once. One student named Nancy saw "an orangey reddish tulip, with lines in it with a very long narrow stem that curved a bit.” She stated that it seemed like it should be in a vase".

"Close" I advised, "but it's not a tulip, it’s a rose." I unwrapped the towel, exposing first the narrow box, and then its single occupant, an orangish-reddish chiseled glass flower with a long, skinny stem that curved a bit at the bottom. It was still in the box because I had not yet found the right vase to put it in. It was at this point the students corrected me.

"Hey, that's not a rose, it is a tulip, just like Nancy saw." I looked closer, as it had been a few weeks since Christmas, when my son gave it to me as a gift. I couldn’t believe my eyes. They were right, it was indeed a tulip!

These students are surely special and gifted, but not because they are psychic. It's because they realize they are psychic, or are beginning to. The students who were actually physically in my house got to see with their own eyes what they had "seen" with closed eyes Some of my students who I work with over the phone almost don’t believe me when I debrief them about the objects or people so accurately describe. One guy actually admitted he was having such a hard time accepting that he was doing so well in his training that the thought has crossed his mind a few times that I must be hiring people for him to read and then lie to him about how accurate he is! If someone who is actually seeing tons of detailed visions and getting lots of positive feedback from the people he is reading is having trouble believing in himself, no wonder it's so hard for those who have never experienced their own abilities to believe any of this is possible! Even after 12 years of witnessing these talents in my teachers, classmates, students, and myself, I am still constantly amazed and humbled by it all! This is one reason why I wrote my book You Are Psychic, so anyone can have the opportunity to learn these simple techniques that work so well, so they can “see” for themselves. I don’t know if “seeing is believing” as the cliche goes, but it sure beats taking my, anyone’s word for it!

PS: I am going to have a couple booths at the Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo, February 9-11, 2007, to kick off the establishment of The International School of Clairvoyance. We will be having a clairvoyant/remote viewing contest using the very same box described above. Anyone one will be welcome to practice their clairvoyance/remote viewing skills and submit descriptions of the objects in the box, which will be different from the ones described above. I will also be accepting descriptions from people through e-mail. The ones with the closest, most accurate descriptions will be mentioned in my upcoming book, Sacred Sight: Mastering the Art of Clairvoyance. If you’d like to participate, I highly recommend using the techniques presented in You Are Psychic, and don’t attempt to guess the identity of the object, but rather just focus on seeing the qualities of it. I don’t need to know what it is, just what it looks like. This will help you to have greater accuracy. If you wish to guess what the object is, you can include this with your description, but keep it separate from your description and indicate whether you feel it’s a logical guess based on your description or if it really seemed to be part of the psychic information. You can learn more about this contest by visiting

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